ProClip now available for the Nokia Lumia 900

ProClip now available for Lumia 900

ProClip is now offering a vehicle mount for the Nokia Lumia 900. Three models are available starting at $34.99.

ProClip is a vehicle mount designed for those who don't particularly care too much for suction cups and double sided tape. ProClip mounts are self-installed into your dash or console quickly and without damaging anything.

The four models available include a holder with swivel, an adjustable holder with swivel mount, a charging holder with cigarette lighter adapter, and a charging holder with fixed power cord (installed to your vehicle's power system). You will need to purchase a separate mount for the holder/cradle that is designed for your specific vehicle (about $30).

Holders are also available for the Lumia 800, 710 and other popular Windows Phones. If you're looking for a more permanent vehicle mount solution for your Windows Phone, ProClip might do the trick. After the break you can catch a video demo of the ProClip Mount.  You can find the full line up of Lumia 900 ProClip models here.

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ProClip now available for the Nokia Lumia 900


Unless I wanted to screw directly into my dash, th mount for my car would be an extra $29.99.  I am guessing the cost is about the same with any car so $65 for the cheapest solution.

If anyone gets this report back if it will scratch the device. I like the custom fit but it looks like it would scratch from repeated use.

Just ordered mine, should be here next week!  So much for the one that I just bought that sits on top of my dash.. Was great, but seating it in the holster usually resulted in my phone shutting off because the button on the lumia is right where the holster grabs the phone on the particular one i bought.. Such is technology I guess....

From everything I can see pro clip are just a brodit distributor.

Not sure about the 900, but the 800 brodit is designed to work with the oem soft shell case only.