Post everywhere with Seesmic Ping on Windows Phone

Seemic Ping

Seesmic has come out with an interesting app that some of you will find interesting. It's a post-everywhere type app where you just fill out one field and send it off to the interwebs.

Perfect for those with multiple Twitter profiles, a Facebook account or two and even throw in a LinkedIn for safe keeping, Seesmic Ping seems to have it all covered.  What's unique about Ping though is the ability to add as many accounts as you want, allowing you to post to one or all per post. You can even share links and add photos with a thumbnail view with ease.

Seemsic Ping

Even better, it allows you to write drafts for later, allowing the system to "auto post" for you at a specific date or time. This is all done not so much via the app but by using Seesmic's "log in" system where they basically maintain all of your accounts for you, much like their Desktop app. It's a neat little service and for those on the go who need to remote post, probably one of the best (and perhaps only) solution for Windows Phone.

We've been playing with the app and ran it through some test posts with no problem. We have to admit, it is convenient to use and to the point. Plus it's free so there's not too much to complain about here. The Ping service was recently launched across iOS and Android too so it's nice to see Seesmic giving Windows Phone the nod too as it came out at the same time.

Pick it up here in the Marketplace for free. Thanks, Amir, for the heads up

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Reader comments

Post everywhere with Seesmic Ping on Windows Phone


It's a nice app, but surely this defeats the point of having multiple accounts in the first place!

For some things, certainly. On the other hand, think of it like this: you can schedule multiple single tweets from indivdual accounts 0_o

Even I don't need that power but I know a few who do.

Seems like a cool app but I'm not sure why anyone would need to use this. I have two twitter accounts and mange two fb accounts but I have not needed anything like this but I will give it a go to see if it's worth its mustard.

Can see the majority not needing this but can see how it would be very handy for a lot of others. Nice work.

Doesn't Me Tile work in the same manner? i.e. filling in my status update in one field and posting it to Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn?

Yeah, its exactly the same, but there is some account limitations in the native version, like only 1 Facebook account...with this app there is no limitations. Great if your heavy on the social stuff. Not so usefull for regular users perhaps?

Conclusion... A great app for those who have multiple network accounts, and would like to manage those accounts from one centralized location... Great app idea! And, we need all the quality apps we can get.

I run sports charity events and find it very difficult to manage the event and tweet at the same time. This app allows me to pre-schedule tweets to happen during events.  Love it.
Wish it would allow two F'book accounts at once, however.

How is this different from the regular Seesmic app? EDIT: Ah, I see that this can schedule updates for a future time, so there's that. I was wondering, because the regular Seesmic app can manage multiple accounts and post simultaneously already. It's the scheduled posts that do seem interesting