Pinpointer launches on Windows 8 to help you find the perfect Twitter client

Twitter Pinpointer

We recently touched on a new app heading to the Windows Store - Pinpointer. The app, developed by Liquid Daffodil, enables consumers to filter through the array of Twitter clients available on both Windows and Windows Phone. Pinpointer is now available for Windows, while the Windows Phone version will be released soon.

Consumers are asked 24 questions, which will filter results in real time. There's also a feature grid that will display all Twitter apps at a glance, with features of each listing available for viewing. This process saves hours of searching through both stores to find apps that look worthy of further investigation.

Should you notice anything incorrect with the content provided, we recommend you get in touch with the developer (support@liquiddaffodil.com) to update data or respond to questions. Windows Phone owners: keep an eye out in the next few weeks.


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Pinpointer launches on Windows 8 to help you find the perfect Twitter client


Exactly my first thought.  But the bigger question is, is finding a twitter client challenging? Is there a segment of smart phone users faced with this question? I am still waiting for the app that can look at other apps on my phone and tell me which ones is likely to break other apps on my phone.  Had I known about Amazing Weather HD ahead of time, I would have never paid for that pig of an app.

I have 6-7 twitter clients but I'd like an app to tell me 1 interesting thing about twitter. I've had a twitter account for 7-8 years, made perhaps 6 tweets, and use it maybe 1-2 times per year. I just don't find anything interesting there. I'm not interested in celebrities, I have news feeds for news & tech, facebook for friends, what is there on twitter?

I'm dying laughing over here.  Same with me, almost. I've done a few more tweets than that. But overall, I think twitter is worthless in that unless you have a business or profession that depends on eyeballs, Twitter is a pretty worthless and useless utility. Ever see those contests that require you to tweet or expect a tweet if you won? I pass those like Doug Williams in Superbowl XXII.  lol.

You guys should talk about spotlite for windows 8 it's a full featured Spotify client. But the UX could be better

If someone else makes another app for choosing between Twitter apps, we'll need an app to help decide between which app to help to decide which Twitter app to use.

So according to this, there is no app available that does what I want it to .

Guess I'll stick to Tweetium and just wait for the Windows Phone release of it as well.

I've no idea how it works but making a survey app, the results of which could point you away to the competition, seems ludicrous and slightly suspect. If it had been developed by an independent, not one whose interests obviously lie in their own twitter app, Gleek, it would have some credence.

I have nothing but respect for this developer, but all I have to say is this absolutely stupid. Want to know how I find the perfect twitter app? Try them. Just because something tells me something is for me doesn't mean it's accurate. Secondly there aren't that many twitter apps on the store to try or decide from.

Answering some of these questions provides false results. For example, MeTweets has a method of keeping track of where you are in your timeline, but it does NOT have TweetMarker support. Mehdoh DOES have various options for theming. I like the idea of the app, and even though some people here disagree I think it's very useful. I (as well as many others) have very specific requirements for my twitter experience, and this really does save time compared to downloading them all and experimenting. In addition, some of the apps do not offer a free trial, which is obviously an important factor when experimenting with different clients. Personally, I would prefer to see a chart like this: http://liquiddaffodil.com/liquiddaffodil/clientbreakdown.htm I find that to be a bit easier. They certainly have that list for all these apps....

None of the apps I have tried except the official one have all your notifications in one place which is something I find useful. The Mehdoh dev told me it was something to do with a particular API which twitter had marked as private and couldn't be used by a 3rd party.

Didn't I read that Mehdoh is being delisted because the developer was abandoning WP? I have used it since the day it was released and was a paid app but once the developer announced he was abandoning WP I have been searching for a replacement. Hopefully this will help find it.

That was a false reporting according to www.twitter.com/mehdoh

He also says that a WP8.1 version is in the works and it most likely will remove soundcloud functionality. That would allow him to use Silverlight 8.1, and it makes the app smaller and faster :D Besides, he already has a dedicated soundcloud app.

Correct on all counts :) (im the dev of Mehdoh). Have made great progress this weekend on the WP8.1 version too. No idea of time scales yet though.

I gave Gleek a 1 star review, which I will amend if the developer provides proper disclosure about his/her lack of bias with Pinpoint, or better yet flushes this turd down the drain.

Edit to add: I am also very disappointed that the review here doesn't say anything about the lack of bias.