Path gets quick update to give users Premium subscriptions and unlimited stickers

Path Windows Phone

Two days ago Path for Windows Phone picked up a pretty big update. The app hit version 2.0 and picked up support for Path Shop, better stability and bug fixes. All gravy, except users couldn’t actually join Path Premium to take advantage. Today’s quick update fixes that.

Head into the Windows Phone Store and you’ll now see Path sitting at version This update does one thing:

  • Fix for some users unable to buy Premium subscription

Tada! This update is for you if you wanted to get a Premium subscription the other day and couldn’t get it to work. Head to the Path Shop and you’ll see a sign up to go premium. When you go Premium you get access to unlimited sticker packs, early access to new Shop items and you support an ad-free network. You can get three months of Premium membership for $6.99 or one full year for $24.99.

Download Path for Windows Phone.

Thanks for the update El Jefe Daniel!

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Reader comments

Path gets quick update to give users Premium subscriptions and unlimited stickers


I still don't see the point of Path, honestly. Then again, none of my friends uses it either so it might be that (actually...I have 1 friend using Path...but he installs everything that reaches the top of the charts on iOS anyway. It's not like he actually uses it lol)

For me now is a bit late to create path. All of my friend used it but now they start leaving it. I kind of missed the hectic.

It is a bit faster, but still can't update what you're listening and/or watching, and also messages! Without that, what are the stickers for

Finally! I intended to upgrade to premium once windowsphone supports it and now it's done. Refused to upgrade using my Android device Lol. The app is faster.
They only need to add several other features available already on IoS and Android: Listening music - watching movie update and private messaging.

Still missing so much features like the iOS and Android, but indeed the app is so much faster now and better stability. Can't upload photo from other folders than Camera Roll, but now the newest photo come at first, rather we had to scroll through to get the newest photo. Still it is a nice update, but we want more :)