Preview of new third-party YouTube app for Windows Phone


We know there's never enough YouTube players out there to satisfy you folks, especially with MetroTube going way recently. A new app is around the corner though called PrimeTube developed by Applyf and we have some early info on it:

  • Full control over your YouTube account: manage subscriptions, playlists favorites etc.
  • Search and play videos
  • Sort and filter
  • Comment and reply to comments, like/dislike and favorite videos, add to playlists etc.
  • Pin playlists, favorites, authors and videos
  • Pinned items feature live tile functionality

Overall it's not too shabby and with that strong Metro design, should appeal to a lot of you who watch a lot of vids on the go. No word on ETA but we hear it's not too far. We'll have more as the app gets closer to release.



Reader comments

Preview of new third-party YouTube app for Windows Phone


I think I'll stick to YouTube Pro because of the ability to download videos and watch at a later time. Once you have that there's no going back!

I hope it loses the gradient colour on the text, looks out of character with WP, or at the least, add an option to disable it.

Was very disappointed with that app after all the wooos it got from wpcentral.
If it cant play the videos without lag then it sucks.
I will cry the day my beloved metrotube stops working. :(

Thank god... My HTC YouTube sucks and its so slow. A lot of times the videos won't even play and i hate how I can't view my playlists

HTC player works fine for me. Really though is there a reason we have 12 YouTube apps? I hardly ever have any problems w the official player or the HTC version. Both are nice clean metro designs and run well. I don't get it...