PhotoWiz transitions to Windows Phone 7

The popular photography app, PhotoWiz, is making the transition to Windows Phone 7. The application is a quick reference guide for photography providing information on exposure, shutter speeds, depth of field calculations, as well as tips and tricks to improve your photography.  We liked the Windows Mobile version and based on the demo, the Windows Phone 7 version looks just as good.


Reader comments

PhotoWiz transitions to Windows Phone 7


I never have.. and never will
get why anybody would like the look
of this interface

there is nothing... NOT
about showing par
of wo

annoys the crap outa me
for all those who like it..
good luck to you

I never have, and never will get why people don't share the same opinion I do!!!!!! OMG, shuttup arleady about the UI. GO back to your endless grids of stupid icons.

Hehehehe I guess Anonymouse needs the entire work in his screen so he understands what it says. Anonymouse, you need to do a little of research so that you can understand the advantages of this UI. It may not make sense to apple fanboys since they only know and like what were told to know and like. I for one, love the posibilities for developers to be able to present content on live tiles right in the fron screen. You will get, Integrated Facebook, myspace and live, without having to install an app for it.

Hey Anonymouse, did you witte your message from your iphone? looks like Sh#^t