Phones 4u in UK offers Lumia 635 for 50 percent off with 4G SIM only plan

lumia 635

The UK retailer Phones 4u has announced that not only does it have the Lumia 635 in stock today online and in its retail stores, but that it is selling the Windows Phone 8.1 device for 50 percent off its normal price if the buyer gets a 4G SIM only plan.

Normally, the price of the Lumia 635 would be £129.95 SIM free, or £119.95 (plus £10 TopUp) on a Pay as You Go plan. However, if a customer gets a 4G SIM plan, the cost of the Lumia 635 off-contract goes down to just £64.98. Phones 4u also offers the Lumia 635 under 24 month contracts for a number of UK wireless carriers.

How do you feel about this latest deal for the smartphone via Phones 4u?

Source: Phones4U


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Phones 4u in UK offers Lumia 635 for 50 percent off with 4G SIM only plan


Wait, how does that work? I get 512 MB is bad for those who want a few games, but what does it have to do with data speeds?

No matter how fast my data speeds are, if I try and run Facebook Messenger, while Skype is open in background and then download a song on Deezer - my phone chokes. The "resuming" screen makes your phone appear slower even when you do tasks from the cloud using 4G. 4G is only good enough if your phone is powered by a processor that can keep the phone sane. My Lumia 630 chokes and pukes every time.

So you have explained a very niche example. Many people are not going to download a song, run Skype, and do facebook all on a small screen at that point get a PC. You remind me of a friend who is playing a game, streaming music vids, downloading a movie, then complaining the PC is crap because the connection is tasked.

Also why would you run Skype on a phone with no front camera other than cheaper rates

Skype isn't only for video calling. You can do things like group voice calls, IMs. Doing multiple things at the same time is what smartphones are for. Otherwise, one would just buy a phone.

This device is a complete joke!!!
Anyone wondering why WP is loosing market share big time?Well, look no further than this pathetic offering from Nokia. Shame on Nokia!

Buy the full price SIM free, and get a much cheaper Giffgaff goodybag, 12.50 for unlimited data.