Play with the friendly monsters in MonsterUp Colors, now available for Windows Phone

MonsterUp Colors

The developer of popular jumping game for Windows Phone, MonsterUp has released another title. MonsterUp Colors is a colour-matching puzzle game with the same theme as MonsterUp (hence the brand use). Featuring local multiplayer support, online scoreboards and more, MonsterUp Colors is a title worth checking out.

So what's the objective of the game? The player is tasked with matching coloured cubes as quickly as humanly possible to win points. It's a familiar concept, one which we've seen on the platform before. The graphics are also in the same style as other MonsterUp games, which will have players feeling right at home.

As noted above, a local WiFi multiplayer mode is available, as well as three tile sets and both marathon and time trial game types. The online scoreboard helps keep players on top of progress and how their scores rank against others. Should you be an avid for of the original title, you'll be sure to check out MonsterUp Colors.

You can download MonsterUp Colors from the Windows Phone Store for $0.99.

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Reader comments

Play with the friendly monsters in MonsterUp Colors, now available for Windows Phone


I totally agree. One of the most annoying things with many apps is the garbage design of the app icons. It's like when they're not constrained to a traditional icon nobody knows what to do.
The game itself isn't much to look.

Can you be a little more specific? I am always open to constructive criticism, but you are not helping much.

WPC doesn't "push" games, they make a fantastic job of keeping us updated even during weekends, regardless if the software is good or bad.

MonsterUp is a great game. Downloading this one right now because I liked the MonsterUp game so much, hope it lives up to the other titles they've made.

If the trial is anything to go by, avoid. I like the MonsterUp games because they take something that's been established but adds these fun and unique characters that each have different powers. I don't get that same feeling here. It just seems very bland and boring with ugly 3D graphics and effects.

I don't get all the negativity. It's a very simple color matching game, and I tried to make it as smooth and enjoyable to play as I could. I also released on Windows Phone first, as always, and overall I think it's a fair offering of a game, does exactly what it says it does. The trial is supposed to give you the overall feeling of the game with the practice mode.
Like it - buy it! Don't like it - at least please don't be mean and explain exactly what you think is wrong. If I agree, I will fix it, I am known to do that. MonsterUp received over 25 updates in its lifetime.

I enjoy the MonsterUp games very much but I don't see why this is tied to that franchise, at least not from the trial. Those games just have a lot of charm and character to them whereas this simply doesn't. It feels bland, even sterile despite the colour and the practice mode gives you very little sense of what the full game is. If I'm simply just pressing these colours to gain a score with no pressure on me, then it's just very dull.

Loved it, bought it! Sometimes I just want a quick relaxing game without a lot of preamble or time pressure, this game does it for me.

Actually the Time Trial mode is exactly 60 seconds long, so it's kind of pressuring you to get a high score:) The Marathon mode may be more for you:) Thanx for your support!