People Search gets updated to v1.2, contact QR tags now available

Gydar Industries has been busy updating People Search for Windows Phone. The update bringing the Windows Phone app to v1.2 has been submitted to the Marketplace for distribution and v1.3 is already in the works.

For those not familiar, People Search is the result of Ronny Gydar (the man behind Gydar Industries) needing to find a simple way for his Mom to find and call contacts on her Windows Phone. Seeing the need for something fast and easy to use, Ronny developed People Search.  People Search is a feature rich contact search engine that is based off the T9 dial pad instead of the full QWERTY keyboard. Using the T9 dial pad speeds things up a little and makes one handed use a little easier as well.

People Search for Windows Phone

Version 1.2 brings the following improvements and features into the mix.

  • Improved search speed, Cyrillic search characters added
  • Ability to share contacts with QR Tags
  • Various adjustments and tweaks to improve overall performance and appearance

All in all, the version 1.2 update gives People Search a bit more zip and the internal QR generator makes sharing contact easy between Windows Phones, iPhone, or Android phones.

There is a free, 24-hour trial version of People Search available with the full version running $.99. You can find People Search here at the Windows Phone Marketplace. If you are already enjoying People Search, you should be seeing the notification for the update any time now.

Oh... and speaking of the next update, hit the break to catch what Gydar Industries has in store for version 1.3 of People Search.  Look for this update to hit the Marketplace in a few weeks.

QR: People Search


Reader comments

People Search gets updated to v1.2, contact QR tags now available


Some did not like it when it was lowercase, I adjust it, then others don't like upper-case...guess I can't please everyone :)

My initial reaction when I bought the app was "So what? Nothing new here." But after using it for a few weeks, I can't live without it. Fantastic app!

Great app! Used to use Rapdialer (still great), but this has replaced it for me. The UI is much nicer and friendly but the speed was tiny bit slower than rapdialer, so hopefully this helps. And I also wish I can edit my contacts from this app

editing contact is not possible on WP7 for 3. parties. Just possible to "add new contact" or "add phonenumber" or "add email". Don't know why Microsoft has not made it possible to edit a contact or open a person in People hub.