PGA Tour redesign is cleaner, faster, and better

PGA Tour redesign is cleaner, faster, and better

The PGA Tour app for Windows Phone is the recipient of a major update today, with a new design and a number of features added for fans of the professional golf series. The first version of the app was released in 2012 as a Nokia Lumia exclusive and a year later became available for all Windows Phone devices. This new 2.0 version is now available for Windows Phone 7.5, 8.0 and 8.1 and has a new and pleasing design.

In terms of features, the app lets pro golf fans gain access to a real time leaderboard of players on the PGA Tour, including profiles, videos and of course scorecards. Fans can see the shot trails for players, along with live stats and play by play for each person on the tour.

If you want to actually attend a PGA Tour event, the app now offers locations and tee times for players on the tour. There's also live video and audio for every event, along with course details, including live stats for each hole.

There's a full schedule of events, video highlights, and the app's live tile can be customized to follow new information and scoring on any players on the Tour. All in all, this sounds like a pretty worthy upgrade and a must if you follow any aspect of pro golf

You can download the new version of the PGA Tour app right now from the Windows Phone Store. Are you a big golf fan and if so do you like the new version of the PGA Tour app?

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Reader comments

PGA Tour redesign is cleaner, faster, and better


Seems like a nice addition of features! Do a lot of people use this app? I happen to like it.

This is a significant update to this app. I have been waiting on this update for a long time. 
The new layout looks great and has way more information than the previous app.
I like how Web.com, and the Champians Tour gets full parity in the app now, instead of just launching a link in IE like the previous app. Notifications and lock screen support is also great.

Didn't even know they had an app for us... I've been using their website which is pretty good for mobile. Will check out the app too now.

Looks like a great update.  Now all we need are the Golfchannel.com apps as well as some sort of video swing analysis app!  I love WP but miss the golf apps that iOS had.