Personal assistant Indigo is finally available on the Windows Phone Store

Indigo WP

Remember Indigo, the personal assistant for Windows Phone we've looked at a handful of times? Well, we're rather excited to announce that the app has finally been certified and is available on the Windows Phone Store. Consumers are able to create an account over on the Indigo website (where the web client is housed) for a more personal experience.

Should you not be familiar with the name, Indigo is a cross-platform personal assistant that integrates with a number of system apps on Windows Phone, offering numerous features for users to play around with. Here's a quick video we did demonstrating some of the capabilities in Indigo:

You can download Indigo for free from the Windows Phone Store (for Windows Phone 8 only). Thanks to everyone who tipped us!

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Personal assistant Indigo is finally available on the Windows Phone Store


Works for me on AT&T.  I got it through the Web site, not the phone, FWIW.
Definitly better so far than Ziggy or Maluuba.

And leave behind all of those WP 7.x adopters? I don't think so. I see no problem with releasing apps as WP 8 only, but I still don't agree on completely abandoning WP 7.x users (not in regards to Indigo specifically, I'm just speaking generally).

Agreed. For some strange reason people think those of us with 7.x devices have money to just spend willy-nilly on a wp8. I'd like to move with the times, how about those of you telling us to do so send those of us that can't the funds to be like everyone else... And yes, I do work. My wife works. We have bills and childcare to attend to before anything else and since my hd7 is being used right this second, a new phone is not a priority.

I see no problem with this. I know a few people that switched to Windows Phone (Lumia 800 and 900 respectively) and they asked me about my oppinion first. I gave them my honest oppinion that they can toy around with my HTC Mozart to see if they like the OS in it's current state.
I also explicitly told them that WP8 is right around the corner or already released (depending on which of those two people in particular you're looking at) and that they should expect a lot of new apps not being released for their devices.
They bought the handsets and are very pleased because they liked what they got, not what they might be getting in the future.

It's happening because its easier for devs to port iOS/Android versions of their apps to WP8.  
You know what would have been really crappy? If devs had shown the same interest in developming for WP8 as for WP7 (virtually non-exsistent). At least the whole ecosystem has a chance to make it to WP9 instead of dying a slow death like Web OS.

Is this one better than the others that are already out there? I've tried a few and so far Maluuba has been the best.

Don;t really like Maluuba, Alex had potential with the start button integration, but didn't like that one that much either.

There's a big difference between writing in english and talking in english.
When I write, I have time to think about what I want to say. I can twist and turn the words in my head until they sound right. You can't do that when you talk.

Also it would seem very corny and pretentious if you stand on the sidewalk speaking a foreign language into your phone. How would you English speakers feel if you had to speak to your phone in your school French?
Well, in any case it seems like a cool app. The future of computer interaction. At least that is what Star Trek taught us. :)

I know...thus the smiley face. I can't imagine trying to use a Spanish-language personal assistant, but I could probably write well enough to get my point accross.

The voice recognition on my lumina seems to be hardwired to german. If I speak english to my phone it won't understand a word. If I speak german it will get most words but indigo won't understand them. It will tell me (in a terrible german accent) "sat it das not unterstant me" ;-) Totally useless but very entertaining! I nearly fell of my couche loughing when I tried it out.
So fine english won't help me (nor iNtEnSePL) :-D

I was able to download by going to the indigo website...hello-indigo.com. Then click on portal and windows icon.

Hopefully they integrate it into the phones speech recognition, so all we have to do it hold the windows key and say Indigo...blah blah..

This is the most accurate, hilarious and most helpful assistant since I first used siri on my iPhone 5. Wow nice work devs. It works so well!

I get an error when I try to use speech. It says "Unknown Error - Check your phone speech settings." Anyone else got this problem?
Phone : Lumia 920

I'm guessing you're in India like me. If so, you need to change the speech language to English (UK) / (US). Doesn't look like Indigo supports English (India) yet. It's a bummer cause the UK engine doesn't recognize half the stuff I'm saying lol

I had the same prob. Everytime I clicked in the mic icon, I got an error. Changed my speech language to US. Working fine now.

Have you tried it or just stating your opinion based on history? Its way faster to setup an appointment or alarm. That aline makes it worth it to me. Searching is faster than typing and so is Tweeting or Facebooking the results. I'm finding productivity advances more than just gimmicks.

I asked for the basketball scores from last night, it gave me a google NBA search. I'll pass for now.

Account set was a breeze. D/L and install smooth over LTE. She hit on about 95% of my queries. It was great considering first release. Conversation flow is not always seamless.

Yeah, hope the conversation will get seamless in the future, such hold to talk will make it more seamlessly talk to the phone.

Blue will be release somewhere in the end of the year, so take a time for enriching your phone with important apps :)

Sadly, this still isn't a patch on Siri.  Siri can understand fairly complex sentences, even in my Scottish accent.  With Indigo, you still get the feeling it's just looking for trigger words in the sentence and returning a stock answer for that word, regardless of the context.

I can't get it yet for my Lumia 920.  AT&T. Probably too many banging on the server right now to get it.
Edit: Persistence pays off.  Downloading now.

Nice and quick. Excellent alternative to Siri. Maluuba didn't do it for me. Indigo now has a spot at the top of my Start page.

I'm reading the EULA for Indigo.  I hope the relationship between Indigo, thrid party websites that have a free reign in this app and ME don't fall into too much conflict. 
Edit: It doesn't apply to me. I didn't get this from the APPStore. something the EULA continues to refer to. OK, carry on.

i must say im pleasantly surprised. does everything that i need it to do quite flawlessly. even quick on the responses.

They are not abandoning WP 7. they just never jumped in ship wp7 users should be ready for an upgrade anyway. L920

Early adopters in Canada can't get an upgrade yet unless the wanna pay through the nose... Damn 3 year terms. I had to pay up cuz my POS HD7 crapped out on me.

I have a cold and it is severely affecting the accuracy. Can't wait until I'm not sick and can actually use this app.

anyon know how to change the voice? I asked it & told me to go to settings & change it's accent. but can't find it anywhere

The voice can be toggled to male/female thru the WP8 Settings
Settings | System | Speech | Text to Speech voice

The thing figures out my speech pretty well, but the results for my requests are not good. I asked it for the nearest "whole foods", "best buy" and "REI", and it could only find whole foods and then only if I asked the question "correctly". I will try out other uses over the next few days.

Same here. Worked like charm at first but now doesn't accept my password. Probably an issue with the server or the app itself.

At the moment this app (like every other personal assistant app) is pretty useless. It rarely can understand the names of my contacts so I can't look up their info, write a text or email, or create a reminder or calendar entry with someone's name in it. Since using WP8's voice recognition directly works fine, indigo needs to get a lot better.

Works good, recognizes contacts names, directions work great, search works, humorous... definitely a beta version though, got a little glitchy at first and is lacking some settings. Much better than maluuba.

Just downloaded Indigo and it is really good so far. It has managed to tell me whats in my calender for next friday, what colour the sky is and many other trivial tasks completed well.
One problem I have found is that if I ask it what someones phone number is, that does exist in my phone book, it registers the name correctly then exits to "desktop".
Any one else found this? Hopefully just a early bug that needs iorning out.

Apparently there is already an update for this app in the store? Downloading now, no change log.

I just finished downloading the update an hr ago ..I think it was that bug where it crashed while you tried to open the app.
I'm on ATT & it would crash every other time I tried opening it

Works well but why why why can' t they make these assistants bluetooth friendly so can be used hands free.which is when they are probably most useful  
If I pressbutton on earpiece, phone beeps and waits for command, "Start Indigo"  Phone launches Indigo perfectly  "Yeah " All good so far,  App loads and then the assistant speaks and  says "Hello Wes" , but then there is no ferkin way to ask her to do anything  without pressing the button on the phone !!  If I press earpiece button again all I get is the windows speech recognition app running. so its "Start Indigo .........