Payday developers Overkill to make Walking Dead co-op shooter

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Fans of the comic book version of The Walking Dead should be happy to learn that developer Overkill, the creators of the Payday series of first person shooters, are now planning to make a co-op shooter based on the mega-popular zombie franchise.

Details about the game itself are scarce at the moment, but Overkill plans to offer fans "new characters and storylines" to explore in this game. It will also use an updated next-generation version of the Diesel graphics engine make by Overkill's parent company Starbreeze Studios.

The game won't be out until sometime in 2016, but fans of Payday 2 will be able to download a free "Lucille" baseball bat from The Walking Dead as a DLC pack. No platforms have been announced yet but we would speculate that since Payday 2 is due for release on the Xbox One soon, it's more than possible that this new Walking Dead game will come to Microsoft's console as well, along with a PC and PS4 version.

What do you think about the prospects of this new Walking Dead game?

Source: Starbreeze Studios


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Payday developers Overkill to make Walking Dead co-op shooter


I don't read the forums and their is DEFINITELY a app gap. I'm missing so many apps.. The apps I care about are non existent on WP8..

The Lucille bat killed ***** in the comics. :'( Still cant get over it.I hate Robert Kirkman(writer of the walking dead comics) and George R.R. Martin(author of game of thrones) for killing characters, these two have scarred me for life :'(
But a co-op version of TWD could be interesting ;)

There has been a lot of speculation about what they would announce today, with their 40 day countdown. Most guessed Payday 3, some expansive Payday 2 DLC or the vague project "Storm" that they had mentioned before. I don't think anyone saw this coming, but it seems to be appreciated...

Payday 1 and Payday 2 are great games. Walking Dead?? If they are adding story to it then its good otherwise  will more look like Left 4 Dead series.