Plex for Windows Phone 8 updated, adds Plex Sync to the mix


Plex is a popular Windows Phone 8 app that enables you to connect to the Plex Media Server where you can manage and stream movies, music and photos to your Windows Phone.

The app was recently updated to version that adds Plex Sync to the mix, which allows Plex Pass subscribers to synchronize videos, music and photos to their Windows Phone 8 device for offline playback. Plex Sync does require PMS or later.

Plex Sync

Additional features with the version update for Plex include:

  • Improved performance and stability of HLS playback
  • Add media played to Music+Videos Hub history
  • User-accessible application logging
  • Now Playing button appears on more pages

It should be noted that to enjoy Plex from your Windows Phone you must have a Plex Media Server installed and running to stream local media (version or higher required).

Plex is currently running $4.99 (no trial) and is available for Windows Phone 8 that you can pick up here in the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks, rdwcom, for the tip!

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Reader comments

Plex for Windows Phone 8 updated, adds Plex Sync to the mix


I presume that the synced files would be stored in the app cache only and wont be accessible to the wp hubs ? (talking about photos) or would it sync to the libraries ? If that's the case, then it should be useful. Anyone has any idea about it ?
Another thing, does it use the internet or local lan ?

They said it has some hub support. Also the app can detect the Plex server both over local lan and the internet. If it's connected via WiFi it can be set do display videos in higher quality than via 3G/4G.

Sounds good for me, thanks ! :)
But they mentioned music hub, and that too only for played history, which would be just links to the app like mixradio creates. And the camera roll sync is a premium featur, and the subscriptioncost is too much by indian rupee conversion rate. Anyone knows any app which can do camera roll sync over local lan ? Bittorrent does it over internet.

I know a little bit about NAS system but what is really the best advantage of using NAS over typical cloud storage? I mean, I am sure that you get much more storage over what Microsoft, Google and drop box is offering in the long term, but what about persformance, reliability, and more importantly privacy? Is anyone currently using them. Share your thoughts!!!


I think the big draw for a NAS is that cloud storage limits what copyrighted content you can store on it, plus you obviously get more storage like you previously stated. I've been using Plex for about a year now and its been a fairly reliable system, and I personally enjoy how Plex handles various media.

Every time I see a post about Plex I'm intrigued. Now I think I want to invest some effort into Plex. Is the setup fairly painless?  The screens on the Plex site look great.

It's pretty straight forward and painless yes, the default settings worked "right out of the box" on all my devices. There is more advanced settings in both the server side application, and the client apps. I bought the WP8 version for my 1020, and the Win 8.1 version (which is my favorite and most used app) for my Surface 2. I have the server set up on my desktop sharing several hundred GB of movies and music and it always works flawlessly. And any time you add something to one of the shared folders, everything updates to reflect.
My favorite thing that PLEX does is the way it finds cover art for movies that have even the most vague file names. Every once in a while, it misses and gets the cover wrong, but most (like 98%) are right on the mark...

I agree that Plex is awesome. I have paid for it on several devices. One fail though Plex HD does not have mouse support??? Probably the only PC application in the last 20 years without this feature. 

Good insight, thanks a lot. I think that I now may look into getting one of them. I have a lot of movies and the storage limit on Onedrive would not allow me to even store half the movies that I need to store.

I got plex on Red Stripe Deal for 0.99€. Best deal ever. Amazing service. I ended up buying the W8 app too and replaced PS3 Media Server with it too. It's so far the best solution to me.

Why is it asking me to buy the app when I have already bought it and it is already installed in my phone? All wanted to do is update it. Am I the only one having this problem?

I'm having the same problem.  The app icon is even different, as if of course the version number.  If you select "View more from Plex" it appears that this app (the updated one) is the only one available.

Yes, I said in my comment that I have the old version installed and want to update to this new version. But it asks me to pay for the app again despite already buying it. Its not a cheap app either.

Same here..I have the previous app and it seem I can't update for free!?!?...I'm going to contact customer support... :P

That is because the app is a newer one just for W8. When it was released it was free for a while to allow updating to the new app without having to pay. Guess you missed that.