Path for Windows Phone updated to fix check-in bug

Path Beta

It’s great to see highly anticipated apps make the jump to Windows Phone, but it’s even better to see them updated regularly. Which is why we’re happy to see Path (beta) picking up its first update since coming to Windows Phone this past Friday.

If you haven’t updated Path yet you’ll see version Head to the Windows Phone Store and you’ll see version sitting there. What’s new in version 1.1?

  • Location check-in bug fixes

Version 1.1 fixes a check-in bug in Path. Sure enough, we couldn’t get the app to pull up locations in its initial release. After updating check-in seems to be working fine for us.

Want Path (beta) for Windows Phone? Head to the Windows Phone Store to get it for free or use the QR code below.

Thanks for the update Kristijan87!



Reader comments

Path for Windows Phone updated to fix check-in bug


Every app is receiving updates frequently and I'm really pleased to see this happening on WP. IMDb is the only app I'm dying to see an update for but unfortunately its just a dream.

Guess my expectations was high... Was expecting a faster update since it takes forever to load on my 620 whenever I open the app. Anyway... Love Path, much more now.

it doesn't need to be reinstalled, mine does fine after updating :)
maybe, for some users need to reinstall the app, or to log them out and then relogin :)

Off topic, I don't like people who make off topic comments but think saying 'off topic' makes it okay.

Also, no such thing as gdr4.

It's probably a good idea to stay on topic or just not to comment at all. If a random thought pops into your head go to the forums. 

Path is awesome! It's great to finally have a social network that's with people you know rather than random people on the net, it makes it a lot more personal!

My point is not personal to me, it's a broader look at how most people use social networking. Also, Path is designed specifically for friends, not strangers. In addition, (I know I'm writing an essay now) there is no right or wrong way to use the Internet, it is what you will make of it.

I was unable to register trough the app so I reg from the website. Now I'm unable to login (please chek connection.. bla bla)

Hope next update will remove the lag. Because right now, still have lag, not smooth like Path in iOS. So..i hope next update can add some features like chat, listening the music, stickers and upload pictures from the other folder, not from camera roll only. Thanks #L920#

Perfect, the more Path updates the better. I know its in beta and would also love to know how to sign up for the beta for the next version. I use path almost as much as I use twitter.

Tried updating, locations still didn't work. Uninstalled and reinstalled, locations still aren't working.... sigh...