Poll - Yay or Nay on the Samsung ATIV-S for Windows Phone 8?

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Does the ATIV-S impress? Take our poll.

Now that we have a good idea of what Samsung is bringing to the table for Windows Phone 8 with the ATIV-S (at least for their flagship phone), the question is What do you think?

The specifications, a 4.8" HD Super AMOLED display with GorillaGlass 2, dual-core 1.5Ghz CPU and ample storage should appeal to a lot of our enthusiastic users. The brushed aluminum should also bring a more classy, high-end feel to the device, a nice change up from the previous "plastic" that Samsung is known to use...

But Samsung will also catch some flack from our readers for "recycling" what is basically the Galaxy S3 for Android. It's a valid criticism but one must take into account that the S3 is (a) selling very well and (b) is considered to be some great hardware, regardless of the OS.

Still, is it enough for you? Or are you waiting for Nokia and HTC? Take the poll and sound off in comments!



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Poll - Yay or Nay on the Samsung ATIV-S for Windows Phone 8?


I'm with you. I have loved my samsungs, I had the original focus and am sporting a focus S right now, but Nokia phones scream personality and break the mold of just another iPhone copy. That's how the software is, the hardware should do the same.

+1 on the Nokia hardware.
Looking forward to what HTC bring to the table, they seem to have been very quiet on the Windows Phone side of things.

I have an HD7, have been very tempted by the Lumia 900 but I'm holding out for WP8.

same thing for me over here.. still holding out to what htc has on offer to replace my aging but still very functionaly hd7. however, should nokia release a stylish pureview, i might already be sold to nokia.. i just can't let such an imaging monster pass by..that will guarantee i get all this sneaky party pictures pronto! :D n sofort uploaded to fbk ;) (evil grin)

Because the camera really isn't that important when determining how good a phone is. For me, it's about how responsive and high res the screen is, as well as how much storage it has. Admittedly, Nokia's premium phones have so far been the best at responsiveness but there's more to a phone than the camera...

Ditto. AT&T will get the high end phones, I'm on Tmo so this is probably as good as it's going to get.

My contract with Tmo is up n November. My options are open. I'm shopping. So lets see what everyone has!!!
I will say that a big screen demands a great camera. My needs are more media based than actually making calls, so I'm all for a huge screen.
Bring it on boys show me what you got.

Agreed, this will probably be the best WP8 device on T-Mobile so I'm all in.  Of course HTC will likely bring the HD8 to T-Mobile so we'll have to see what it's like.  But we'll likely only get a midrange device from Nokia.

I'm with you if Samsung is the only high end windows phone 8 that will hit t-mo, but will see what Nokia and HTC has to offer. As much as possible I don't like taking the Samsung path.

I've never been a big fan of Samsung's design, but I know a lot of people are so I think it's a good thing that they are bringing this to the platform.
As for me, I'm most likely going for another Nokia device in the future.

They used brush aluminum vice, plastic. Is WP actually getting special attention ? Still sticking to Nokia for now.

It would have been better if they extended the rear styling to the front, which looks bland and anonymous to me. The back looks much more fresh and classy. I'll be sticking with Nokia.

Why? WP devices run smoothly on even single core. Quad core would really do nothing but eat up battery life.

Quad core phones are a complete gimmick.  There isn't anything capable of utilizing quad cores in the mobile market, and really nothing that can utilize even dual cores.  They only thing they do is eat battery life. 

Totally agree,,,ide rather have a single core that's optimized to perfection than dual core anyday.

My single core snapdragon powered focus runs just fine...in fact, it out-performs a lot of dual core androids.

It looks really nice. Solid build, good materials etc... I really think 4.8" is a bit too big for a phone though. I hope there's a high-end phone with a normal sized screen. I think 4.3" would be my absolute max. Very promising though.

Amen to that. I really don't understand why people seem to want such big phones. I'm still on a 3.7" 7 Pro, and while I think I could appreciate 4", I'm quite ok with what I've got. Phones like the HD7 seem unnecessarily large. What's the benefit without more pixels?

I thought the same thing back when I had my Quantum. But after 10 months with my Titan, I couldn't go back. Bring on the 4.8"!

Hopefully HTC can come out with a better looking phone than this. I've ruled Nokia out for now because I think that they are probably going to seal the battery inside the phone!

The ability to eject the battery is a phone saver as it expels the inertia when dropped. Nokia is ok because they make solid polycarb phones. IPhone is a perfect example of how it doesn't help.

Good point. That's a pretty big selling point for me. I have an Omnia and 4 batteries (3 cheap off ebay) and a battery charger. Running out of battery is never a problem for me, I just take 3 out with me at a time then swap and change.

Nice specs, but it doesn't give me the WOW feeling.  For some reason, it looks like any Android devices out there.

A little premature to say "WANT" right now. Camera performance is going to be what decides it for me the next time I upgrade, and until I see pics taken with this phone, I'm going to assume it has a tiny, crappy sensor.
Also, does anyone else think the hardware Start button looks a little strange?

YAY for me!!! Until now i wanted to get the s3,but now i will get the "s3" with wp8 :):).I think that nokia cant make a phone that thin with theyre unibody design!!

The Nokia Phi suppose to be thinner than L900 so hopefully, but not so much if Pureview is included, but all this W8, WP8, is too much too take in lol

Same here, I want wp8 to be extremely distinctive, Microsoft should demand distinctive designs from everyone, Nokia is the only one that truly goes to there own beat

Anyone else think that this might be an earlier-than-planned announcement because they want to showcase a new device without Android or TouchWiz following the Apple lawsuit?

I'm hoping Nokia will wow everyone.  They seem to provide the best customer experience, I have a Titan II and would love for HTC (or Samsung) to support their offerings the way Nokia has been.

I agree. Samsung, as the greatest Android OEM, will probably release this in the wild and forget about it. OTOH, HTC which put in 101% effort on Android this 2012 but still lost market share might put some love on their WP8 Zenith, Accord, and Rio. With Nokia, it's WP8 all the way.

Nokia will probably put out similar hardware but on a sexier looking phone. Samsung, as no. 1 Android OEM, will probably forget this phone after release, while Nokia will continue to lavish their attention on their WP8 phones.

It appears it has all the goods many WP enthusiasts have been waiting for and more (aluminum body) but it's too early to make any decisions. My guess is that all three oems, Nokia, HTC, and Samsung will have great devices. The only thing that will set them apart are features, for example pureview. People will then make decisions based on features as such.

Doesn't it look a LOT like an iPhone from the front?  Except for the size and the windows logo (which I assume will change).  Didn't they get in a lot of trouble for that like just last week ?  LOL

Not for me. My coworker has the S3 and I challenged him to a drop test against Lumia 900's polycarbonate body vs his plasticky Galaxy S3. He chickened out big time as I tossed mine down the hall. Lumia is very solid inside and out!

Your post makes no sense. First of all, I wouldn't participate in a "drop test" regardless of what phone I have. Any phone can be damaged in a drop. Polycarbonate and gorilla glass or not. Secondly, you base your opinion on your (ill)perceived notions of the SGIIIs "plasticky" body when this phone clearly has an aluminum body.

Lol this reminds me of a friend that swore his phone was indestructible, and kept bragging. So I told him to prove. He threw it across the room and split the case open, and cracked the screen. And it had a protective case too. Lol. Good times...

This is an awesome phone and the platform needs more like it. Thnx Sammy for setting the bar for now, lets wait and see what the others bring.

This will be my fallback device if the stuff from Nokia sucks. The reason I'm waiting for Nokia is their history of support and updates for Lumia line.

I like specs and back of the phone +battery capacity. Screen is too big for me tough and frontside looks dull. It's nice but I am confident Nokia has something better to offer.

In the pictures, it looks bulkier than the specs indicate. I'm not sold on the look, it is more bland than the stylish and flashy Nokia offerings. Maybe it's one of those "have to see it in person" thing? All in all, I'll still consider this when it comes out, because I am partial to the Samsung button placements, as I have been using the original focus since it's launch. I find that when I'm"trying out" other WPs, that it is hard for me to get past the location of the power, volume and camera buttons. They seem so intuitive and well placed in the Samsung models. I'm not sure about that window button on this new model though. Looks a little ugly or cheap? Maybe it reminds me of the lower end Nokia designs, and that's why I'm associating it with lower quality?

I am a little disappointed that all Samsung did was pretty much throw WP8 on a SIII and give it a new name. Was hoping for something original that would compete with Nokia's great WP phones.

I couldn't agree more... is it like "8-iv" which would be a somewhat clever play on WP8, or is it like "@-iv" which sounds like you were trying to say "Attic" and had an internal typo of the brain...?  Either way, terrible name.  I remember people disliking "Lumia" when it was first announced, but seriously - there really aren't any ways to mispronounce it...

It's probably pronounced like the name NOK-yah (btw nok rhymes with no) so LUM-yah (with LUM rhyming with look)

I like the classy look, and the storage has peeked my interest. On holding out on Yay or Nay till I see all the players, but I could see my self buying this.

I have had the focus, focus s, lumia 900, as well as the HTC surround, and it is all a matter of personal preference. I am going to get this if it drops on at&t, and I don't see why it will not. Samsung is starting to release a singular type design on multiple carriers now, starting with the Galaxy SIII. I am concerned more with the internal specs and if it will last as a everyday phone for the two year contract term if needed. I would rather like to see 2 GB of ram, but 1 seems to do the job properly.

I do like the Nokia Lumia, but had to get rid of mine as I use two phones daily and the lumia with a relatively thin case on it equals otterbox type thickness in the pocket.

The Galaxy SIII is a beautiful device... 
I'm like it's biggest fan (even though I don't own one)
With that being said... I'll wait and see what Nokia has to offer... to use HTC in the same category is insulting.

I love the look of this but I'm waiting for HTC. I'm only getting phones now that are 4.7 or 4.8 and I don't care for Lumia line.

First off, I am so enamored of the Lumia 900 that everything else pales in comparison.  Second, as an EARLY adopter (I still have the original Samsung Focus) I have grown very disappointed in Samsung pumping out devices and then not supporting them, that I will likely never buy another Samsung product.  Third, as an early adopter I've learned the folly of getting the first versions.  These first WP8 devices will likely be buggy beyond belief, hastily put together and frankly I'm going to wait until the second gen WP8 devices come out.   Besides, I plan on saving my $$ to get the Surface Pro in January (or whenever it actually releases).  I can't afford to plunk down hundreds of dollars every time a new toy comes out.

Looks great.  Obviously I'm still interested in what other OEMs are going to bring to the table as well, but this looks to be a great device.

It looks awesome to me, the GS3 is a great phone and this will be great also. Let's see what Nokia brings to the party.

Its promising to see high end specs being utilized by OEMs for WP8 and I agree with a comment made that this seems to be the more refined version of the SIII, but with device specs like this tech blogs won't have anything to complain about with WP use of low end specs anymore...even though WP7 "low end specs" still kicks Androids and IOS' butts in performance :-P, personally waiting for Nokia's innovation or for HTC to release a One X variant with WP8

That's the question everybody is asking. This phone could have achieved a hero status right out of the door if Sammy had chosen a sexier name comparable to 'galaxy', too bad they gave us a name that is hard to pronounce and we don't even know what it means. I guess it's a Korean word.

Specs are good, i dont care about recycling the android design. But it was a presentation fail. Samsung spends a whole 1 hour on the note 2, camera and oh we have 2 windows  8 tablets, a laptop and a WP8 in the last 10 minutes.

The big consumer reveal for Windows Phone 8 is next week at the Microsoft/Nokia press conference.  So what exactly was Samsung going to spend an hour talking about?

It looks too much like the iPhone 6 which is due out next year. Apple should sue the sh*t out of them asap.

It looks good and the only thing that could make it more impressive would be a 12 or 16 mp camera, but still in impressed with the awesome screen. That said, the Nokia phi ( or another phone with pureview) will wipe the floor with it

played with Galaxy S3 the other day...neither the hardware or software impressed me. I just don't get why it's selling like hotcake.

Nokias customer service has excelled in every way for me. I have had Samsungs and HTC and they never came close. Based on customer service alone, and their very close relationship with Microsoft, Nokia will be my only choice. Of course it helps that their designs are distinctively Windows Phone.

That's my concern, no oem wants to make exclusive designs for wp, only Nokia makes distinctive designs, that's one of many reasons to love them

Now all Samsung needs to do is market the damn thing. Looks damn good and lots of people would buy it I am sure so tell people about it Samsung and get it on as many carriers as possible.

Doubt Samsung will spend time marketing or supporting this phone. As No.1 Android OEM, they'll release it and forget about it. But great specs nevertheless!

GO NOKIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I own a samsung focus and I 'remember' how samsung didn't care about us and was joyfully copying the iphone to it's beloved crapdroid phones!
and this phone looks like an android LOL

Well I hope to get a Nokia phone but being on t-mobile might mean this will be the only "superphone" so I might not be left with a choice. I'm so envious at people on ATT but I pay more less than them when it comes to the bill so I guess I can't win all the time.

I have a Samsung Focus now, but my next phone will be from Nokia.

Since Nokia is doing things to further the platform that Samsung and HTC haven't done, they will get my money.

Only thing that impresses me is the metal chassis, everything else is just meh. All in all it does look like a solid contender and a solid smartphone. Anyone who gets this I'm sure will enjoy it, but for us it's just like all the other smartphones out there, it doesn't really bring anything new to the table.

I have a Samsung Focus (first gen)
I am sure this one will be a nice phone, but damn, 4.8". That is way too big using as a phone. 
It is more in a small hand held tablet range. 

People didn't exactly jumping out of their chairs when the guy introduced it, did they? The silence was deafening. 

I guess I won't feel bad not getting a NOKIA, seems there's a lot of love for them. So, I'm gonna gonna keep supporting Sammy, so they can keep supporting Windows Phone :-)

I truly am positively surprised. That thing actually looks classy and sexy as opposed to the cheap kitsch called Galaxy S3.

If for some odd reason I don't like the Nokia phones, I'll go for this, as I've loved Samsung windows phones. But I'm really holding out for a Nokia.

"Great build quality with brushed-aluminum case," that's something I never expected to say about a Samsung phone! Huge storage capacity and a big beefy battery at only 8.7mm thick? Wow! Samsung has some amazing hardware engineers.

All the Nokia nonsense made me not even consider a Nokia so it's either this or whatever HTC is going to offer. Hopefully either of these will have SRS.

Gotta wait and see what's gonna be on tmobile. Whatever flagship device they have will get my cash. Just hope we don't get some mid level phones again.

I'm going to get the best WP8 device that is available by years end for T-Mobile USA.  If that is this Samsung, then I'll get the Samsung.  If Nokia releases something equal or better on T-Mo, I'll get the Nokia.
All things otherwise equal I'd buy a Nokia over a samsung due to their proprietary software.  Superior hardware on my carrier's network would, however, win me over.

I have a samsung focus as my backup great phoneas far as I am concerned.  Now I have a L 900  I like this phone  Ativ S  dont care about the name.  I will wait for the Nokia   and HTC and other models to come outbefore I get a W8P because Ive only had the Lumia for a few months and will be paying full price or however low I can get one on ebay of whatever I decide.  Nokia probablky in the lead  but I like the focus and the thiness of the S  I like  hopefully Nokia's will be  as thin.  I like the 32 Gb  and the microsd storage.  I am looking forward to office 13 a windows 8 pro tablet and outlook.com integration

In all seriousness, I feel that the 4.7, 4.8" form factor is getting unweildy. The HTC Trophy is nearly the perfect size not just for my hands, but for my various pockets. I'm sure more real estate is great for watching movies and web sites, but most the time a device is being stored in a pocket or case somewhere, waiting to be used. 
I'm pretty sure it's too late to do anything about it, but I would like some common sense return to the size of these devices.

Can anyone confirm this has a removable battery?  Then again, at 2300 mAH, it may be hard to find a more capacitive battery.  But at least the option is still there.

I was really looking forward to getting another Samsung...but this just didn't do it for me...i think ill wait and see what Nokia brings to the table

Too big and plastic'y for me. Looks like it would break from a 1 foot drop.
Gimme some Nokia 'hard'ware any day.

While it looks like a nice device, I am a former Focus S owner and I can say that no time in the near future will I own anything other than a Nokia Windows phone (have an L900 currently).  Lack of updates and constant bugs who's fixes were not released by Samsung and AT&T crippled the device for my use.  I can only imagine that the new Windows 8 phones will suffer from the same issues.

Looks pretty nice. Over to you nokia, unless you can best this with an amazing camera I may go samsung. Just hoping sammy supports this with similar apps to android like their recently announced drive app.

Waiting for a Nokia Lumia Pureview. Nokia also has the best signal reception, call quality, build quality, and best screen for viewing outdoor in the sun.

NO. Nay. Never, I hate Samsung. Period. It looks only a cheap plasticy thing. No design, no class, no aesthetics. Not to mention, we pay exhorbitantly for a low quality product.

Bought a Lumia 800 in July and all this WP8 news kinda makes me sad but its ok since WP8 will need some fixes before it can be all that its being hyped to be and obviously i couldnt wait that much long. I LOVE the 800's design and hardware. Nokia and Microsoft have a much deeper partnership as compared to any other OEM ( Samsung or HTC ) and Nokia Maps and Drive is just brilliant. so i think i will give samsung or htc a miss.
waiting for the rumored 'lumia phi' or a lumia pureview.

I have a strong impression that "WP = Nokia" after the Lumia series....and Samsung = Android + copy after the patent war. 


Looks like a decent phone. For me it seems better than the Galaxy S3 because of the build quality getting rid of the cheap plastic casing. Also the bigger battery and dual core processor are a big combined advantage. Given how smooth WP is I don't think the quad core is necessary so this is a double win for battery for me.
Despite saying that I do feel the fact that they have essentially rebranded the S3 shows a lack of commitment to the OS which is why I'll be getting a Lumia! I've had a Samsung WP for 2 years now and they've hardly bothered making any useful apps for the Samsung zone. Bring on a 20MP+ camera in a slimline device.

Nope. I vowed not to buy another Samsung phone after the diabolical support I received from Samsung on my Omnia 7 which still doesn't work properly and presumably never will.
Nokia sorted all issues I had. They will get my custom again.