Problems with Windows 8 Twitter apps reported

WP Central Problems with Windows 8 Twitter apps reported

We have been contacted by developer of Cowlick! And glƏƏk! to advise us of some problems that are being seen with their Windows 8 Twitter clients.

We understand that the problem is also affecting other Windows 8 clients such as TweeTRO also.

The problems stem from “an unannounced change” that Twitter has made which is causing problems with all API actions that use HTTP “POST” such as Authentication, Sending Tweet/Retweets. The issues are said to show themselves when adding accounts or it just causes the app to lock up (freeze).

We’re informed that changes have been made to Cowlick! and glƏƏk! so make sure to check for updates. We featured glƏƏk! yesterday in our essential Windows 8 apps feature so we’re glad the developer has come forward so quickly to help get the word out to their users. 

Twitter have been making some wide ranging changes to their APIs and they are certainly new to making some changes leaving developers in the lurch. As Twitter continue to seek ways to monetise their service effectively we’re likely to see further changes down the road. As the company has built up is business by having such a rich eco system of 3rd party developers it seems a shame they are now clamping down so much.

At present there is no official Windows 8 twitter app in the store but some functionality can be garnered from Microsoft’s People hub. We certainly hope these continued API changes don’t adversely harm independent developers further especially since Twitter don’t seem capable of building their own clients out in a timely manner.

If you’re experiencing problems with other Twitter apps do let us know. If these API changes are affecting you as a developer we’d like to hear from you.


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Problems with Windows 8 Twitter apps reported


Lol I was thinking the same thing any other app I would have been bitching more..but not on this deve....

Well, MetroTweet is working, but is not as good as Tweetro which is not working at the moment. And other good alternatives till we get them back?

NOTE: We've ash Microsoft to expedite approval of our updates which were submitted last night, but realistically these updates for the Twitter change will be live Thursday or Friday. THANKS for continuing to love and support our stuff! Our fans are the best in the world! Our advice: just wait a few days, get the update, and fall in love with glƏƏk! and Cowlick! for Windows 8. :)

Im not a big fan of the Twitter apps unless im using them on my phone. In general, I guess im not big on apps really as most are inferior to the website versions. 
Windows 8 apps are good for tablets but for PC's not so much. Ive had Windows 8 for months and must say that Ive barely used the apps. I find it much easier to use the internet version of things more beneficial. That and you can snap a tab to the right of the screen and have another tab on the left. With the apps, your limited to seeing just that full screen app taking up entire screen.
I will continue to use Windows 8, but I doubt Ill ever get into the apps unless I get a tablet, which is unlikely. Seeing how Verizon is now charging $30 extra to tether data I already pay for and many places I go to dont have free wifi, no reason for me to spend hundreds on a tablet .

You can run multiple apps side by side in win8. Just drag the app out of the task bar (on left) and snap it into view next to existing open app. Tip - to close an open app, drag it out if the task bar and pull it down and it will close. Once you get how all this works its pretty amazing. Hands down BEST touch interface of ANY platform by far!!!

I see none of these in my People hub and notification via ME tile. Why do we need twitter clients for W8 when ME hub and People Hub are so awesome?

For a standard user this may be true, but just like on Windows Phone, the People/ME has very limited funcitonality compared to a full Twitter app. In fact, most of the features of a good Twitter app are not possible from the People Hub.

Like - colour coding and silenting users etc? 
Because you can tweet a photo, or text tweet from the hub and you receive very instant notification on ME tile - quicker than pop up on Rowi, for any new mentions. 
Of course nothing for new messages like WP but that's when I've chosen to be notified by an email instead - still quicker than pop up from Rowi about a new message I think!

I know we can pin websites and they work perfectly fine, but reading these articles on WPCentral App would be awesome, the way it is on WPCentral App on WP!

You can edit your comments in the app just fine by hitting the "x" for delete. Your comment then becomes re-editable.

Correction! There is an offical facebook and twitter app, its just built into People app. You can do everything casual users need.

That is access and functionality but an official app for either would be made and released by either 1st party directly...its more a psychological matter for the masses. =)

Perhaps they should all contact/submit a joint proposal to Twitter directly to offer solutions for app development? So that somehow an accord of some kind may be reached for the benefit of all users...

Yeah, the problem is Twitter doesn't seem to care much about independent developers at this point for some reason. They're getting a little big for their britches. :) The changes they are putting in effect in February will kill most independent development efforts. :(

Horrible timing. Are there any that are working as of now? I've been a pretty avid Tweetro user but I love Cowlick on my phone. I may go ahead and purchase it for Windows 8 though.

A couple of the free ones are still msotly working, like Rowi and MetroTwit, although we seen minor issues on our Surface today with both...hopefully sometime next week this will all just be something to laugh about. :)

Yep hitting the issue with Tweetro here. Can read tweets fine, but to post I need to go to the Twitter site. Oddly enough, my app (100K, which is actually in the screenshot up there ^_^) seems to be pulling Twitter data just fine, but it's not supposed to send tweets, so I can't speak to that part of the API.

Yes it only affects Twitter scenarios where new data has to be "sent" like new tweets, DMs, retweets, and authentication.

I havent seen the changes but i would have liked nokia to included equalizer in the update or  future update 7.8.