Plex updated for Windows Phone with camera upload and more!

Plex for Windows Phone

Popular media sharing app Plex has added camera uploading for its Android and Windows Phone apps, as well as sync for Windows 8. This means pictures you shoot on your phone will be automatically uploaded to your Plex library. The Windows desktop app now lets you keep media access identical with other devices.

These features had previously been reserved for those that are dishing out for a Plex Pass subscription ($3.99 / monthly, $29.99 / annually). Though it's classy to eventually bring these features out for everybody, it disincentivizes folks from paying for a subscription, doesn't it? In any case, I use Plex regularly and it's an outstanding service. If you've been looking for a way to keep your media library organized across devices, be sure to check out Plex.

Download Plex from the Windows Phone Store

Download Plex from the Windows Store

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Plex updated for Windows Phone with camera upload and more!


Use plex exclusively for my HTPC backend, but I use XBMC with PleXMBC for the front end. Been wondering if the Plex Pass would be worth getting.

I have been using Plex for about 3 years now, I have also built 3 Plex Media Servers for some friends. You will not be dissappointed with spending the money. 

Ok I am opposite I have been using playon for the past 3-4 years.  Is there any advantage to using plex?  I am thinking about building a linux Plex box if it works as good as PlayON.  I chose PlayOn because I have 5 xbox consoles in my house.  I have 2 extra servers I have been toying with but just wandering about Plex thanks sorry if this is too much guys. 

No, Plex is primarily a media server software, it has a front end client software as well but most people use it for the media server...which is top notch

Last questions, does my laptop have to be signed in, in order for Plex to work? Or just on? Does it work through same work or over the Internet too? Thanks in advance.

I think it depends on how you have it run. If you use the autostart option I think it you need to be logged in, if you have it run as a service then you don't..not sure though. I have it run on my HTPC which is on almost all the time and has no users set up. 

And it works over the same network but with port forwarding can be made to be used outside of the network too. It has what is called MyPlex account, which you tie your server too. This way you can load up any plex app somewhere else, log into your MyPlex account and access your server (providing it is on, and port forwarded)

Thank you for your time, good sir. I will purchase the app now. It's coming on Xbox One too so it really must be good. Greetings!

I run it as a service on my server. It also has local web page you can access from your client to adjust any settings, so you don't even need to login to your server to make changes. It's so great, I got the plex pass just to support the developers.

Great app and very easy to set up so that you can listen to songs stored on your computer anywhere that you have a cell phone signal. I wish they would allow for a play queue in the app. Other than that, it is great!

PLEX is awesome! And it just keeps getting better and better with each update. I've been using it for about a year now and it has quickly become the number one used app on my Surface 2 (RT). There's nothing better than being able to access your entire movie collection wherever you go...
Oh, and another cool thing about your "My PLEX account", is that you can share it! Just need an email address, and you can invite a friend to enjoy your collection.
Super simple to setup, just install the free PLEX media server application on your PC, create an account and tell it which folders contain your movies etc., then download the client app(s) @$4.99 each (I bought it for both my Surface 2, and my Nokia 1020) The first time you start the app, you'll sign in to your PLEX acct and you'll be good to go!
Everything just works right out of the box with the default settings...

On the go?  Seriously? That's info I didn't know about Plex. I might have to dig in a little deeper.

My stuff is on a nas device probably Linux, can I use plex on my surface 2 to access this content without a pc? Is there a benefit to using plex in this scenario?

How does Plex work with cable TV (Comcast, ...)? Windows Media Center with a Ceton card replaces all the cable TV boxes. What added advantages does Plex have that Windows Media Center doesn't do? Does Plex work with Windows Media Center? I've always wondered about Plex but haven't checked into it yet. Thank you, in advance, for any responses.