Panoramic's moTweets nears release on Windows Phone [Video]

One of the staple Twitter apps for Windows Mobile, moTweets, is near release on Windows Phone 7. Panoramic, who we reported was working on a client for WP7, has published screen shots and a video (seen above) that demonstrates the app's capabilities. Fetching for a very fair $0.99 (or free, but ad-supported), the Twitter program will feature:

  • Use up to six (6) Twitter accounts simultaneously
  • Upload pictures using your device’s camera or from the photo album
  • Add your location to your Twitter post using your phone's GPS
  • tinyurl.com, bit.ly, twitpic.com, and yfrog.com support
  • View Trends, Lists and Conversations
  • View user’s background in the user details screen
  • Live Tile display your account image(s)
  • Streams allow you to add and view multiple timelines including Search results and RSS feeds
  • View tweets near your location and view them on a Bing map
  • Image Wall displays all images from your timeline as well as ones you've uploaded
  • Translate Tweets, Search Twitter topics, locations and users with ease
  • ReTweet, Follow, Unfollow, Direct messages, RSS Feeds, Favorites and much more!

The Live Tile with your images is a neat twist for a v1.0 app and at least in the video, at the 1:25 mark, it seems to show Tile notifications--let's hope they're in the final version! The app has been submitted to the Marketplace for testing, meaning a full release is right around the corner (~48 hours).

Till then, here are some images after the break to keep you curious...

Source: Panoramic


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Panoramic's moTweets nears release on Windows Phone [Video]


Looks like this is the twitter client I buy - live tile included. Like birdsong and its features and hope to see them add live tiles as well but I think this will suffice for me.

Seems pretty cool. But Birdsong is very nice. I love the face that you can send them a email about a feature or complaint, and they actually respond very quickly! Even have a page where you can see what they are working on.

I like birdsong as well, but if this works just as well and has a built in browser like birdsong, I will probably get it. Doesn't say whether it will cache your timeline the way birdsong does.

I loved moTweets on my Windows Mobile 6.5 phone. It didn't have a touch-screen so it was hard to find a good Twitter client. I also used it on my touch-enabled WM6.5 Pocket PC, where it worked as good as the iPhone client. I'm so happy this is coming to Windows Phone 7! I used the free (ad-supported) version on Windows Mobile, but I'll gladly pay for this new version. I just hope this client is faster than Twitter's own client, because that one is so slow it is virtually unusable.

holy shit! why wont Twitter themselves make something like this?! I guess they just really don't give a rats ass about WP7...