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Poll: How many games did you get for your Xbox One?

It seemed like an eternity away at one point, but the Xbox One finally launched. This past Friday was a busy day for a lot of us. The Nokia Lumia 1520 and Lumia 2520 came out here in the United States. While the Xbox One came to 11 countries and moved over one million units to consumers in its first 24 hours.  How many games did you already get for it?

The launch lineup for the Xbox One was surprisingly strong. There isn’t a killer app for it yet (that’s going to be either Titanfall or Halo 5), but we’ve got a handful of games worth playing. Xbox One exclusive titles like Forza, Ryse, and Dead Rising 3 are a blast to play. While, multi-platform titles like Battlefield 4 and Assassin’s Creed 4 are also probably high on a few people’s lists.

We did an impromptu poll around the Windows Phone Central virtual watercooler and found a few of us with multiple titles already installed on our new Xbox Ones. So we’re curious, how many games did you buy over this first weekend of having an Xbox One?

Personally I picked up Forza, Ryse, Battlefield 4, and Killer Instinct. At some point I’ll get Assassin’s Creed 4. Xbox Fitness is also on my box and I guess technically counts as a game. Microsoft lists 20 games available for the Xbox One on their website, including Xbox Fitness. That makes 5 games I picked up for my Xbox One. How many did you get this weekend and which ones are enjoying the most? Take the poll below to share!

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Poll: How many games did you get for your Xbox One?


Go for battlefield 4 instead its more fun more freedom to blow shit up and fly jets,tanks,dirt bikes,atvs,jeeps ,ECT plus you can carry 2 rocket launchers at the same time and 2 primary weapons and 2explosives

I would like to disagree. To you it is more fun. both games are shooters...but to compare an arcade to a realistic version is dumb. Like comparing need for speed with GT or forza.

Both are fun if you like said styles but to one over the other??? Yeah sure!

I downloaded COD and now regret it, big ass maps for only 12 players 6 on 6, plus people camp a lot. BF4 is so much better and so much fun especially with 64 players.
FIFA 14, NBA 2K14 and COD for me

I'm sure you've read internet news everywhere regarding resolution. What do you guys honestly think? Are they just spreading fud to discredit the Xbone or are they legit?

Yeah. The resolution is true. 1080p. Also 60 fps on ps4. Not sire about the xbone. Both have great graphics and both do graphics differently. My experience with the ps4 is the graphics are amazing. I am.sure the same go for Xbox one. Both will do th job very well.

The numbers are not lies, but go to a store, look at demos and you judge for yourself how obvious it is...most of your typical, everyday viewers will have no clue as to which is 900p and which is 1080p.

Yeah if you are sitting around with the games paused and doing side by side stare and compare you might notice the difference. My main judge of it has been has their been any dips in frame rate while I am playing, cause that is the thing that would kill game play the most. I picked up NBA 2k madden dr3 bf4 and AC4 and haven't had any complaints with any of them frame rate wise.

Don't understand the hatred towards Campers. It's war FFS, you know, win at all costs, do what suits your style. If everyone ran at breakneck sprints everywhere the games would be as boring as hell. I find getting mown down by a camper frustrating but getting shot in the head by someone who thinks it's the 100m Olympic sprints is just as annoying, or worse still being constanly stabbed by that same olympic sprinter from 10 yards away.

It's war, win by fair means or foul, who cares. 

Five here... Well, four technically I guess as Forza 5 came free with the console... But other than that I picked up FIFA 14, NFS Rivals, Battlefield 4, and Dead Rising 3... Dread to think how much money EA made this last weekend!

Forza 5 is pretty epic game, awsome looking but, the only downfall is there is only 14 tracks, so after playing it for a while, you just notice the same tracks over and over (I've already put about 5 hours or so into it)

I'm also 5+

Just Dance, Dead Rising 3, Assassins Creed 4, Ryse and a controller from Amazon.

Forza 5, Need for Speed Rivals, Skylanders, Battlefield 4, and another controller from Amazon.

Also have a Ghost Digital Upgrade. Sad thing about it? Amazon fucked up my order and my Day One is donwgraded to standard and doesn't come till tomorrow.

I'm curious, is there anything different or better about having angry birds on xbox one as opposed to a mobile device?

I have Angry Birds on my Roku (came with it free), and I'm actually surprised at how nice it looks on a large screen.

For a serious answer, there are supposed to be 20 additional levels for the One, competitive/cooperative multiplayer modes,plus Kinect hand/voice control.

Is it worth $50?  Probably not.  I'd wait for it to go down to at least $20.

Me too, mine is leaving the UK tonight and will be at the repair centre in Germany tomorrow.... Sad times. Oh, and I have FIFA, Forza and Killer Instinct.

Agreed and only have a little time to play so I went with BF4. By the time I beat it and have time for other games they will be much cheaper!

WalMart has a pre-black Friday sale and most Xbox One games are $49. Not saying that's cheap, but better than $59!!

I bought an Xbox One but no games. I got Skype, 5.1 surround, Blu-ray, and voice control, compared to my old setup! Might pick up Forza.

I got Fifa, Forza, NFS.
Also downloaded Killer Instinct & Fitness to try them.
Careful on the Xbox Fitness I pulled my groin overdoing it on the second day. :(

dude, not gonna lie, i was trying the plyometric p90x workout and almost could get out of bed the next morning. lol. my football coach would be so disappointed in me right now.

Bought 2. One digital, Need For Speed: Rivals; one physical: Dead Rising 3 (on top of that it came with FIFA 14 and Microsoft offered me Killer Instinct)

I fail to see how you came to that conclusion. All I'm saying is GTA and bf4 on my 360 will keep me happy until I'm forced to upgrade.

Absolutely amazing. My first exposure to battlefield was Battlefield: Bad Company. I've been hooked ever since!

4, Dead Rising 3 which is the most fun I have had on a zombie game. Ryse, AC4 and Forza 5. I think I might pick up KI

So far just one, but that's because my actual Xbox isn't here for another day or two. NBA 2K14 was preordered thanks to a promo from Best Buy. I'll also definitely get Xbox Fitness and more than likely get Lego Marvel Superheroes on digital downloads as soon as the system comes in. Forza is on the bubble, but I think I'm going to just leave it on a Christmas list instead of buying myself; as great as it looks, I probably will only play two or three hours a week (other than Fitness) so it seems hard to justify more than the other 2 right away.

Zoo Tycoon(which is damned amazing) and Battlefield 4. I would have gotten more but bills are biting me in the ass at the moment.

Yes. If you have ever enjoyed Sims like Sim City, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, Viva Pinata, etc. then you should enjoy Zoo Tycoon greatly. It is a little lighter on the simmy elements, but well worth the price to admission.

4 (or 6, depending how you count) - Ryse, AC IV, Forza, and Skylanders, plus the freebies, Killer Instinct and Xbox Fitness.

I grabbed Fifa '14, NBA2K14, Ryse, Battlefield 4, Forza 5, Killer Instinct and Powerstar Golf. To my surprise I've killed 3/4 of my weekend on the $20 downloadable Powerstar Golf. It's super fun and super challenging. Overall I'm loving the new system though I have to admit it feels somewhat unpolished. Missing features like friend notification pop ups and a working audio cd player (with ability to save music to the console) annoy me. And encountered some buggy apps like Skype and a few others. Also the One Guide isn't available in Canada at launch and I didn't know that so I was very disappointed after I set it up. I feel like MS was a little over ambitious on their next gen console. And it's probably going to take a year of system updates to get all the features we had on 360 and the new ones running smoothly. But overall it's a new, fresh console.. Definitely better than the 360 though not a huge leap in graphics improvement. 

re: Powerstar Golf -- same with me.  I justify it as X360 never had a great golf game in the style of Hot Shots, and it's been 10 years since Outlaw Golf (which I played the hell out of even the the characters were annoying).

None, I'll probably wait till next year to get the one, especially since I just got my 360 in 2011. Not many people have a spare $700 to spend on games.

I bought Ryse because it looked great and have no regrets. I bought Dead Rising 3 because zombies, but it's frustrating when you're trying to pick up something off the ground.

I really only bought Forza because it's the only local multiplayer game that my girlfriend can play with me. But trying to figure out how to set up multiplayer was frustrating and, as with most racing games, I have a hard time staying interested in the game.

Oh, and the "free" Killer Instinct is a complete ripoff. It's basically a freemium game. You get ONE character and they want you to buy packs for other characters, levels, etc. Lame. I really don't like seeing this model come to consoles. At least I don't have to make an in-app purchase to continue killing people in Ryse.

Killer Instinct has a non-free version which comes with more, or even a premium version which comes with all the characters.

Yeah, I was just remarking on the fact that it's advertised as a free download, but it's really just freemium crap. I thought it was a perk of my Xbox Live membership or something.

"but it's frustrating when you're trying to pick up something off the ground.", Amen to that. It's doing my head in!

2...  Dead rising 3 and zoo tycoon.  I regret zoo tycoon it was impulsive but because I read a good review and it was a very small file size (internet connection here is slow).  I should have realized it wouldn't have more than 15 animals and it's not nearly as customizable as rollercoaster tycoon 3 or the sims 3...


Anyone else notice how small the XBOX ONE looks in your possession, the controller is amazing.

6 here. Initially bought 5; Forza, Ryse, Dead Rising, AC4, and Battlefield. But due to a snafu with my preorder midnight pickup BB gave me Need for Speed Rivals free.

Only two games for me. The launch line up was really disappointing IMO. I got BF4 and Zoo Tycoon. Loving both at the moment. They should keep me busy for a few months without question.

Otherwise, I will probably rent ghosts soon just to play campaign (hate cod MP).

Looking forward to some good games coming up before next summer hopefully on Xbox one!

7 but technically 6 because Fifa 14 came with my Day One Edition. I also got Ryse, Forza 5, Battlefield 4, Call of Duty Ghosts, Madden 25, NBA 2K14. I got Need for Speed Rivals but when I found out that it didn't have splitcreen multiplayer, I was very disappointed and opted to swap it for Madden 25. 

The one thing I have been struggling is on Xbox Fitness which I can't seem to find on the store, is there a reason for that? I'm from the UK so is the app only exclusive to the US or something like that? Please do let me know :P

I got Ryse and COD at Best Buy on day one. FYI I took my receipt into Best Buy today and told them the games are on sale on Amazon and WalMart and after they confirmed that they were I was refunded the difference.

Technically, I got three, only two of which I paid for. Killer Instinct in its entirety was unlocked for me by Microsoft. I'm enjoying that so far, even though it's fairly simple.

Picked up Ryse and Dead Rising 3 as well. Haven't even gotten to Dead Rising yet, but I'm about half-way through Ryse.

1 - Dead Rising 3, I'm Poor....

I love the SmartGlass option, It's so nice to receive in game "Call" on my surface to give me new mission... I hope to see that option use a lote on XboxOne...

If I'd have an Xbox One, I'd get

Assassin's Creed Black Flag

Dead Rising 3

(and maybe) Killer Instinct

None. Can't wait for my preordered "Day One" Xbox One. Sadly the release isn't until march next year :( Can't believe they actually calls it day one release since its released 4 months later...

We (myself and my almost 7 year old) have

Just Dance 2014
Assassin's Creed IV
Killer Instinct (free)
Xbox Fitness (free)
Skylanders Swap Force
FIFA 2014
Zoo Tycoon (download version)
NBA 14 Demo


I am loving this system so far. The kinect capabilities are impressive, grapics are extrememly good in the games where the devs took the time to make them so, like Ryse and Assassin's Creed to an extent.

In the App/Game store. EA has a couple demos up there...if you don't see it, I think you can go into the store and then search for "demo" and it will come up. I'm not home right now, but I think that's how I found it orignally.

I got the xbox day that was later updated to the Fifa 14 bundle, and preordered Forza 5 and Watch Dogs. Watch Dogs was pushed buck so I ended up with 2 games.

The next game I get will be Dead Rising 3

Historically speaking, this launch lineup is probably the strongest I've ever seen for a new console as far as quantity of choices, quality, and exclusives. Still, there is no one killer app, but there are several solid and intriguing games, so it's hard for me to pick. I've just been playing the Killer Instinct freebie, which is great, but too difficult. I'm trying to decide between Ryse (critics shrugged it off but normal users seem to love it), FIFA 14 (I don't know anything about soccer, though), Dead Rising 3 (arguably looks to be the most fun of the games), CoD: Ghosts (actually, I think Battlefield 4 looks better but all of my friends got Ghosts so if I got an FPS, I'd get Ghosts just to play with them). I wish I liked racing games because both Forza and NFS look really good! Assassin's Creed 4 also looks good, but for some reason I fear it'll just bee too much (i.e. too demanding of a game), but I don't know why I think that because I've never played an AC game before.

I'm looking forward to the releases coming soon: Mirror's Edge, Project Spark, Titanfall, Destiny, Sunset Overdrive, and, of course, that game they call Halo.

I have 3 for me, 1 for the family, and 1 for the kids:

CoD, Killer Instinct, Madden, Forza, and SkyLanders Swap Force ($33 on sale at WalMart!)

I'll likely get Battlefield and Ryse soon enough as well.

Currently bought: Dead Rising 3, FIFA 14, Powerstar Golf, Killer Instinct, Just Dance 2014 (daughter), Ryse

Only a matter of time before I buy: COD Ghost (son), Need for Speed Rivals, Battlefield 4 and Crimson Dragon

If we have to go too long before new titles are released: Lego Marvel, Assassins Creed 4, 

Great launch selection!


I just did COD. I wanted to live my XBox 360 launch days when I bought it day one I also bought COD 2 and then took a whole week off and played. Lol

FIFA 14 with it, forza 5 le (to go with 2, 3, 4 and horizon) and COD (hoping I will play more than the first mission.

Ryse, nba 2k 14, killer Instinct, and i guess xbox fitness. I will say i've been using the media functions way more though. TV, netflix, etc. 

Got Disks of AC4 and Dead Rising 3. Downloaded Forza 5 and PowerStar Golf. I may also download either BF4 or Need for Speed: Rivals.

My mate was playing dead rising 3 last night, it wasn't running smooth at all, so he restarted the game but nothing! Put Forza 5 in and nothing! Looks like his drive wont read any discs now... Gutted!

COD, AC 4, Fitness and Killer 4 if you count the two free downloads. BF4 I got on PC and the single player is pathetic. I almost got Ryse but reviews were lukewarm at best. Will pick it up secondhand since I am a history buff. Might download Powershot golf since its got good reviews and I'm a golfer. DR3 maybe later, but I'm not a huge Zombie fan. Happy with what I have so far!

My initial purchase included:

Xbox One Day One Edition

Extra Controller w/ Play & Charge Kit

Extra Play & Charge kit for the Day One Controller

Forza 5 (Limited Edition)

Ryse (Day One Edition)

Dead Rising 3 (Day One Edition)

Need for Speed Rivals

Madden 25

NBA 2k14

Asssins Creed Black Flag


I also have Kinect Sports Rivals, Titanfall, and Watchdogs on Pre-Order.


Fifa13 (digital dl freebie)
Killer instinct (digital dl freebie)
Kinect sports (digital dl freebie)

I upgraded my CoD Ghosts. Didn't have the funds for anything else. One Forza via trivia during the launch event. It's been great. Really hurting for BF4 though...

I got the Killer Instinct add-ons and Assassin's Creed 4.  I also downloaded the fitness, but haven't really tried it.  I've mostly played KI and messed around with the system.  I wanted to get Ryse, but couldn't get over the mediocre reviews. 

I have a decent PC, so it was hard for me to pick out games as I think most/all will run better on my PC.  I think I'm going to be mostly sticking with PC on multi-platform games and the One for exclusives and stuff I play with friends (who won't buy decent PCs). 

The look of the system is pretty nice in person; I read so much "looks like a 1980's vcr" online I thought it would look like junk, but it's nice actually.  It runs almost silent; a huge difference between the Xbox360.  The OS is also pretty fast; try going back into your 360 afterwards and man it seems so junky, but it's been an 8 year evolution so there's not much to say about it.  I really love the controller - the D-Pad is great for me to play KI.

Overall, I'm pretty content with the purchase.  None of the games have graphically blown me away, but it's still early and not everything is just about graphics.

Where are you upgrading? I read that Amazon stopped the promotion already. I'm looking for a place to upgrade Madden

Got BF4, COD, AC4, FIFA, Madden, and Zoo Tycoon. Got all that, an extra controller and recharge kit, plus console for $248 inc tax. Used a years worth of Shoppers Drug Mart points. Very happy indeed.

Picked up COD: Ghost, Battlefield 4, and Assassin's Creed: Black Flag during Target's B2GO sale (purchased them on PS4 during the sale, did not open them, and exchanged them for the Xbox One versions the following week).  Wound up with the China Rising version of BF4 in the process.  Picked up the Day One editions of Forza 5, Dead Rising 3, and Ryse: Son of Rome during Amazon's sale.  And seriously considering picking up Zoo Tycoon and Powerstar Golf. 

Ryse (for the Eye candy graphics), Dead Rising 3, Lego Marvel (to play with the kids ) and of course...BF4! I couldnt be happier so far. I normaly only game on PC due to the graphics but wow the Xbox One has impressed me greatly so far! Cannot compare to a PS4 but compared to my experience from the PC side this is a great device and renders smoothly and clearly on a 65" 200hz TV.



Bought Dead Rising 3 and Battlefield 4. MS sent me a code for Killer Instinct. Rented Ryse: Son of Rome. Very impressed with all of them. Ryse being the biggest surprise. Want to rent a few more by the end of the week.

I'm still waiting for something amazing and exclusive, like maybe a new Alan Wake or that other game those guys are making; the only XB1 game I want to play is NFS Rivals and I just got it on PC.

You mean Quantum Break? That should be a good one.

Can't wait for Microsoft to release their BIG guns...i.e. GEARS OF WAR, TITANFALL & HALO + WATCHDOGS....until then it's all FIFA14 & RYSE, haven't really played CoD yet.

I may be the only person who got Fighter Within. I'm surprised. It's really good.

My main game is Forza 5 and I downloaded the free version of Killer Instinct. I guess that makes 3.

I put a bunch on my Amazon wish list, though, hoping to get some for Christmas from my son or fiancee.