ProClip releases charging holders for both the Lumia 1020 and Lumia 928, your next road trip is going to be awesome

ProClip USA

Your Windows Phone devices comes with some pretty stellar options for car navigation software. If you’re in the Lumia family you’re rocking out with Nokia Drive, otherwise you’ve got solid options which you can read in our recent roundup of navigation apps for Windows Phone. But what do you use to keep your phone locked and secure in your car? We’re been big fans of ProClip for a long time. So we’re super stoked they now carry phone holders for both the Lumia 928 and Lumia 1020.

ProClip USA Lumia 1020

For both the Lumia 928 and Lumia 1020 you’re going to get three custom holders for your phone of choice. You have just the holder that comes with tilt swivel, but you’ll need to supply your own power source. There’s also a holder with a charging cord that you plug into your cigarette lighter. The final option is the holder with the ability to charge through hard wiring it to your car.

We’ve used the charging holder with title swivel and cigarette plug for both our Lumia 920 and HTC 8x and loved them both. We’re placing orders for the Lumia 1020 tonight. What’s great about going the ProClip route is you get a custom holder for both your phone and car. After selecting your phone model you input your car model to get various options for mounting. ProClip does ship globally, check the details on their site for more information. 

Interested in picking up a holder for your phone? Sound off below.

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ProClip releases charging holders for both the Lumia 1020 and Lumia 928, your next road trip is going to be awesome


I just want to be able to film me driving with a clip. With such a beautiful camera on my 1020. I would love to film driving without having to hold the phone.

Better yet if that is your goal... Grab a camera grip for the 1020 and buy a cheap suction cup camera mount off of eBay or other Chinese gadget sites like DX.com and FocalPrice. I got one from DX for about $5 I believe to use with my Kodak PlaySport while driving.

I had problems recording video while on my vacation a few months ago. With the phone in my car holder, it would pick up vibration from the road and cause ripples in the video. I assumed that was because the lens is suspended in a liquid but hopefully someone knows what I did wrong.

Erghh. I just got a car mount for my 1020 and cable clips to more conveniently place the charging cable. Problem with this is, it's rather expensive, I don't really know how well it'll fit the vent on my car, and it doesn't look like it'll fit my phone with the yesoo case I got.

I'm on my second CR-200 you have to be very careful with it. The gears inside the holding mechanism are very fragile plastic. I LOVE it though. A very good charger/dock/mount.

I had a ProClip holder like that for a PDA that I was using for navigation some years ago. It was great, it fitted the PDA and the car perfectly (there are two parts that you screw together, one for your device and one for your car), but it had a problem. Because of the tight fit and the plastic material of the holder, it was scratching the PDA on the sides. Not a big deal for a device that I was using only in the car, but I wouldn't risk to put my 1020 in anything like it.

I purchased and installed the hardwire version of the 1020 cradle and my phone is white.  After getting it all set up I dropped my phone in it for the first time and it was a bit of a tight fit.  When i pulled the phone out there was some black marring on the sides of my phone.  I freaked out at first but all i had to do was wipe it away thx to our matte finish.  Then after placing it back into the dock 1 or 2 mor times and wiping my phone down there was no more marring and the phone has a PERFECT fit that slides directly onto the micro usb charger.  
Couldn't be happier.  Recommended for everyone.  And by the way, if you upgrade your device all you have to do is replace the cradle, no need to buy a new mount.  It's here that you can save money and definitley installation time.  

Thanks for the info. I would like to have it for the 1020 but I am still concerned about the scratches. My PDA is heavily scratched in the lower part of its sides. I am sure the scratches haven't developed in the first week or month, but after repeated use. I am happy that the black markings on your 1020 went away so easily, but to be sure that the holder does not scratch your phone you should use it for some months. I wish you the best.

Unlike those gas stations mounts, these are solidly built and use a specific type of plastic. Forget which one, but it's freaking tough. 

Maybe so, but I got an iPhone mount from Monoprice for around $8.  The thing worked flawless, and it was as durable as it needed to be.  With these, by the time you buy a mount and holder, you are at $65 minimum.  That's pretty outrageous as far as I am concerned.

Would be more interested if my 920 could actually charge while using Nokia Drive. Great app, but useless on long trips.

Nokia CR-200 is the solution for that. I've been using with my 925 and it works like a charm

Of course they did. The manufacturer/retailer did. They make a product, set a price and advertise it for sale. It's an invitation to buy, exchange cash for a product, i.e. a deal.

Proclip makes good quality custom fit holders bur they are not cheap. The trouble is with Nokia. They want to sell you an overpriced cover to do wireless charging. With the cover nothing fits the phone anymore (holders, soft covers etc). By the time you replace them all you paid twice the price of the phone. Are they careless or is it an intentional ripoff?

Whatever happened to the wireless chargers they were going to make for the 920?  Been waiting to throw my money at ProClip...

Go to the website and look at the one for the 928. The USB port is correctly oriented in the cradle (on the top). The picture in the article is of the 1020, which has the USB port on the bottom.

They had me until I saw that you had to use self tapping screws...not screwing anything to my dashboard. :-(

For my car there were no screws involved at all. It fits into a crevice next to the radio. I love it.

With Pro Clips you have to buy 2 parts.  One part is custom fitted for the car you use and the other part is custom fitted for the device. The screws attached the phone mount to the car base.  They also make slide adapters if you have several devices (for more money of course).

You don't screw anything into your dash. The mount clips into the dash at various locations (you choose from the available options). Then the clip screws into the mount.
It's all explained on their website.

The 928's USB port is on top too. Check out their site to see a pic with the 928 in the holder, I'm pleased with how it looks. I thought it would be more bulky up top, but it's fine. I'm sure they'd do similar for a 925.

Actually they listed the 925 on their site also.  So you can charge.  In reguards to wireless charging I posted ProClips's reponse here before and the issue is the amperage delivered wirelessly doesn't support concurrent use the the phone with navigation and music playing and charging the battery.  

This is basically what I was waiting for before switching to the 928 from my 8X (keeping my 8X as an offline music player), but now I'm waiting for the 929 whether there's a dock or not.
I've used ProClip for four phones (DInc, Droid Maxx, HTC Trophy, HTC 8X) through three different cars and they have been so great. I highly recommend these mounts for anyone with a car!

Not all of us dismiss a product before actually doing our research. Nothing screws to your dash. It clips; hence, Proclip.

Sam, does it say anywhere on the packaging where the ProClip mount is made? I noticed on the installation guide for the mount for my specific car that it was made in Sweden, but curious where the phone mount is made...

ProClip mounts are actually manufactured by Brodit in Sweden.  Apparently, if they give Brodit measurements, they can crank out a custom mount, because they don't use molds or anything, so they can just make whatever they want.
Source: ProClip About Us

Love having options for sure. I've been really debating on the CR-200 myself. But I'm also pretty heavily hoping for the Nokia 929 to be my next device and want to see if the 929 will retain wireless charging or not and if the new larger device will fit the CR-200!

Great articles here! Please considering changing the evermore "Sound off below" ending in each lol

Snatched one up for the Avalanche today.... Now how do I disguise si my wife does not notice?????

Anyone know if the 1020 one will fit with the wireless charging case? I don't want to have to remove it when its docked to the car...

Where is the wireless car charger for Lumia phones? They need to make one. The wireless car charger from Nokia has horrible build quality. The plastic piece for the clamp will break apart in no time. Cheap plastic.