Poll – Did you pre-order a Surface RT or are you waiting?

With the day winding down, impulse buys having already taken place and even Microsoft stock even getting low (more on that in a bit), we want to know…did you pre-order the Surface RT?

(Personally speaking, I’m waiting to buy on in a Microsoft Store because of my lucky geographical location. But if there weren’t one near me, I certainly would have pre-ordered. One caveat though: I’m not too thrilled with the “just black” option for the 64GB, something for which I hope to avoid in-store. You?)


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Poll – Did you pre-order a Surface RT or are you waiting?


I think this is where I am. Although, once I can get my hands on them and get a better feel for the limitations of the RT version, I might decide the RT version is good enough considering price.

I've got three things holding me back.
I'd like to at least use one a bit in a store (Toronto store opens in a few weeks), waiting to see what the Pro offers in terms of being a tablet sized laptop replacement (and it's cost)...and just having the money...everything is going into either a mechanic or vets pocketbooks in the immediate future :(

I was planning on getting a 64 GB Surface and putting in a 64 GB microSD card for 128 GB total. I am disappointed you cannot buy the 64 GB Surface without a cover.

Understood :)  Yes, it is unfortunate that there is no option to choose; it seems more ideal to offer 32GB and 64GB w/o Covers, and then give the option to purchase whichever Cover (Touch or Type) to accompany your Surface of choice. 
Looks like Microsoft won't get a sale from you, for now; but hopefully, the options will change for you at a later date.

You could feel flush and just buy the cover seporate though this makes it really expensive esp for rt but hay if money is no concern it is an option lol. The other thing to  note is there is a full sized usb port that will accept flash drives so you could go 32gb then 32gb sd card then 64gb pen for them files what you just need once in a while. Not sure about USA prices but my 64gb usb pen cost just £20.

I'd like to see the spread between those getting a tablet and not getting one. You don't have to be a complete a-hole about it.

I agree. There should be a "No, don't plan to buy one" option. This poll is assuming that everyone will eventually buy one. 

Seems like a reasonable request.

As for the totally uncalled for responses to your post, wow. Just wow.

This. You guys need to chill, this is a legitimate option on other sites. Most have the option "Not getting this tablet" or "I have a tablet already" or something along those lines. Doesn't necessarily have to do with preference.

Thank you! I'm considering a new Windows 8 laptop and would rather have that than a tablet. So I thought it would be interesting to see how many on this site are and aren't getting a tablet. Sure, I'd love to have both, but I can't spend that kind of money.

Any of the RT tablets have USB 3.0 or a resolution higher than 1366 X 768? Right now it honestly looks like an outsider like Toshiba or Sony can totally dominate this if they come out with an RT tablet with full HD 10.1 display, USB 3.0, Qualcomm S4 processor, and a $399.99 price point.
They would just win.
But it seems like my last hope is a $399.99 or lower Ativ Tab 10.1. With that price point and most likely better battery life with the Qualcomm S4 instead of the Tegra 3 in the surface RT, that would be a win.
If the Ativ tab 10.1 ends up being $499.99 or $599.99 like the Asus Vivo tab, then I will have to bite the bullet and overpay for a Surface RT and settle for a shorter battery life.

At least one site was reporting that the Lenovo ideapad yoga 11 has a USB 2.0 and 3.0 port. But they were probably confusing it with the yoga 13, but it's $799 and it's the yoga, so...
I'm also hoping the ATIV Tab cones in under $499...

And this is why as a whole, I believe W8 will be a success. Choice.

As great as the Surface is, people might be looking for something specific and can always go with whichever OEM is fitting their W8 needs.

Getting one would be just greed. Bought a Dell XPS earlier this year that will serve my Windows 8 needs for a couple of years.

I will be waiting. Like next year waiting. WIth MS possibly making 5 million of these things Im sure they will sitting next to the Zune mp3 player on shelves. Thats when I will get one and will be alot cheaper than $499.

Will be picking it up at the local MS store here in PHX. But it's on my must have list if it works as good as I think it does.

it said shipping starts Oct26 and probably arrive on Oct30, so I decided to wait it out and goto the popup store
Canada has it worse when it comes to colors, but no surprises there, one thing that kind of annoyed me is the fact that to get video output for the RT version os Surface you have to buy a propietary cable... why not just use mini-hdmi... this will add another 50 bucks to me >:(
seriously considering on taking a walk in bestbuy before i run to the popup store...

Waiting for the Surface 2 so I can pick up the initial at a discounted/discontinued price. I have absolutely no use for a tablet when I already have my Lumia 900, Vaio laptop and 2 custom built pcs so I'll buy one but won't pay MSRP or retail price for one. I also just got a Kindle Fire to use as an ereader last week. My brother is getting the pro so I'll just play around with it.

Surface Pro > your laptop, and kindle fire is a quasi tablet, which the surface also can fully replace with K4PC (Kindle app) aka Kindle for PC.

I have waited for so long.. All my computer needs are done by my lumia... But I will try this when it lands on the store... Not having car right now is saving me a lot of money... Perfect perfect o wish the bus here in SoCal offers free WiFi.
men my co workers will drool when they see my surface!!!

Yes I bout 64g with an extra red cover. I know I don't need two covers but my company laptop program worked just fine today.. They pay half so why not and yes im a fly guy and I needed a red cover to try and match my lumia 920.. Yep! Delivered by Oct 26th.

Yup I was an impulse buyer. Slight regret only because I know ill be getting halo 4 and a Nokia lumia 920 as an early upgrade so im expecting to pay over $300 there. But I know once that surface strives next Friday ill be ecstatic.. My laptop just broke a month ago and I was using it just for consumption anyway so I know the surface is right for me.

I ordered mine without a cover. I'll get the cover for Xmas. Can't blow my load just yet...
White cover to match my white lumia 920

Heard from reliable sources that Surface won't be available locally. But wp8 phones will be in stores by November. :D

I did preorder one, but It's an early Christmas present for my wife. I'm getting the PRO!!!

Really want one but need to have an extra £400 to spend on something that I don't really need, just really want.

I'm a little disappointed you can't pick any colour touch cover as standard and why don't we get the Red and Pink options in the UK ?

I want to get my hands on it first and also give them a chance to respond to price concerns. Will there be a launch promotional bundle? Plus, given the price point, I want to get my hands on it and see if it's as good as it seems. Not to mention, the Lumia 920 is my higher priority right now.

I wanted a blue type cover with a 64GB for a reasonable price. I'll have till they are in store. Plus then I get to try before I buy.

I'm pretty sure the type-cover only comes in black.  I've never seen it pictured in any other color?  Can anyone confirm?

Despite the fact that we have a Microsoft store here in Atlanta and even though I'm going to be in Seattle the following Friday (November 2nd) I went ahead and pre-ordered one today. I did not like that you could only get a black keyboard so I got the base model and added a blue Touch and the black Type keyboard as well. Can't wait to get my hands on it!! :-)

I ordered 32gb with red cover first time I have ever ordered a product I've not physically played with. Hope in not disappointed, delivery in Australia slated for Nov 6

Going to pick one up in store, I hope there's a midnight release in the Los Angeles store since I work close by that Thursday night

I had mentally prepared myself so much that I didn't even think twice. My bank account is not too happy about my decision though.

I voted to wait a bit longer. I'm definitely getting one but I'm already committed to upgrading both my wifes and my own WP's to Lumia 920's at the beginning of November. So it's going to be late November for me.

I'm waiting to get one at the MS Store here in Phoenix, I want the 64gb model but I want a Cyan cover, and the 64gb model is supposed to be available by itself for $599, but they aren't letting you pre-order it like that.  Anyway, by going to the MS Store I also don't have to worry about shipping delays.

I have a similar plan, 64gb without the cover and get someone to buy me a white or cyan touch cover for Xmas.
Or save $100 and live with 32gb...decisions decisions!

I decided to get the 32gb without a cover and then added the Cyan keyboard. I figured with 64gb MicroSD I didn't think the extra 32gb was worth it.

I want on so bad but financially can't do it right now... Have a WP8 Phone to buy so can't afford both.. Have to choose one or the other..

Surface wp8 and halo4 are going to leave my extra goodies account pretty low through November but I guess that's what a fund for these things is for...right? :P

Since I have moved back to Long Island (Huntington Station to be exact) I plan to be at the Whittman Mall Microsoft Bright and early to pull the trigger on a 32 GB Surface RT. There should be a meet up for the WPcentral folks that are local (HINT DAN).

Hey Daniel, would you mind edititng the poll and adding a "I'm too broke at the moment to afford a pre-order" option?


I'll definitely be checking these out in stores. I'm not sure of the need to mention "MS Store" specifically in the poll, as these will be available at numerous retailers worldwide.

I pre-ordered 32gb w/o cover. Cancelled just now cuz I wanted the one w/a cover. Well then my CC bank blocked the 2nd order for possible account misuse. Well, Then now I think I'll play the wait game..just wait till black Friday to see what's out there.
Funny part is I actually sold few stocks to buy this thing. Now, I've to hold onto that cash for sometime. If the price drops around black Friday, for sure it won't be much .perhaps around $50 but even with that it will be probably for few hours for a firesale.

After reading the comments I feel like a bastard for buying this, an X1 Carbon, a 920 in a few weeks, and a Surface Pro when it comes out. I'm also upgrading all the HDD's in my WHS 2011 before Christmas. I'm thinking about 12 TB in a RAID5. Don't worry, my work pays for everything but the two Surfaces, and I'm working on that.

Ordered a 32GB naked and added a cyan touch plus type cover. Also threw in an extra charger. Figured I might as well get it over with. Waited 30 years to buy a Microsoft computer.

Just preordered 2, hopefully reimbursable by work or I will soon be missing a "surface" over my head!

Preordered 64gb, happy with black cover. I live in Los Angeles, so there is a MS store near me, but I wanted to guarantee that I get one.

I'm waiting but would really like to see if they open the surface to the Japanese market... If not then I'll have to import one over from the US. Either way I want one, I just can't buy right now.

I ordered one. I was gonna wait for the pro, but seriously. I won't aver need to run desktop apps. I have a windows 8 laptop for that.

I ordered the 64GB version as soon as it became available. I was going to drive to Orlando, but the slight possiblity of getting it before the 26th won me over. Also I am not sure I could keep my hands off it until I got back to Tampa! The thing that gets me is the proprietary video adaptor cables. I wish they had a standard displayport or a HDMI varient. I ordered that cable as well, one never knows when it will come in handy. 

I'm glad somebody finally pointed this out! My biggest complaint is that buying a 64GB model automatically includes a black Touch Cover. I have no problem spending $20 more for a color, but at least give me the option so I don't have to buy two Touch Covers just to get a 64 GB model and the color I want.

Gonna wait it out. I'm pretty sure the first batch will have hardware problems like every other electronic.

Waiting. Need to see both keyboards to decide. Besides what else do I have to do at midnight the 25th?

Waiting on a pro, want to see if its capable of decent photoshop performance (doubt it) then will decide.

Denmark here aswell... just mailed MS Store Denmark (they are apparently run by some local dealer) and im waiting to see what they say... I could immagine we have to wait 6 months and the only localization change is the default langueage setting anyways. Might have to team up with some of my british mates to get one of these... UK store seems to have a rather limited color selection though.

If you read this, please also reply what they replied. I have mailed MS Finland asking the same. I would manage with a german device/keyboard but only if the language could be changed.. I asked the US customer support and they said at least US version cant have its language changed.
I cant buy a device in english, cos then it lacks the important scandic keys.

I just got a reply from MS store Denmark, and they said they where sorry the device was unavailable for pre-order, but it would indeed be available to order on or slightly after the 26th of october. Langueage would be danish, but i immagine that could be changed. Didnt ask about keyboard layout, but for Denmark the most likely is the now standardized scandinavian version. Note that you could just change the keyboard input as you would on a computer, then the only annoyance would be the letter physically printed on the touchcover.So to recap: Surface in Denmark = Yes, Pre-order = No, Availability = 26th(-ish) October.

Waiting to get a pro with a cyan type cover (if we'll ever see that option). Not sure about size though, that'll depend on price.

Haven't preordered due to living in a non-important country (Switzerland) where this is not possible :-)  (But to be honest, I would have waited anyway - I like to touch and try out gadgets before spending money).  But the RT surface is high on my list.
I could also wait until a MS shop opens up near me, but until that happends, I guess Windows 9 or 10 will be out :-(

Bad poll options, doesnt take people into account who would've pre-ordered, but they werent in a country that allowed it, which is still majority of the world..

Just preordered 32gb from UK MSStore online. Little disappointed about the additional cost for the keyboard, so I bought without and suggested that to family as a Christmas gift idea :)

I preorder the 64 GB RT Surface. The RT version should suit my needs and I don't want a heavier Pro version. I was surprised that Microsoft doesn't allow a choice of color without buying an extra cover. Fortunately I had already decided I wanted black, since I have a black Nokia phone, black headphones, etc. Honestly I don't like buying things sight unseen but I am willing to take a chance given that I can return it.

I would buy the Pro now if it was available, but I cannot WAIT for this and I can't live knowing other people are having fun with their Surface tablets and I'm still waiting.  I know it's shallow, but it's too cool.
Does anyone think Microsoft will deliver these ahead of schedule?

RT x64 ordered... Will be for wife (but I will prob get the most use out of it), and then will pre-order Pro once that announcement comes, for myself!! We will both have upgraded our Windows Phones by then too!! Exciting time!! :)

Looked at getting one, decided to wait for Pro...then I looked again and started drooling...then I walked away from my computer. Four hours later I freaked out and rationalized that it was for my kids and I whipped out the CC and got the 64. I'm so weak..

I'm waiting for reviews and hands on testing first, but I'm aiming for the Pro as well. Having never played with a Windows 8 tablet, I'm not going to purchase something I've never had the opportunity to test out first.

Not happy on the price for UK, not alot of options for touch cover £99, HDMI cable £35. Its a joke, not happy. Misleading pre sales figure. Looks like I'll be getting IPAD 2, so disappointed.