Flickr app Pixl for Windows Phone gains 8 filters

Pixl Update

Under a month ago we told you guys about Pixl, a beautiful Flickr app for Windows Phone. We praised the good design of the application and it’s easily one of the better ways to interact with Flickr on Windows Phone. They added an update yesterday that adds some fun filters to the images you upload. Check it out.

Updating or download version of Pixl gives you 8 unique filters. The filters each have a name representing a district in the city of San Francisco – where Pixl is from. Original, Haight-Ashbury, Tenderloin, Castro, Hayes Valley, Sunnyside, Nob Hill, Twin Peaks, and Design District are the neighborhoods you can look forward to using. You can upload images you take on your Lumia 920 or 8X to your Flickr account. And if you wanted to stylize the image like in Instagram or Photoplay you can.

Speaking of uploads, there is also an ‘optimized for upload’ feature that will reduce image size to 1024 pixels for faster uploads. It’s an on/off option under the settings page.

If you want to check out Pixl you can download it for both Windows Phone 7.x and 8 right here in the Store, use the QR below, or swipe to the right in our app.

QR: Pixl for Flickr


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Flickr app Pixl for Windows Phone gains 8 filters


I have to admit though that lately I've been feeling as though I've been using a Android device.. WP8 is certainly not as polished, bug free, and well thought out as WP7xx. And, with this past update my 920 is almost useless at times, which is really bad because I depend on my phone to get me through the day.. Where I would have given WP7 a 10 out of 10 I would have to rate WP8 a 7.5 because I've just seen to many issues that I never came across with WP7.5.. This was hard to say but its the truth, and these issues need to get resolved quickly. My main complaints are XBM, and a few bugs that have been a small but apparent nuisance.. I hope future updates make WP8 as perfect as WP7 was.

I agree 100%, my wife and I both got 920s but I returned mine and went back to my 7.8 Samsung Focus. It has been the most perfect phone I have ever owned. Zune is much better than Xbox music and everything else works flawlessly. A few recent apps haven't come out on WP7 but that's only because devs feel pushed to go with WP8 over making it work on both.

Well data issues are limited to just 920's, but otherwise yeah. WP8 is a complete rewrite and another team has taken over.

I'm using an Ativ S and have had no issues at all. I had an Omnia 7 for nearly 2 years with no issues.

My partner has the Lumia 800 had replaced it twice due to faults now she has a Lumia 920 and had replaced it once due to faults, she is considering sending it back again due to faults.

People slate Samsung for not backing the WP system and its true, but from my perspective and experience, at least the phones works

This is not an attack on Nokia, I actually like their devices and they are amazing, just saying my experience of them vs the Samsung has been interesting viewing.

Not gonna lie...

I seriously think this is one legit app....I know the developer comes to WPC every once in awhile. 

Just wanted to say ... cheers to you man for developing this app!

a boring week app. Now the hardware stuff is more appealing, awaiting Lumia 928, eos and windows Blue.
off topic- i think Windows Blue RT should fit into only Surface  7-8 inch where it doesnt make sense to use desktop softwares (photoshop, visual studio...) in such small screens.
Surface pro 10-11 inch:  AMD Tamash + 10 hour++ battery life -> Ipad killer
Surface Pro 13-14 inch:  Haswell I5/i7: make new trend for laptop/hybrid, boosting pc sales. It should be also 10++ hour battery life.
Moreover, all Surface devices must have 2 USB 3.0 port.
Can't wait to see Nokia lumia with Graphene material + radio wave to charge battery/solar power charging  + 41mp pureview
just 2 cents :D

I am wondering what account can be used to login into Flickr. Since Flickr is owned by Yahoo! AND Nokia mail is powered by Yahoo!, does it means that one with Nokia account can log into Flickr without having the need to create a separate Yahoo! account?