Paul Thurrott is going it alone with next Windows Phone book

Paul Thurrott Windows Phone 8 Book

Paul Thurrott, a very prominent blogger, writer and podcaster of all things Microsoft has decided to write another book on Windows Phone. Paul has already crafted one book titled Windows Phone Secrets, but this time he's aiming to self-publish.  

Paul is a huge fan of Windows Phone and with his new book he’s looking for the whole process to be more “conversational” with his readers. As it will be self-published, he’ll have more leeway to keep it updated and accept contributions from others during the process. We previously had the privilege of having Thurrott on a Windows Phone Central podcast episode.

Favouring digital versions over hard copies, Paul announced the book is likely to come as a PDF to start, with eBooks following. It’s nice to see Paul taking this approach to publishing. We are sure he’s bound to get lots of feedback from Windows Phone owners during the book's creation. We have certainly found the Windows Phone community to be extremely well informed and enthusiastic about the platform.

Paul reports the next few days will see the start of his posts about the book so keep an eye out on his dedicated website and also Supersite for Windows for updates.

Thanks, Graham Best, for the tip!


Reader comments

Paul Thurrott is going it alone with next Windows Phone book


Ha Ha, same here, his dry humor cracks me up. I also love how Mary Jo is always calling him Eeyore sue to his cynical ways lmao.

Don't like him. Seems to be wrong more than he is right. Kinda blowheartish. IMO. Oh, he title is missing a word.

Im a huge fan of Paul's. I follow him on windows weekly and what the tech. He is the only famous podcaster out there representing windows.

To the editors: Use Word or Outlook or One Note to draft your articles like Paul Thurott does. The title doesn't make any sense and the rest of the article is difficult to read.

I like him on What The Tech. I watch Windows weekly but feel as though Twit could care less about what Microsoft is doing. Paul is a great writer and I do try to catch him anytime he is on a podcast.

+1, I am not sure if Leo really knows as little as he pretends or is just playing slow pitch to set up Paul and Mary Jo.

That sums it up! I do feel he is too quick to dismiss things sometimes (like when he kept claiming Kinnect would never be released), but he does try to look at things logically for the most part, which I appreciate.