Phones4u marketing the HTC Radar Windows Phone for just £79.95

Phones4u Radar Deal

Phones4u has been spotted advertising an enticing offer currently ongoing at one of its stores. The HTC Radar has had a further £20 taken off to drop it down from £99 (online store price) to just £79.95 for upgraders. It's great value for a sturdy Windows Phone that will be upgraded to Windows Phone 7.8 when the update is made available.

Released back in 2011 with the HTC TITAN, the Radar sports a 3.8" display, 1GHz chip, 8GB storage, 5MP shooter (with FFC), and a 1520mAh battery.

The HTC Radar (both silver and white) is currently priced at £99 on the Phones4u website, so be sure to check with your local store should you wish to make a purchase, just in case the same deal is offered in your location.

Thanks, Richard, for sending in the photo!


Reader comments

Phones4u marketing the HTC Radar Windows Phone for just £79.95


I bough it on Sunday via the website for 99£ plus 10£ Orange Top up, and its gonna get delivered today!;) My Mozart is at the end of its life(battery last half day) I though its a great price while I Wait for my new WP8 device!

Not really news. Its been this price for ages. Its only applicable to pay as you go upgrades which require an active major network payg sim that's been in use for 6 months or longer. Its still £99.99 for everybody else.

This is the good thing about Phones4u and Catphonewarehouse here in the UK, that you can be on any network and 90% of the time these retailers will give you an unlocked phone. As they just take a phone off of one pile and a SIM off of another. Its so easy to switch networks too as all networks offer almost all phones.

You guys in the states are so restricted by networks its unbelievable.

By the way, I bought my mum a Radar a couple of weeks ago from Phones4u, to take back to Spain (as its unlocked) and its a great little phone, like a smaller version of my Titan, and doesn't seem any slower in use despite the slower processer.