Prestigio's MultiPhone 8500 DUO to debut July 20 for $210

Mobile phone manufacturer, Prestigio has announced that their first Windows Phone device, the MultiPhone 8500 DUO, will officially go on sale this Sunday, July 20. It will fetch a quite reasonable $210.00.

Pictures of the MultiPhone 8500 DUO first leaked in May, just prior to its public debut at Computex in June.

The long-winded, yet aptly-named MultiPhone 8500DUO, is a dual-SIM phone, running Windows Phone 8.1. It has a 5-inch IPS HD display (1280x720) that is protected with Gorilla Glass 2. Under the hood lies a Qualcomm MSM8212 1.2GHz Quad Core CPU and 1GB RAM. The rear camera weighs in at 8 mega-pixels and is accompanied by a 2 mega-pixel front shooter.

Prestigio's first Windows Phone device may not blow anyone away with its specs, but it appears to be a solid mid-range device with a thin, sleek design and a wallet-friendly price. If nothing else, it is a positive sign that other manufacturers are signing on to produce Windows-powered phones.

Source: Prestigio


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Prestigio's MultiPhone 8500 DUO to debut July 20 for $210


The 635 doesn't have 1gb of ram, flash, HD display or front facing camera, now why should he go for the Lumia? Because its a Lumia?

The Lumia doesn't have frequencies that make any sense for travel in North America. I'm Canadian and want a dual-SIM phone for U.S. roaming. I've been looking at the Yezz Billy 4.7, the forthcoming phone from Blu, and this.

I was not impressed by the Lumia 635/630 but I thought the price was good. I hope this Prestigio device performs  well the price looks good and it makes fewer feature compromises compared to the Lumia 630/635.

Why all phones having flash and only nokia doesn't have... simply don't know the reason...

Nokia's dual-SIM option doesn't have a flash, and I believe he was intending his comments to be about dual-SIM phones and/or competing inexpensive phones to the Lumia 5xx and 6xx.

If I was to guess, I would say some see removing features as opposed to using low end and cheap parts is a better or easier prospect for saving money for budget devices.

This looks like a decent phone, the dual sim proposition makes it extremely an attractive option for those who are wielding two phones for work and personal use.

Similar price to the 1320, slightly better specs.  I am intrigued. 

Though I reckon the likelihood it will be for sale near me is slim to none

Not with the screen turned off. But in my opinion, and that of most design engineers, having a round phone takes away from the quadrilateral style of the metro interface.

I agree, much like the ATIV, the Focus and the Optimus 7, rounded corners with the metro interface looks pretty good to me.

Hmm compared to the lumias atm  other than 930.  Im shocked BLU didnt come out with the first OEM device.   Yet with these specs. if this thing is on Amazon on the 20th I just found my new  replacement for my Samsung Focus2

Decent specs, front camera, 1gb of ram, and flash on the back. Might pick it up for my son to replace the 520 he's currently using. Maybe by Christmas the price will come down to around $150-$175...assuming I can find it in the US.

Let's them coming, it's time to shower the market with more WP phones. Hope it will attract more people to the platform

Because it's not just about specs, it's about build quality. Nokias are better built, longer-lasting phones, than most of the competition.

I wish each phone maker would just create at least one winphone and see how it does it would be better than relying everything on one system

Another cheapo yet no high-Endo for those of us wanting something worthy enough to suit on a conference room table next to an iPhone, HTC one, or galaxy gs5

All other manufacturers are able to give these types of specs at a low end price point but MS can't?. Hmm makes me wonder sometimes their mindset

I think they don't want to compete too hard with the other manufacturers on the low end phones to give them a chance. When the 630 launched it was at a higher price point than had previously been indicated.

Hopefully available for order in the US. Not sure if I want this or the Yezz Billy. Or if the 830 has expanable storage and access to the battery? What to do?

Hope it is better than the budget dual sim android I have by them. Screen is dreadful and you can barely type on it. Cost £100. My 525 for a similar price is 20x better quality.

Went to their website, could not find proper spec, mass, LxWxD, frequencies etc. Not sure where the phone will be sold, except for Cyprus?

I would like to know if they let you know it can. The yezz billy is taking too long to come out. I wanted this prestigio first.

These are the exact specs needed to capture the Lumia 520 market for those who want to upgrade.  Great to see it.  I am going to take a serious look at this phone for my next WP 8.1 smartphone.  Bravo.

I am looking to see the Yezz Billy 4.7 come out.  I will definately compare the two before buying.  

looking at the phone specs, price range and platform (using WP 8.1) it looks like a great and promising phone. Now all it need to prove is the performance quality.

Cheap phone with 1gb of ram.... This should be a easy choice over the 935 or one of the other 512mb Nokias (that should not even exist due to app compatabliies).again for 512mb owners #DealWithIT

Then again, I did not notice (and on the Maufactors site), how much memory it has and if it comes with MicroSD or not....Those would be a big deal on lower end phones..

If this is getting sold in the US, which carriers will have it? Hopefully, T-Mobile. I need to "upgrade" my 810.

I want a 1520 with dual sim. Combining my company line and my private line into one phone would be more than awesome...

At least it has a 1GB RAM, front facing camera, dual SIM, decent front facing camera (better than front facing camera of 930), and good price. It can compete head to head againts Lumia 630 or 635 with a few bucks more. I just don't know if it has 4G.

I think this is a much needed phone. Many countries use dual SIM phones and this has much better specs than the 630. But does it have flash for the camera and an SD card slot?

Will the camera be better than the 5MP of the Lumia 1320?

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This is more like it! But I looking for an unlocked U.S WP with all the radios included for all U.S. carrier like that offered by Nexues and Apple iPhones.

If I Windows Phones does not offer an unlocked phone like their competitors; I going back and getting the iPhone 6!