Priceline Hotels updated; Nokia giving away $50 coupon to Lumia owners for first hotel bookings


The popular app Priceline has been bumped to a new release, but what's more exciting is Nokia is giving away a $50 coupon to each and every Lumia owner with the first hotel booking made through the app. If you're not familiar with Priceline, it's an app that helps consumers find and book hotels based on an individual search. This deal simply makes it that much sweeter for Nokia Windows Phone owners.

We're not entirely sure what else is new in the latest release, but the app is definitely worth checking out. You can download Priceline Hotels from the Windows Phone Store - available for Windows Phone 8 only. Thanks, Sridhar, for the heads up!

QR: Priceline Hotels


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Priceline Hotels updated; Nokia giving away $50 coupon to Lumia owners for first hotel bookings


@ Rich.. The tile has had a makeover in the app. It used to display an image of a "Game of Life" looking hotel building, but now it simply has a "P" in place of that.. Hey, its something new!!

This is awesome, some friends and I need to book a hotel this weekend for SF Pride. Hopefully there is something left.

***Lumia Owners:  Nokia loves you!  Lumia devices automatically get a $50 coupon on the first Express Deal hotel booking in the app ($10 per room night up to $50.  Minimum 2.5 star hotel.  Limited time offer.  See priceline.com for details.).
*I can not find the detals on priceline.com.

This isn't the actions of a company that is about to be sold according to a news paper last week. Don't you think stock holders would even be more upset with the spending???

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This app needs work. I tried to search for hotels at the beach and within the top 5 results it gave me hotels that were 75 miles away and in the city. The main hotels that show up on their desktop website didn't even show up in the top 25 hotels. In fact, 20 of the top 25 were at least 75 miles away from the destination I was looking at. No way to refine the search either. Better just to use their website.