PBS is available for Xbox 360 - get ready to train your brain

PBS on Xbox 360

Just because Microsoft is releasing the Xbox One within the coming month, it doesn’t mean they are abandoning their Xbox 360 platform. This week, the company launched a brand new TV application for the beloved console. PBS programming has now become an addition to the lineup of television show experience available.

Xbox Live Gold members in the United States can now download the Public Broadcasting Service app and access full length episodes, clips, and extras from their favorite shows. You’ll also be able to access content from you own local PBS stations.

Shows included with the new PBS include American Experience, Austin City Limits, Frontline, Masterpiece, Nova, and Secrets of the Dead. In addition content from PBS Digital Studios, a five time winner of the 2013 Webby Awards”, will be available to watch.

Are you a fan of PBS networks and are you going to grab this latest app? Remember, Neil deGrasse Tyson hosts his show, Nova, on the network!

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Reader comments

PBS is available for Xbox 360 - get ready to train your brain


Meh. I'm glad we have another app, but I'll probably pass.

Edit: how many of these apps does Xbox have? I've wanted to be able to compare it to a roku or apple tv.

You can't compare. I think roku had over 700. Xbox ~100. Roku seems to be better at buffering content though. I had hiccups when I ran Amazon Prime on xbox, while on roku, once it loads up, it runs smoothly. The one app that hinders roku is Youtube. There aint any.

Xbox has all the main apps HBOgo, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Crackle, Red Box, ESPN etc. with perfect streaming. Never had any buffering issues.

Many of these apps I've deleted once I found that all the content was available thru the YouTube app which usually runs better anyway and often has a better interface (though not without its problems). Does PBS publish all their stuff to YouTube as well?

All these GOLD-only apps are FAIL as far as I'm concerned. Microsoft should make all non-gaming stuffs free. I know a lot of people want to make XBox their go-to box but can't/won't do it because of th Gold membership. Not everyone is into games.

Well, no one buys an Xbox for PBS access.  It's not like having free PBS will make a lot of people buy an Xbox.  And since from a business standpoint, you want everyone to have a Gold sub, it makes sense to sweeten the Gold sub as much as possible.

It's not just PBS. Just about everything is for Gold members only on XBox. I can understand that for Xbox exclusive stuff. But a lot of them are not. e.g. Netflix. Whenever I try to pitch Xbox to my friends and relatives, discussion stops dead cold when they hear they need to pay extra $40-60 every year to watch Netflix. Every.Single.Time. MS needs to fix this if they really want to be successful in average living rooms, not just hardcore gamers.

It's annoying that the app wants your e-mail. Seems like it's there just so PBS can spam you for donations.

What would sweeten this if they where to add deeper contents, like an immersive database per se, exclusive to Xbox Gold Members.

Also add Road Show with an interactive abilities. This is an app, it should have deeper content than just steaming videos.