Poll: Does the Lumia 900 exist? (And what about that Lumia 719?)


In thinking about Nokia's announcement yesterday for their CES event in January, we began looking for more any evidence of the "900"'s existence. There really hasn't been any solid info about the 900, just lots of un-sourced specs and rumors without any hard evidence. That's not to say it doesn't exist, but if you think back before the 800 and 710's release, we had plenty of leaked video footage, isolated pics and more. And that was from over in Europe. Now we are a few weeks from January 9th and outside some questionable renders, there's nothing really to hang our hats on.

Occasional Gamer

So when we looked at Occasional Gamer's "stats" page and we saw a single instance of the "Lumia 900", our interest piqued a bit. Then again, we're not ready to call this a confirmation as even that info, which is quite generic, could be faked. Likewise, there is a "NOKIA Lumia 719" and "800c" listed there as well--those however, seem more plausible if only because they're less interesting sounding. The "800c" is most likely a carrier-variant and the "719"--yeah, that's a bit odd.

Where does any of this leave us? Lots of speculation and little to go on, unfortunately. At this point, Nokia could really surprise us or just give us what we expect (a Lumia 800 on AT&T). But lets see what you folks think:



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Poll: Does the Lumia 900 exist? (And what about that Lumia 719?)


83 say yes?? really? damn I'm a Windows Phone fanboy but damn! lol I voted sort of simply because Nokia most definitely will release a high-end device, but just as Dan said in the article, there just simply isn't enough evidence to back a Lumia 900 yet.

I voted no, because fact being AT&T is known for going after the high-end model phones. And, we know that AT&T is getting a 800 model phone so being that... it may just be a upgraded 800 with a FFC and 16gb space. That's more believable than a 900 with no hard evidence and we know that tmobile is getting the 710 so there you go... 

I'm really contemplating moving to AT&T to get a top tier Nokia phone with a large screen.....T-Mo is getting the shaft.

"Nokia could really surprise us or just give us what we expect (a Lumia 800 on AT&T).".
Be careful with this statement, why not with ALL carriers? At&t is overwhelmed, I don't want to pay up the áss every month just to have a top end phone.

That would be great.  I truly believe Windows takes off and really becomes a factor with CDMA support.  I was truly disappointed to not have a Verizon option.  Whatever  happened to the LG Fantasy??

Months ago, Nokia said that Nokia USA was working on devices specifically for the US market. I would be surprised if there isn't something that blows the 800 out of the water.

Yes, it exists.  Doesn't mean it will come out at CES.  I am sure that the 700 & 800 series are just the beginning for Nokia. Will they wait until Apollo to release top flight devices? Maybe.  But we will see a 900 series. 

Didn't a Swiss carrier already out the 900 by putting it on is devices page then pulling it soon after?

Yea, if the 800 came out with it's 3.7" display forget it, I'll stick with my trophy BUT, if a 4.3" Super AMOLED displayed 900/Ace phone comes out for Verizon, I'll sign a 2 year tomorrow for it...

The 3.7" HTC Mozart is too small, the iPhone is really the smallest screen I'd have, and it's wider than the WP ratio.
Give me 4"+, 32GB+ and FFC!