Editor's Choice: People Search will make your Windows Phone life easier (and it's free today)

People Search

Regular visitors of our site will be familiar with Ronny Gydar, the Windows Phone dev who's behind the popular Trines Hangman game. If you know the quality and dedication behind that app then you'll know what to expect from his latest: People Search.

People Search is what it sounds like: a contact search app. But it's based off of the T9 system instead of a full-QWERTY keyboard meaning you can easily use it one handed. What's more it's chock full of features such as customizations, how much information it should search through (e.g. just names or phone numbers, email, etc.) and the ability to send contacts via email, SMS or copy-to-clipboard.

People Search

We've been using the app since yesterday and we're kind of blown away by it. It's smart (auto-indexes your contacts every 24 hours), beautifully laid out and dead simple to use. We're not even kidding when we say we've replaced our People Hub on our Start screen with it (we don't really check up on our friends' social updates, so no big loss for us).

People Search was just released yesterday and today it's getting the special treatment. While normally it will fetch for $0.99, People Search is completely FREE today meaning you'd have to be daft to not even download the trial.

The app was extensively tested right here in our own Forums, so everyone should be happy with it. We're giving the app a huge thumbs up at Windows Phone Central both for creativity and it's super well designed and polished UI. Don't take our word though, go try it yourself and hit us up on comments.

Remember, it's only free for today, so grab it now and think about it later. Make sure to check out the hilarious demo video after the break too...

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Editor's Choice: People Search will make your Windows Phone life easier (and it's free today)


Sending in an update tomorrow, fixing a critical bug that occurs if you delete/rename a person from People hub, that you have in the "last used"-list in People search.
Will also fix so typing is faster the first times you use the app. Current version shows an animation that highlights a "TAP to to call/clear++", which flashes.
This text+animation is not shown when you have opened the menu two times (then I assume you have understood that part).
Problem is that that animation bogs down the search/input.  And that is a stupid-choice of me, since then people who try the app quickly just to see if it is any good, will get a worse experience than the app really has.
I will also add Greek characters to the search-indexing, since I got tip AND a list of characters to use from a Greek user today. This will not affect the app in any way, except, if you have contacts with Greek letters you will find them. That is the kind of enhancements I love to add...adds more functionality without making it the slightest more complex to use :)
You can send feedback to me here: http://www.gydarindustries.com/ContactUs.aspx (or from the app of course).
I have high focus on keeping this app simple, so if people want "lots of cool features", I can not promise I will add them...but I always take all input seriously, and sometimes I can add some advanved stuff without making the app more complex...by just adding them as an option in the preferences page...my mum never enters that page anyway :D
If you want lots of features, there are some great alternative apps btw, like RapDialer, dial 7 I think another is called.  They are a bit more advanced I would say, but many WP-users are comming from Windows Mobile, so they like lots of advanved features :)

Definitely NOT a replacement for the people hub, that is just ridiculous to suggest.
I think RapDialer is equally as good, but I've never needed to search through my contacts, so who am I to judge.

Its personal choice and depends how you use the People Hub. I find "social updates" stupid and pointless, all my hub is for is to find contacts, so I don't think it's ridiculous.

Agree it is not ridiculous, is there one thing I have learned after developing apps for Windows Mobile and Windows Phone for 5 years...it is that people use their devices very differently.
I often get two totaly conflicting requests from users, and often people are pretty darn clear on that "this is the only right way to do that thing"...and then I get another mail from someone else who says the same, just totally oposite :D
...and I have a 3. "choice" here...I really like the People hub and their notifications...I use Facbook and Twitter extremly little, so I love to get a notification when there is something that need my attention.
...so I actually have the People hub tile on top of start, and I put People search a little down in the page...since I want to see the notification on top when I turn on the phone.
I will love when/if Microsoft adds the smart-dialing stuff from People search (and maybe the forward contact info and the send universal Bing-map-links) to the stock dialer/People hub.
Untill then I can live with my People search :D

Great app!
Too bad these things can't be integrated with the "real" phone app. It's a shame we have to use the ordinary phone to view missed calls etc. and use this when making a call only. Better than nothing though and it makes it much easier to call my contacts.
Got a tile on homescreen now for quick access. Not replacing another one though this will complement the others.

As far as suggestions go I would like audio confirmation when pressing the keys just like in the standard dialer.

Are you planning a variety of sounds to choose from for the "button-feedback" sound?? I think that would be pretty cool (again, I love to tailor apps to personal preference)... ;)
I use another app, that works pretty well, that offers that option... People Search has a quicker search and I like the UI a bit better... Although adding some favorites to a page within People Search would only make me more impressed - and like it a whole lot more too!! :) Using FB profile pics, or our own images as an avatar/pic id would be sweet too!! **I mean if it is something that you haven't already crossed off of the list, or decided against altogether, Ronny... ;)
Great job on the "final/official" release!!

I am working on a big app for WP and Win8 that will take all my time for 2-3 months...so I will be farily strict on what I add to my other apps in that time.
But I also know myself...I have a tendency to work more than I plan, and get a bit carried away.
So a part of my is saying that those ideas are more for my "the cold winter months" (I work in the winter too:)...but I probably will do some of it before that.  ...but for all we know...come october...and Microsoft releases WP8...with everything we wanted and then some...is possible to dream right? :D
I will at least keep them on my "TBD todo-list", OK? :)
And when I add one sound, it is very little extra effort to add a couple of choices...I would probably have done that anyway...I bought the rights to a sound-package when I made Trine's Hangman, so I have plenty of cool effects to add as options.

Am I missing something? Can someone please clarify why there are 2 links to the app in the article? I can't tell a difference between them but if there is one it would be really awesome if the links had different names.

I only see one link to the app in the article?
Are you meaning the link to the forum-thread?
Or the link to my other app, Trine's Hangman?
If so, that is something completely different, thats a Hangman game.

I'm only getting one link now as well. Looks like someone was nice enough to remove the confusing duplicate. Thanks for your contributions to WP7 world Ronny, love your work.

Great app, WP has some of the best indie devs. Where official apps are failing, these guys have gone above and beyond releasing great quality apps. Tip of the hat to u guys.

The app works great and looks good!
But after a few minutes of use it just feels old and a step bakwards, the people hub feels more efficient.

This app is certainly not meant to replace the People hub. You would miss a lot of stuff if you used People search INSTEAD of People hub.  You can't even edit the person in my app (since that is not allowed/possible for 3.party apps), not see Facebook/twitter-updates and so on.
The purpose of my app was just to "find people quick and easy", thats it.
It is an attempt to make it easier to find people with one hand (search with a dial-pad and T9-search), and find any contact (seach all fields). ...so that you can call++ the person.
If my app could have opened the person in People hub when you have searched...that's what I would have done, but that is not possible.
So then I had to make a "person page" to support a little of what People hub does, and added a small thing or two extra.  But there is a lot more stuff in People hubs "person page", that I can not replace.
In short, I hope Microsoft just adds the smart-dialing stuff, and the share contact info, and share Bing-universal-map-links, and the "show address and myself on map" (since NavigateTo does not work for most of the world at the moment) into Windows Phone itself.
And that would be a much better solution, since then you would get all the benefits of apps like People search AND People hub / stock dialer :)
And I am sure they will do that, in some clever way, at some stage.

This is so well done,both on the "front" and "back" end.If all apps were this well documented even I can understand. A little older than your Mum and this is also my first smart phone , which by the way after much research I had to insist this was the phone I wanted with the sales person who was pushing anything but WP7. Thanks for your efforts.

Can someone tell Microsoft if they've ever forget how to code smart dialling. They should hire this guy or buy up this app and add it to Tango update...

I am sure they still remember know how to do it, but thanks for the kind words :)
Actually...if my app could have just added my indexing to the actual contacts, my indexing also would have been insanely much faster to run. So for Microsoft...this will be super easy to do.
The challenge for them as it was for me, is to implement it in a well thought out, easy and consistent way....I had just my app to wory about, they need to fit it into all they got from before.
I still believe it will be quite easy to fix for them...so Microsoft...if you want to fly me to the US, put me in front of a PC, and feed me some Coke and burgers, and I'll fix it in no-time :D

Really appreciated the BETA-feedback...got lots of great feedback...so this is something I will do again!  The app became a lot better as an result of it.

The version 1.1 update grew a bit today, gotten some feedback that I have implemented in-between answering all the mails that has poured in today, so the list looks like this right now (see version 1.1):
The only thing missing is adding the Greek characters to the search-indexing (some of them are in place from before), and some testing, and then I can send it in tomorrow night.
Some times people ask for stuff that I am shocked I had not already implemented, like the request for the app to show and search in the Nickname-field of a person. Wow...I had totally overseen that field.  Well, now it is in :)

I love this app. You've done a very good job, keep it up. By the way something minor to note for the next version, in the name of your app you used small 's' for search, I know it's not something major just though you may want to change it to Capital 'S' so it looks better. 

I personally like it when the first letters of all words in the name is upper-case, as you do.
...but I have actually gotten critique from some friends (and some customers) of mine who reckon themselves as "more litterate" and better at spelling than my self (and that does not say much, cause I am hopeless in that area...partly the reason I made Trine's Hangman, to get better at spelling), who mean that is "just not correct English".  They of course say that in a friendy way, being friends and all :)
So I feel that such things always is something that I can never please everyone, since people have oposite ideas of what looks best.
[EDIT 18.05.2012] I sent in version 1.1. two days ago...and I renamed the app so it now shows as People Search and not People search...I might as well name it as I like it, and not what some of my friends think I should name it :)
I just think it looks better on the tile when the name is upper case on both words.

...actually, I guess it would be the Android-guy with a custom-share-specific-contact-macro-shortcut-widget-thingy on his lock-screen :D

Version 1.2 was sent to Microsoft two days ago, so it should be out in a weeks time (version 1.1 took 3 week to get approved, but I hope/expect that was a fluke).
Here is a short video showing the main new things in version 1.2:
And for those too lazy too even see a video...faster searching, share contact info with QR-tags, searches now with both Greek and Cyrillic characters...bugfixes, and other enhancements
Version 1.3 is also almost ready for being sent to Microsoft...that will have "add typed number to a contact", faster startup-time, and some other enhancements.  But I will not be able to send that one in before Microsoft is finished with testing 1.2.
In other words, you can expect the next few updates to come as fast as Microsoft are able to test them :)

And now version 1.3 is finsihed...that was 3 hectic days :D
What is new:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMrqE89O2-8

  • Faster startup
  • Save number
  • Customize the tile
  • Pin a QR-tag / business-card to start
  • Bugfixes and enhancements

For more details and future versions
I will not be able to send version 1.3 to Microsoft untill version 1.2 has been tested...hopefully you all will have 1.2 in a week, and 1.3 in two weeks