Path updated to version 2.0, introduces Path Shop

Path 2

Path for Windows Phone was announced last July at the Nokia Lumia 1020 launch event. It took a half a year for the app to make the jump from the PowerPoint slide to your phone, which it did earlier this year in January. Since then we’ve seen three minor updates for the app that didn’t help shake the beta label. Today Path hits version 2.0 in the Windows Phone Store. 

The last update we saw for Path came in mid-February when a bug fix was applied. Today we’re sitting at version in the Windows Phone Store with the following features:

  • Includes better stability
  • Path Shop
  • Bug fixes

Stability is something we’re always looking forward to seeing in app updates. When Path first launched we weren’t big fans of the performance and so far we’re not too impressed with the improved stability. Speed is about the same, but we’re also getting a lot of connection errors trying to use the app. However, closing and reopening the app seemed to fix those initials issues. Play around and let us know what you find in terms of stability/bug fixes.

Path Screenshots

The Path Shop is a feature a lot of you have been clamoring for and it’s finally here. When you upgrade to Path Premium you get access to unlimited sticker packs, early access to new Shop items and support an ad-free network. Unfortunately we can’t find a way to upgrade to Path Premium through the app. Find it and let us know.

It also appears sound effects have been added to Path. Thankfully you can turn those off in the settings, unless you’re into beeps every time you press a button.

Play around with the updated version of Path and let us know what you think and find! We’re really pulling for Path, but it needs a little more work.

Download Path from the Windows Phone Store.

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Reader comments

Path updated to version 2.0, introduces Path Shop


A bit suspicious all these big updates are happening, (not complaining though!). This could be known as Update Tuesday, just like Patch Tuesday.

They really need to learn something from these guys. I really feel that its high time they removed it from beta. And I am sure everyone here thinks that too.

Lot of updates today. I would like to have that glide app. And the scorecenter app updated to sportcenter like Droid and ios.

Some people(like me) are fans of the official version, and prefer the official versions to the third party ones.

Cult of official. Some will use an inferior app just because it's "official". I use whatever works best.

yep. the official Instagram still lacks of few features like video capturing or private posting, but uses a better quality compression than 6tag. its hard to imagine in this case, because the overall limitations (eg: image size) are there, but try it yourself. post the same image unedited from the two apps. you'll notice the significant difference.

(by the way i don't need video posting or private messaging, due this is mainly a photo sharing network, not a vine or twitter clone)

but yep, we need an update for the official client, because it has a lot of stability problems under 8.1 dev preview. for example after resuming to the app, it cannot refresh the notifications, and something like that.

I know right no need for instagram with 6tag, but Apps like twitter and skype need an update

I paid for 6tag, when I send my second video, after weeks, he asked to pay again. The interface is horrible, bad for reading the comments, does not compare to the official, even though beta... just my opinion!! 

Is it just me or are a lot of apps getting some developer love (serious updates) since win8.1?

I was worried post quarter results, coming as a pretty pleasant surprise!

Question from an iPhone user.
Can you post videos on Path for WP? I can on my iPhone, but could not on my Android phone (which was one of the main reasons I switched back to iPhone, since my entire family is on Path and we use it as a closed, for family only social network). Please let me know, as I'm considering getting a Windows Phone as my next phone.