Poll - What should be the new name of Metro UI for Microsoft?

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With the news coming reported last week that Microsoft is in the process of abandoning the name ‘Metro’ to describe their unifying new user interface, we asked you what they should rename it?

Of course your choice will have no bearing on the matter—so we think—but it is still fun to see if we can out-do Microsoft in this area. And knowing Microsoft’s past, it should not be too hard.

The Windows Phone community responded with nearly 450 comments with each one often containing multiple entries for a new Metro name. We parsed those names and chose the top six from the list of which we thought sounded good or had positive feedback from fellow commenters.  Those top six entries are...

  • current  by expectafight
  • motion by mondokjm
  • Pure by J4rrod
  • genUI by keppn
  • cosmo by al.cantara
  • Microsoft Unity by calbro

The poll is simple: vote for your favorite new Metro name and the winner gets a $50 gift certificate to our store for anything they want. Poll closes in 2 days at 6pm EST. If on mobile, please go to m.wpcentral.com to vote in your browser.

And who knows, maybe Microsoft will take note too.



Reader comments

Poll - What should be the new name of Metro UI for Microsoft?



Here's the irony its the only UI that MS has made that actually looks like a window hahaha... Personally I would call it the glance since its the basis of the UI. I personally didn't like any of those but it's cool to see people attempt to name it.

I also agree on glance since on the original wp7 commercial, they said that you could post to FB and get back to life in a glance (not sure if actual word, but similar).

I think, the best name that suits WP style is "Swipe UI", but as we all know, Nokia already owns that name. 
I also don't like any of the above names. 
I think, it should be something like "fluid",""flow", even "slate". 

Pure was an HTC WM handset name Cosmo is a magazine for women Unity   is  insipid genui   to me has no zip  current   no zip motion  I voted for because I likesd the other even less
What about Tempo or Meteor?

Actually, I do have something better... something another commenter posted the other day-- KINECT! With Microsoft rebranding Surface as a consumer device, it seems just as fitting to rebrand Kinect as the UI name to represent not just a UI style but as a universally new input paradigm for all devices.

Why isn't there a choice in the poll for "None of these"?
I'm sorry, but none of these ring true for me like Metro does (did). I'll pass on this survey.
My choices from the initial ideas article were "Transit", "Scape", and my own idea, "Freeway".

Here's the thing: It's not easy and most people won't agree.

Heck, I'm quite positive we can go back and find negative comments on 'Metro' which everyone seems to adore so much now...

How bout you come up with an alternative yourself instead of bashing Daniel. None of those were thought of by Daniel himself.

Cosmo(politan) defined...
• city/place or person that embraces its multicultural demographics
• World citizen, one who eschews traditional geopolitical divisions derived from national citizenship
•Cosmopolitanism, the idea that all of humanity belongs to a single moral community
• Cosmopolitan Society/Cosmopolitan City, where people of many ethnicities, religions and cultures meet and live in close proximity
• cosmo-style UI, cosmo-style apps.
• I need $50 to buy my contract out so I can get me a WP8. Thanks! :-)

The Windows Surface is going to be a household name. It also describes what it is ....A SURFACE like it or not its the name of the best tablet PC coming this fall. I have been calling the UI Surface ever since Microsoft announced that they would be dropping the Metro name. I'm surprised that it didn't make the list.

simpliCITY UI.  still retains the metro codename (city) but also gives a meaning of how easy it is to use.

I really like "Unity" since they seem to be wanting to use it on all their various platforms. Lets see: Windows 8, Windows RT, XBOX, Windows Phone...  All Unified!

Agreed, this actually makes sense and actually sounds pretty good to boot. "Microsoft has done an amazing job bringing its platforms together using the Unity interface". *thumbs up*

With the worl how it is today almost ANYTHING is used somewhere. Soon we'll not be able to write normal texts because most of the words are owned by someone...

I like Surface UI I look at this way, the Surface is going to be very popular and what best to describe the UI than the PC that runs it.

Well, we've already done the selection so it's too late for suggestions ;-)  Second, Segoe doesn't roll off the tongue exactly...

Maybe they should say "sue us" and stick with Metro. It is very hard to sue companies that you can't prove are making a direct impact on your profits or image and twice as hard when you complain that you have trademarked an everyday word. Still can't figure out how Apple gets away with it. Either way, this is why jeep lost when it sued hummer over their 'Trademark grill' ... You can't patent vertical lines as it is an everyday object/word.

My point exactly. It is very hard to win lawsuits of that type when you use a term that is universal word. And like I said...it is especially hard if the company is not a direct competitor and you can't prove lose of profit or image.

Wait....isn't unity a game development program? I guess they've trademarked it and because Microsoft is a software company too, they might sue Microsoft....

Didn't see the original post for the contest but has anyone tried making a word using the letters RT? Like Microsoft a(RT), ART, or aRT UI? Just an idea..not sure if it's a good one but thought I would try.

HOW ABOUT WINDOWS PHONE UI LOL who cares what they call it its still an amazing software that ill never stop using looking at an Apple phone makes me sleepy and android is clustered and shitty so that leaves the amazing keep u smiling UI windows phones :D

I voted Motion. I think that very well defines the fluidity of the UI and that the live tiles slide and flip.

if i have to chose between the listed names then its " Motion " or "Pure"
i would never select Microsoft Unity since there is Ubuntu Unity in linux world 

How about "The design language formerly known as Metro"?
I think whoever is sueing them left it so long so they could put the squeeze on Microsoft for money and Microsoft basically said, "No way." I mean, Metro has been in use for, what, 3 years? Why now?

1 - I believe Metro should still be on this poll. MS could choose to fight any action (given how generic the word is) or they could do a licensing deal like Apple did.
2 - I'd also like to see "Fluid" on the poll. MS have been say 'fast and fluid' a heck of a lot recently!!

That would make sense considering all the Zune services are being rebranded. I would of thought the logcal name would of been Xbox UI as all platforms contain Xbox live

HA! Reading through and noticed you beat me to it!  I was using my Zune HD in the GYM and then I thought Zune UI or Zune Pro UI would work.  They own it!  No one can come at them if they use that name. 

They should just pay the Metro company and keep using Metro. Metro is great. Everyone should boycott the Metro company for doing that!

Unity -  is being used in linux already
Pure - Nokia Pure font - PureView
Current - Google Currents
Motion - Research in Motion
Genui - is lame
Cosmo - does not gel with UI methodology

Agreed! Most are used and non are appealing. I'll pass on this survey. But if Surface is added, I'll vote for that.

Is Nokia really gunna go after Microsoft for Pure? I mean come on with how latched on Nokia is to Microsoft I doubt there would be any negative reaction from our beloved design gurus in Finland

The thing I don't get, is the fact that Microsoft has used the metro UI term for Windows phones since production 2.x years ago. So why complain now? Just because of Windows 8 and Xbox using the same interface. Its coming to light because Windows 8 is almost out.

I think Unity is great. Not only is the experience unified across apps, IE, Office, etc... It also unified across devices. And, it had a powerful ring to it too.

Should call TETRO

TETRO follows the legacy of "o" and tet mean 4, after the interface is full of squares and rectangle.

Or Octo is another choice, it means 8 in latin/greek, perfect for WP 8.

Motion is good to me because your tile are always bringing you up to date information, there alive. I also think MS should have marke some commercials showing wp7.5 and wp8 but use the terms loaded and reloaded when referencing 1st & 2nd Gen devices vs 3rd Gen, but in a cool way highlighting features, etc

I think taking the Kinect name and making that the UI designation sounds good to me. Surface is now a tablet and Outlook is the name for their webmail...I mean, the Kinect is the vehicle for the Xbox Natural User Interface, so making that the style or look of the overall experience across the Microsoft board would make all the difference. Am I horribly wrong and deserve a firing squad? =/

Go with "Surface", and tie it to the tablet. Or how about "Transit"? That keeps it in some of the original theme, and implies that it's something that could also keep moving and evolve as needed.

I found it interesting that Metro AG has not gone after Metro PCS, which I have seen multiple advertisements on recently as a cell provider. Also read  about Metro AG on Wikepedia, seems they are a very old and large corporation rivaling Wal Mart in many areas of Europe. Wonder if they are a major customer of MSFT ?? I like many still like "Metro" the best .

I know that they're phasing out the whole "Live" brand, but Live UI sounds really good, and goes along with the concept of the interface being alive. But since it's too late for new submissions, I narrowed it down to Motion and Pure. I went with Motion for the same reasons that I like Live, but also because Pure might get confused with Nokia's PureView.

I know names were already selected but the unity name screams w8/wp8 exp. Maybe a play on words like U.N.I. UI since they're focusing on the the user & ppl experience. This world can accomplish more with U.N.I.

Wasn't LIVE suggested by several people? It's a name MS already owns. I'm surprised it's not on the list. A lot of the names on their have their own copyright issues.

This in spades.  Live Tiles = Windows Live or Windows Alive (which is a dig against the very much inert OSX at the same time)

The answer is: don't give it a name. Legally, all MS has to do is stop using the name officially, but that won't stop anyone else from still calling it Metro. Therefore, Metro lives on and MS is still legally safe.

None of them. :/ Nothing clicked with me. Meh, wish Metro could've stuck around. XUI? Fluid? WinUI? Dunno. Good luck to MS. :P

I was thinking "Kinetic" Look up Kinetic anything on youtube and you'll know what I'm talking about.
That's K-I-N-E-T-I-C not Kinect. 

In the comment section of the article about the change in name someone suggested Transit. I think it's better than the choices given.

Metropolis............................duh.....or phoenix since the market share is none existent (lol) seriously

I only remotely liked motion. I would've liked to see Microsoft, Glance, Zune, and Kinect. Except for Glance they are all Microsoft brands.

Unity is out because it is already the name of a piece of software.  I think its a game engine.
I think this is tough to come up with a new name.  I liked Pure, but someone said Nokia owns that or something.
I was thinking they could call it Window's Metro and always Windows Metro in advertisements etc.  That would give it enough differentiation between  or whatever it is...
OR Metro8.
OR MagUI -- someone else above was talking about magazines...
OR CharmsUI -- they've already used the word charms to describe the items in the menu on the hidden side menu. 
They could also just call it Windows.
How about OREA ? Get it?
Good luck MS!

Sorry about the repost but doesn't metropolis just make you think of a wonderful place like the home screen..

Perfect! It keeps the context, an airport has the same signage as metro stations. It is more Metro than Metro. :)
(Actually I also recommended this in the poll, but it was the 600th vote or something.)
Daniel Rubino's list is awful.

I won't take credit, but I saw a post that combined the Xbox idea and tiles.
They called it X-Tyle.
A play on the the word STYLE.
Could be Xtyle.  XTyle.  etc.

I'm still shocked that they can't stick with Metro. There are a lot of companies that have similar or identical names for things. I'm surprised they didn't fight this. And seems idiotic for the company in question to really even have a case here

i hate them all, they are all bad and in no way accurately and initially describe the metro ui, none of them are a suitable alternative, please try again

I lean on GenUI but I like Pure.  What about PureUI? OR what worked for Prince. OSFKAM.  The Operating System Formally Known as Metro. :)

I meant to offer Pane when the suggestions were still open. Bah.
Window's Pane UI

A while back Microsoft tried to sure a Linux distro for the name "lindows" but failed as "windows" was a generic term. Yet they can't keep "metro"?. Lets face it, they will just call it "surface UI" anyway.

I know I didn't make it in time to throw in a suggestion, but how about Live UI? After all the screen does come alive with the Live Tiles.

I agree that they should just say "screw it" and just keep using Metro (at worst they can afford to license it from Metro AG or whoever it is putting the pressure on). That said, my favorite solution is the one suggested by Paul Thurrott... WinRT. It may not be as sexy, but it gets the job done and Microsoft owns the term completely, so no BS later down the road.

I don't like any of these choices. I still think "Urban" would've made a great name. After all, wasn't "Metro" inspired by transportation maps in a big city? "Urban" seems like a logical extension of that. I also like the suggestion someone else made of "Metropolis". Regardless, I'll still call it "Metro".

Didn't like any of the choice in the poll. How about:
Alright I'm putting the Thesaurus down cause MS won't use any of them and will probably go with something ridiculous like Windows 8 UI
(Yeah I didn't read through all the comments so names may have been mentioned before)

Nice selection Daniel...but I guess I was late for the party...as I gave my suggestion only yesterday...btw...when were the names shortlisted??

I've mentioned " Transit UI " on the verge's forum few days back. I hope it does well and hope Microsoft buys me a house. :)

Nothing really tops Metro now, but here are the options that sound great to me. Daniel, please redo this poll and add the following options.
1. Glance UI
2. Flow UI
3. Live UI
4. X UI
5. Rail UI
6. Planar UI
7. Metric UI

They should just buy this damn German Company and rename it in "fuck your self" and after that just use the Metro name. :D

Here in the UK the chocolate bar Marathon got re-branded as Snickers. The sweets Opal Fruits became Starburt. So far as I am concerned, they will always be Marathon and Opal Fruits.
Metro, will always be METRO no matter what anyone else says.

Lets stick to the concept of the former METRO UI.It had four sided(squared,rectangle) tiles nd i prefer the name should b something close to it...
Id suggest names like:-
1.FLIPQUAD UI-its cz the tiles keep on flipping nd our tiles are quad shaped.
3.SQUARED UI-because its all square in our windows phone.
4.SLEEK-the OS is so sleek nd simple unlike those clustered UI's out there.....

Of all the names that were posted, these are the six that were picked......really? Fail x100. Don't quit your day jobs, which u guys are awesome at by the way. Surface UI FTW!!

Here's my second and third suggestion. How about "Stark UI"? Or, "¿" (The UI formerly known as Metro)? The last question mark is a real question mark.

I said a different post that it should be Surface UI. But I do like the Mosaic UI that has been suggested in this thread. As Microsoft only refers to the UI as Metro and not Metro UI why don't they just go with MetroUI?

I haven't voted btw as none of the options given resemble what the UI looks like or functions like (but then neither does Metro).