Popular Windows Phone store browser, AppFlow launches on Windows 8

AppFlow Windows 8

Team Distinction, the developer house behind apps like WeatherFlow, SkyScanner and CocktailFlow has announced that the popular Windows Phone Store browser has hit the Windows 8 Store. AppFlow for Windows enables consumers to check out the latest content on the Windows Store in a unique way, just like on a Windows Phone. 

App discovery is fairly difficult on Windows 8 and while Microsoft is surely making improvements in Windows 8.1, it's good to see developers looking to lend consumer a hand in locating gems to download. Apps are broken down in multiple categories and overall it's simply a more pleasurable experience to rock and roll in browsing around for new apps to try out.


We'd recommend giving AppFlow a go. It's free, available today and you can always revert back to the refreshed Windows Store for all your app needs. You can download AppFlow from the Windows Store - available for Windows 8 and RT.


Reader comments

Popular Windows Phone store browser, AppFlow launches on Windows 8


Oh you definitely missed something there. A huge part of the Apps I use the most times I'd found through AppFlow.

Though the last update for the App is quite some time ago, so I eventually stopped using it. :/

Ditto. I didn't know WeatherFlow, ScyScanner and CocktailFlow were developed by the same team.. More respect from me to them.

OMG, I didn't know that the same team that build the gorgeous Skyscanner was the same that made the beautiful Weather Flow!
I'm a idiot.

Congratulations for this amazing job!!
And, if you need, I can help with the Brazilian Portuguese translation for your apps. Speaking that, I found some mistakes in the Weather Flow translation...

I have been using this app right from day one and I can't keep my eyes off for a day. Besides WPCentral, I discover most of my apps from this app. The most striking feature is the app count tile which continues to give hope and joy in the platform as we began with 1,500 and it's now displaying 157,900 apps in the WP Stores

The main reason I also use it is for the daily count on the live tile. It's how I know the store is growing by 1-k apps every week.

I don't know if it is the app itself or Windows 8.1 but this is one well made app.  Very well done and I wonder now what else these developers are working on. I love how the app utilizes the page in ModernUI style. Its slick as oil on a windshild.
4 out of 4 stars and a must have.

I hadn't heard of this app on WP8 but I am new to that platform. It does seem abandoned which is odd then to come out with this for Win8. It is impressive. Terrific design and more than just apps. I've been using App Stars and this may supplant it.

Look at the reviews for wp8, it looks like it doesn't update anymore and it hasn't been updated for awhile. 1/12/12.

This dev knows how to design an attractive and functional app. Microsoft might as well hire this guy put him in charge of all W8 and WP 8 UX. Cocktail flow is the best show case app that you can brag about both in W8 and WP 8.
Just downloaded the App flow and will use it daily from now on.