Popular Twitter client Mehdoh now free, NAVIGON also goes on sale


There's some more news on great deals available today. Mehdoh is now listed as free on the Windows Phone Store, and NAVIGON (both US and European versions) is also currently on sale. It's good to see more deals being featured on the store to help push out the content that consumers wish to take full advantage of on new hardware.

Let's start with Mehdoh. The popular Twitter client has been around for a while and has grown into a fully featured social realm of goodness. Recently updated to version 3.2, it's good to see Mehdoh now available for free. Sporting not only Twittr connectivity, but also Soundcloud and Instagram support, the social app boasts  unique experience.

If you're still unsure which client is best for you, be sure to check out this rich experience, especially since there's no price tag. We've reached out to the developer to confirm how long the price drop will last, but many sources are reporting on it being a temporary alteration.


Next up is NAVIGON. We've covered the selection of apps available numerous times,through multiple updates. Now the US app is available for $29.99 (usually $49.99), while the European version is listed at €59.49 (usually €84.99). Both versions of the popular navigation solution will be priced as stated until February 18th.

If you're not into using Nokia Drive, which is a free turn-by-turn navigation app, then NAVIGON is well up there when it comes to highly rated options (and is better than Nokia's service in more ways than one). Note that you can only install the app on Windows Phones with more than 1.6GB of free storage. It's reported on the store listing that the app will fail to run otherwise.

You can download Mehdoh, as well as NAVIGON (Europe €59.49 - US $29.99) from the Windows Phone Store. Thanks to everyone who tipped us!

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Popular Twitter client Mehdoh now free, NAVIGON also goes on sale


I'm getting error c101a027 when I try to install mehdoh. Also, I think I remember on wp7 that the notifications weren't push, they were on the 1/2 hour timer. Is that still the case?

I see Mehdoh is $0.99 cents as well, but I am using a Nokia Lumia 900.  Perhaps the sale is for WP8 only?

this link worked for me, was showing up at 99 cents on my l920 on ATT through the wpcentral app and a market search on device

Mehdoh is still showing as $0.99 for me (yes I am cheap - I'm sorry). I guess I'll wait a few more hours to see if it updates.

Yes, because you get a better experience with a full Navigation system. I only use Nokia Drive when I am traveling outside US. Navigon comes with POI search in a particular city or state or nearby. Also included is Reality Scanner (kinda like Nokia Lens with 1 mile radius).
And...Red light cameras are included. Also, destination weather is shown. And the maps have a much smaller footprint on your phone. Route planning is more intuitive, etc etc. The two things Nokia Drive have better are Global license and free for Lumia, which makes it a tough competitor.

Okay.   Sounds like there are some decent features that come with Navigon, thus the fee.
For me, however, those features are not worth $30 of my money. 

One key advantage is you can search the map and mark a spot to drive to whereas Nokia drive requires you to find the exact address of that spot.  This is really rather stupid in this day and age.  Imagine google map is doing that and the resulting uproar.

If you are using your navigation a lot (for day-to-day work or getting to new places) i think navigon will be of much use. You have way more information on screen while driving which is nice. Also it has better lane assist which shows the signs above the highway and what lane(s) to take. It also shows you multiple corners that follow quickly like: First right and then first left for example (and also plays them).
I found the routing to be more accurate (and it also learns your prefered route if you don't like the suggested one). It calculates traffic really well (most of the time i seem to reach my destination about exactly as it pointed out from the start) and the rerouting is really fast.
What i also like is that it shows POI on the map while driving. So if i wanna go to McDonalds i can see one coming up on the map while driving to another destination. Also searching in your area works great and it offers a lot of different POI categories.
The map of The Netherlands is 550mb which is a lot more then the 150 from Nokia Drive Plus. And i found that it offers a bit more detail, while still staying smooth with the animations. Driving to contacts is also a bit easier as it is included in the app (instead of going to a contact in the people hub and then use the adress to navigate).
I do have some feature requests like an active live-tile and perhaps a separate traffic map (currently you only see textual traffic information or traffic on the map of your current route, not a map you can open from the start of the app). Traffic shows up great and accurate when driving (also the roads around you of course).
All in all i like this app a lot. Its probably the best app i've got so far and really is a decent navigation app if you dislike the nokia (or perhaps want more than that). Since its being activly developed and lacking other navigation competition i'm guessing its the only way to go if you don't want the free ones.

It stil shows as 99 cents if you go to the App store from your phone.  But if you go to the App store online you see it's free.

I get around the waiting for the app to become free by going on the computer and clicking the link and sending it to my phone for free. It works right away for me that way. :)

I just tried this and used the web store for the first time. Result:  very cool. I will be utilizing this much more in the future, thanks for the tip Zeek099!

Already got it for free before. Right now I'm going with gleek and rowi for twitter clients, but I have to say mehdoh and tweet it are also great. There has to be more good choices for Facebook now...

I would wish the NAVIGON App would be available as a test Version :-/ It maybe, that the App is reportedly better than Nokia Drive+ but I would like to test that for myself before making an 60€ investment.

I've tried Gleek!, Cowlick!, Tweet It!, Rowi and also own MeTweets and they're all quite good but I love mehdoh. Its a perfect fit for my requirements.

Oh great, I spent a little over £1 last week to buy it, now this a free? Pshhhh.

I'm kidding. Awesome app, best Twitter client, I believe.