Path for Windows Phone picks up another update to address check-in bugs

Path for Windows Phone

Good things comes to apps that get updated frequently. Which is why we’re pretty jazzed about Path picking up another update on Windows Phone. The highly anticipated app launched earlier this month to mixed results. This marks the second update to hit Path since it launched. Let’s check it out.

The last update for Path came out two Mondays ago. It notable for addressing some check-in bugs with the app. Today we’re looking at version of Path in the Windows Phone Store. It brings to us the following:

  • Bug fixes related to location check-ins
  • Regional settings
  • Others

Looks like the team behind Path is still ironing out bugs related to check-ins. After the last update we haven’t had an issues with it, but if you have let us know if the update corrects it. The other changes for Path (regional settings and “others”) are a bit vague. So don’t forget to sound off below if you notice any other changes/improvements.

Want Path for Windows Phone? Grab it in the Windows Phone Store or use the QR code below.

Thanks for the tip Anmol!

QR: Path Beta


Reader comments

Path for Windows Phone picks up another update to address check-in bugs


Hoping this update boost it's performance. 

It's very laggy at the moment. Glad Path keeps updating it's app. 

Seems like after black update. My phone's store notification for update isn't working. And i have to depend on wpcentral for some apps update news

Mine hasn't been indicating updates either, and I don't have the black update yet. (just gdr3 dev preview)

Facebook but a lot more private. It doesn't have ads and is only available through the mobile app. You can't use it on a web browser.

This seems to be the fix for people who were getting an error when updating their timeline. Its finally pulling down my data properly.

What's the next huge app, not game, to come to WP❔.. And, I mean huge like Instagram huge. Is there anything left❔❔❔❔❔❔
Any ideas❔❔❔

I'm not a gamer on my mobile but I would imagine its a game of some sort.(candy crush saga) What I would love to see myself are things like square credit POS support. But something BIG Hmmm I dunno.


Of all the IMs, WP has almost all of them except BBM. 
It's pretty popular too in SE Asia and South Africa/America and of course.. Canada.

I danger of sounding ignorant, is path really a app that is something to do all bananas over?
.what sies it have that makes it special over other similar apps?
forgive my ignorance.

For me its the small social circle. There are few folks now that I really want share items with. Not for the masses like IG, Fb, twitter.

People are crazy of Path here in Indonesia. Some even refused to buy a Windows Phone due to lack of Path.

They love it because:

1. The design is really nice. It looks like your personal Diary

2. Private. Only the 150 really close ones to you should be included. And they also have the inner circle if you want to post more private stats.

3. One in All in service: The Usual (Status Update, Location Sharing, Photo Sharing, Private Messaging) . The Not So Usual (Listening to Music/Reading Book/Watching Movie Sharing, Sleeping and Waking Up)

4. Integrated with Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler, WordPress and Foursquare (which they use for Location sharing)

5. Stickers!! . 

6. No adds and No annoying game notification posting

many people in big cities here already favours Path instead of Facebook.


There are some performances issues (in Android and IOS) and security in the past. But the Path team worked it out. 

The Path for WP is very lacking in features at the moment compared to Android and IOS. But it's still on Beta and Path seems to update the app frequently. 

The more updates the better, looking for feature additions soon. Its back to path and twitter as my social networks of choice.

You know what really bugs me? Is that an App could be available on other platforms bug free with plenty of feature's. Yet when we finally get that same App for WP its either bug ridden, lacks basic features or is way under par from its counterparts on other platforms. Take Path for instance, I mean no photo album support, just the camera roll folder? I mean really Path? It just saddens me that we have an awesome superior OS (WP) and yet we get the short straw when it comes to Apps and their features. I understand about market share and that's the reason for some big name Apps not coming to WP, but App quality. If your going to developer an App that you already have on other platforms, at least make it on par or better when you develope for WP. Is that to much to ask?

Well, the reason may be WP itself. It lacks many APIs, thus making development of many usual / useful app features problematic / impossible. :-/

Like you can access photos but not videos. Or you cannot edit calendars. Look at all those apps in store how crippled they are. Until WP provides comprehensive APIs we cannot expect features matching those on other platforms.

Just installed and found out that none of my contacts are in Path.. Looks useless at the moment..