Photosynth for Windows Phone hits version 1.0. Official release imminent?


If there's one technology Windows Phone users have been yearning for it's Photosynth. The photo-stitching software creates "synths" or 3D images from your camera phone, giving an immersive photo that's hosted on the web. It then allows the viewer to pan around the image, zoom in and out and various other options.

What makes Photosynth (www.photosynth.net) frustrating for Windows Phone though is not only does the service have an iOS app, the company who makes it is owned by none other than Microsoft.

The Windows Phone version was noted to be a "top priority" for the team and we saw some real evidence of it existing back in February but not much since then.

Photosynth test computer

Now, eagle-eyed reader Scott has found not only some test images but a Microsoft Twitter account that does nothing but post Photosynths. (We're not going public with the Twitter handle because we like to track these things and not scare them off) What's more, when one looks at the JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) data for the image we can see "__version_synther": "Windows Phone 1.0.0" listed, strongly indicated that the Windows Phone app is in final testing.

In fact the image above is an actual photo of a Microsoft employee's test computer which lists the steps in required for testing Photosynth. If you look closely, you can also see "(Windows Phone Only)" an "AugmentedReality" listed which is tantalizing to think about.  (And if anything, that's just kind of interesting to see how this stuff is done).

Photosynth JSON

Should we expect a full-on Photosynth app for Windows Phone soon? We think so and it'd make sense that the app is due hopefully in the next few weeks as it coincides with Microsoft's big "official app" push which seems to be going on.

Fingers crossed people, fingers crossed. A big thanks to Scott for all of his detective work on this story!



Reader comments

Photosynth for Windows Phone hits version 1.0. Official release imminent?


Take your time and prepare a good app, so we can be proud of it... Look at Linkedin app I want to show it to everyone... Then look at the Skype app... I just want to hide it, it's a shame! Create something high quality and great... We want high quality apps not just more apps.

What?? An app?? And I was under impression that windows phone & photosynth both are Microsoft products. Why photosyth cant be baked right into camera app. Now WP7 becoming an app centric phone with having its own apps not their integration or should I call an iPhone with 4 buttons.

well all i can say that it's too late and too little... i understand it really takes a lots of efforts to develop an app itself and getting this baked into OS (camera App) would be even like bringing a camel under mountain.. :) but it's an idea of improving user experience & service... imagine a little translucent button in camera app which launches Photosynth.. what it means is.. Photosynth is accessible via the 3 second camera activation while the phone is locked.. well just an idea.. idea is where everything starts..IMO.. 

Microsoft cant get their own services out on their own platform, no surprise 3rd party devs have to be pushed by Nokia. Disgraceful.

Sad to say gonna retire my Htc arrive. Getting HTC evo 4g lte.. The camera was so bad on my arrive I gave up. I'll be back when sprint gets the wp8..

Unless a dev can make a third party camera app that can improve slightly my camera. Video on HTC arrive drops framerate like crazy at night....

Its awesome to see the app coming. Would love to see this built into the camera app itself. Come on Microsoft and Nokia. Lets take Photosyth and Creative Studio and bake them right into the OS.