Popular calendar app Cal receives massive update with new light theme and more


If you're not familiar with Cal, it's a new minimalist calendar client for Windows Phone. While this category of apps is already overflowing with different developers attempting to offer the perfect calendar solution, Cal is a unique experience and is well worth the download should you still be seeking that superb app.

Today, we're looking at version 1.1.0, which has just been published to the store. This is a rather large update so be sure to head on past the break to see what's new.

Cal Update

​As well as adding a few new features, the release also addresses a few issues consumers were experiencing, notably Facebook sync errors and calendars disappearing. It's an important update for current users. Here's everything that's new in version 1.1.0:

  • Custom calendar colors
  • Week view
  • Today button
  • Choose font (default/WP)
  • Light theme
  • Use phone accent color as app accent color
  • Fast app resume
  • Performance optimizations
  • Fixed Facebook sync bug
  • Fixed calendars disappearing
  • Fixed livetile not updating when using a background image
  • Fixed problems with manual sync

You can grab Cal from the Windows Phone Store for free as a trial and it will cost you $1.99 to keep it installed. Since you're able to test drive the experience, there's no reason why you shouldn't give it a go. Thanks, Chainer, for the tip!

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Reader comments

Popular calendar app Cal receives massive update with new light theme and more


2 additional features needed: agenda view (mandatory) and the ability to have your tasks with due dates integrated with the calendar (desired). some how I want to see items not only for this specific day but also have easy visibility to what is upcoming in the days ahead. Still using Chronos but open to something new.

Awesome! One of the few apps that I've purchased. Most calendar apps are poorly implemented but this one is superb.

Fantastic update, all im waiting for now is the ability to use cal on my lock screen so i can see thinks at a quick glance. Great app though, highly recommended.

It's nice to see devs work hard on there app.
Now since I bought all calendar apps on the store I still say that there is no "super" calendar app that kills the others. Week View 8 is still the king in terms of function and presenting data, but its not complete and it still looks really ugly compared to apps like this.

I tried a lot of calendar apps and also settled on week view 8. Never seen it mentioned here as an option but I found it had the most features and looks really nice. Has almost too many features if you're not a power user. The only thing it doesn't have is the ability to edit appointments which is something this app, Cal, has. V1 of this wasn't up to par but if they continue to add features, I would love to use it since it does look really nice.

I really hope the on board calendar receives a massive update in 8.1. Don't like using third party ones despite them being pretty. I don't like the idea of something else working in the background wasting battery. Also i hope in 8.1 that they separate the tasks from the calender so it has its own tile

I'm also concerned whether or not Cortana will cooperate with third-party calendar apps. This might be the only thing holding me back from the purchase of Cal.

I just can't stop using the primary calendar, because the live tile updates correct and my private exchange appointments is showing. Those two things are a huge deal breaker. Hope MS change this in WP8.1.

The beauty of this app is that it at least shows all of my private appointments, so color me impressed on that front. Not all third party calendars can do that. Live tile updates correctly for me, but that sounds anecdotal - I generally only have up to 5 appointments a day synced from work calendar, changing all the time. But it's also not super complex or anything.

So you can show private appointments from work? I thought that was impossible with third party calendars? I might try it then :)

That's one of the reasons I love Cal. I have a few other third party calendar apps, and I dumped all of them the moment I saw that it displayed appointments that showed as private everywhere else. Take it for a test drive, make sure it works for you :D

In your screenshots the event font colour is white (like the date,etc.). Mine however is always black. Does anyone know how to change this to white? Again only the actual event is in black the rest is in white. This is really annoying because I can't read it on a dark background...

That sounds odd. How is it that your events and date are black? That doesn't sound right. When you go into livetile settings, uncheck "use accent color" and any color you choose for the tile will change text to white... Except black. When you choose black, event and date become your accent colors.

Everything is exactly as you say for the general date (on the left) + for the time (of the individual events). However, for the 'event title' this is not the case, as it always remains black no matter what... Thus, when changing the background to black the date + time appear in accent colour and the event name/title is simply gone as it remains black... And so far I've got no idea how to fix this... Anyone? (Reinstalling didn't work either)

The 1st release was buggy as hell, especially after connecting services. Ill give it a 2nd try now.

Whats the difference between Trail and Free Version? Another Question: On the screenshots are more dates on the live tiles as today only. But on my trail installation are only dates from today on the tile... mhm.... 

This is near perfect, the only option it's missing is the option to launch the built in calendar from the live tile.

I so want to buy this app and make it my primary driver but the problem with Google calendar sync is a deal-breaker. I can sign in to my Google calendar but the appointments don't show up!

Now I can edit/delete appointment in the app. Bought after tried 15mins! One thing, the sample background image(the marine one) is very beautiful, I want to know where I can download the pic.:-D