Path turns lasting memories into fleeting conversations

Path takes a radical departure from its original business model

Originally billed as a private network for families and friends to share lasting memories, Path is now making a radical departure from that vision, transforming itself into an ephemeral messaging service. Rather than as an archive for family memories, Path's business model has changed to self-destructing messages that puts it in direct competition with services like Snapchat.

"As of June 11th, anything sent through Path messaging became 24 hour ephemeral," the company says of its new business model. "This means that all messages are automatically removed from our servers 24 hours after being sent, including any old messages." Path advises that if you want to save messages, you'll have to manually do so yourself.

This applies to messages stored in a user's sandbox and not to timelines, according to the company.

It's unclear how this change will affect Path and its subscribers. Though the service isn't too big in the West, Path had accumulated a decent number of worldwide users, many of whom are located in Southeast Asia, on its old business model.

Is this a change that would make Path more attractive as a service to you? In the digital age where bits make memories disposable, it seems that Path is disposing of its film-like scrapbook heritage.

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Path turns lasting memories into fleeting conversations


Mr Editor in Chief told me Path was cool, I downloaded it. Tried it for a few minutes. Had one friend who was using it, wasn't someone i really cared about. Have not been back to it, perhaps ill just uninstall it. It's pretty useless.

I used it a couple summers ago quite a bit on iOS (right after their big makeover). It was pretty cool, neat & organized. Had maybe only 5 friends who used it regularly. But I liked it for a sort of life journal kind of experience. Then..the troubles started.

The app started to become bloated, slow, they had a lot of controversy regarding secretly storing everyone's address book on their servers (which got them fined big time), keeping location data on your photos (like down to the exact address level) even if you told the app not to, spamming non-users of current users contacts, etc.

Anyways, friends eventually ditched it & so did I when I realized that using it for a journal was a bad idea since there's no backup, no export, and I don't actually have control of the data I feed into it (as opposed to say a real journaling app like Day One).

Pulled the plug, haven't looked back, don't miss it. IMO they're gonna fold soon.

I loved path because of how far I could look back I have used it was great. So sad.

Edit: Rtfa .... I'm okay...dont really use the messaging part.

Path is popular in Southeast Asia?
Not really, not a single person I know use Path. And a lot of people doesn't even know what is Path

I never go to WalMart. And nobody I know does. It must not be the biggest retailer in the US.

Dumb argument. Everyone KNOWS WalMart.  I never go there and I don't understand why others do, but I REALIZE that it's the biggest retailer.  If this is a "popular" service where he lives and most people he knows don't even know what it is...that's worthy of asking how popular it really is.

There's 11 countries and 618 million people in SE Asia. The range of people you know is hardly indicative of somethings popularity.

I'm a heavy Path user. Glad the WP version is almost as good as the Android/IOS version. Tho this article is a bit irrelevant since private messaging is the only feature that has been missing in WP version. Hope Path bring more updates to WP!

Loved Path when I had an iPhone. Kept in touch with close friends through chat all the time. The news that it was coming to windows helped me switch (and Flipboard haha). Their stunning incompetence and lack of outreach to users has led me to give up and use facebook messenger. Who cares if chats are ephemeral when they are already nonexistent.

Wait. If you read the article, only the messaging is changing to deleting after 24 hours. The rest of the service remains unchanged. That needs to be clarified in the article here better.

Agreed, I was also confused.. I've only used path on WP so was completely unaware of the messaging feature. So the statement "departure from its vision" had a very different meaning to me. I went in to the app today and got errors, so I just thought the wp app had not been updated.. I'd wanted to backup some of my timeline posts if this change was applicable to that but I guess not.

Things like this happen regularly when news is reported on news. It's like the telephone game. I hope most people are smart enough to track down original sources and figure things out themselves.