Elite Cincinnati school gets an early jump on using Surface Pro 3

Microsoft continues to push the Surface Pro 3 tablet as a replacement for the regular notebook in many different settings. Today, the company announced that the elite private Cincinnati Country Day School in Cincinnati, Ohio will be the first educational institution to use the 12-inch Surface Pro 3. It's good to see the up-to $23,600 tuition that CCDS parents pay to go towards a high-end Windows tablet like this.

Microsoft says the school was already the first in the U.S. to offer a PC to each of their students, from 5th to 12th grade, way back in 1996. The school's IT Director, Rob Baker, explained why they decided to start using the Surface Pro 3:

Every student learns differently, and every teacher teaches differently, so we need a device that will support them in whatever they want to do throughout their 4 years. The Surface Pro 3 is so lightweight yet solid, that I'm not worried about students carrying it around with them. And having the full power of Windows 8.1 with the keyboard and 12 inch screen make it a great primary computing device for teachers.

Microsoft has also released a video showing some of the teachers and students at Cincinnati Country Day School using the Surface Pro 3, even though the tablet doesn't actually go on sale until June 20th. One of the things that's mentioned in the video as a positive for the tablet is the 3:2 aspect ratio of the display, which makes working on the screen more like working on a sheet of paper.

What do you think about Microsoft pushing the use of the Surface Pro 3 in schools and will it be successful in getting teachers and students to adopt it instead of another tablet or notebook?

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Elite Cincinnati school gets an early jump on using Surface Pro 3


I always thought Microsoft should have provided schools the orignal Surface first.  If it were a success in the schools then the students would want their parents to buy one for the home.  Oh well hind-sight is 2020 as they say...

But they did.  Read the Surface blog, they have stories about schools using Surfaces since the first version.

You just don't see those stories being reported often especially in the techblog sphere because school isn't cool to your run-of-the-mill tehc journalists, but pen+paper replacement via the Surface Pro had always been a no-brainer usage case.

I used to like seeing an article about MS and not windows phone in particular every now and then, but I think for the last couple of months or so a big chunk of the volume of articles are not windows phone related at all, if the site is going to be MS oriented maybe a change of name could be the option to go IMO

WPCentral covers Microsoft's "mobile" operating systems and hardware. the problem is Microsoft doesn't have one name that refers to both Windows Phone and Windows tablets. no need to go messing with the site name.

But lately it's been from Xbox to surface and all around. I don't really mind it since every device I own it's from MS buy I just think the site take turn somewhere in the middle

STAAAPPP IT! Do you play football (soccer if you're american)? I saw your name and started thinking Diego Maradona, Diego Costa, Demba Ba; yet you're here commenting on technology related articles

"maybe a change of name could be the option to go IMO"

on the contrary, i would love for this site to increase their coverage of everything MS, as well as everything outside MS that they deem to be relevent....or even irrelevant to WP. 

There, I neutralized your comment.


How about demonstrating its use in a non-elitest educational environment, you know where most people go?

These are paid for by the school. If a public school wants to buy it I'm sure MS would be happy to sell it to them.

Public schools in the U.S. don't have the money to do that. The disparity in educational opportunities in the U.S. is unjust.


In case you missed the point, this is a paid for school. As in - people make a choice to pay for their kids to go to this school.

It's market at work. If someone has enough to pay for "up to $23,600 tuition" - then it's their business, no?

LAUSD just bought a bunch of ipads. The reported cost was north of $700 per device. It was also reported that the school district actually paid above retail. Normally when you buy in bulk, you get a discount. I guess that doesn't apply when you deal with Apple. I'm sure if the bought a large quanity of teh $800 SP3s they would get a discount. Those Ipads were hacked, to get around the security features, by the students within days of being distributed. They had to take the tablets back until they could fix the security. Apple constantly brags about schools buying their ipads. Schools do have money. They are just spending it on the wrong stuff.

The per device cost was $500.  I know because I work for a school district within the LAUSD.  We are in the process of doing a 1 to 1 roll out of iPads.  Since we just started, we only have around 2000 devices at the school sites currently.  Security is a pain in the arse because Apple never designed their devices to be easily managed in an enterprise setting.  The App Store especially makes it difficult for paid apps.  Apple wants every student to create their own Apple ID to use on the device.  You can probably see why that wouldn't fly for us.  So I've had the privelage of having to create an Apple ID for every single device.  We had to get special permission from Apple to do so since once you create ~10 IDs in a single day from the same IP address, it gets blocked from creating anymore until the following day.  To top it off, Apple doesn't even have their own in house MDM solution.  We have to use a third party one which is constantly breaking with every iOS update.

Does it mattter if that's the place the purchased them? Besides, since most people are complaining about price, these are the people who can afford them. The complaining never ends...you're making sure it doesn't

Hmmm... I'm too old to enroll there as a student. I wonder if they're looking for teachers.

Q: "Why do you want to work here?"
A: "Surface Pro 3"

Well you don't know how many schools like these are already present in India, some of them a lot more expensive.

I guess then the parents of those kids in those schools should demand a Pro 3 is included in the ridiculous tuition fees! :)

Wish my kids school did this, they're giving all the Jr High kids MacBook Airs and setting them up with Google accounts to use Google Docs. My kid wears her Surface t-shirt to school all the time, not sure which one of us is more upset.

This is on my wish/want list. Maybe my wife can get me the Surface 2 for Father's Day though.

I asked my wife for and SP3, but financially, we can't afford it right now, but the good news is that I paid my final car note today, so it wont be long now ; )

Financially I can't either. But my mission is to get one(already ordered i7).   Heck, i've been looking for 1001 ways to cook Ramen Noodle(which i will be eating for 3 months so i could afford a Surface Pro3). .  Gawd, i hope I win the contest from WPcentral instead of spending my hard earned money.

I'm solely relying on WP Central's contest so I could have one. But if SP4 will come out next year, I bet I can afford that one. Gawd, just bought a Lumia 1520. Can't afford two high end gadgets every year.

No fair no fair no fair! Why can't public schools ever have something nice? Besides the fact that mostly all of them are low in money.

"We're a Microsoft shop because it's absolutely the best way to educate kids" Amen brudda. I was just tell a friend the same thing. She was fighting with a Nexus 7, so I told her to use a PC and she hadn't a frigging clue. She told me tablets are in style now; so I said no, they make you dumb, and you're currently exhibiting those symptoms, you can't learn shit about computers if you think that Andriod is serious computing. Now if you had a Windows tablet, that'll be an entirely different story. I showed her the Yoga and Surface Pro 3 and she was stunned. She said, "and they are so thin and seem light". He view of laptops is the thick, heavy jump that HP, Dell and others put out.



as predicted, private schools will see these, most schools will opt for cheaper android or chrome OS devices. MSFT should really produce an education SKU for schools that is stripped down and cheap.

It's good to see the Surface tablets being used in more schools as they are fantastic for academics - I heard that my school is thinking about replacing their old cabinets of netbooks from 2010 with Surface 2s!!!

First -- my daughter goes to CCD. Second -- CCD is a different school than Indian Hill, even though it's in Indian Hill. Third -- the cost of the laptops have always been exclusive of tuition. Fourth -- it's
not just the student hardware; they have created a major back-end infrastructure based on OneNote. Fifth -- CCD sponsors 3-4 conferences each year on their 1 to 1 laptop program. It's attended by educators from all over the world. Sixth -- tuition assistance is available, and used by over 25% of the student population. It's not just a school for the .1%....

My kids have been using the surface to do their homework since day 1.  Soon they will have my SP2 as I'll be getting the SP3.  I'll be giving my Ipad 3 to my mother as my kids dont want it.  :)

Something else thats so funny for two years my daughter was begging me for an iPhone, so earlier this year I got her a $60 Lumia (full price) and I asked her yesterday if she wanted an iPhone and she was like no way I love my phone.  :)  I just thought I'd share.

back-end infrastructure based on OneNote?  sounds... nightmarish.  Poor kids don't stand a chance.  They'd be better off doing what the public schools do, and taking Google Apps for free.  All you need is a POS puter & a browser.