Project Spark beta registration now open for Xbox One and Windows 8

Project Spark

Project Spark is an upcoming innovative game currently in the works by Microsoft to offer owners of the Xbox 360, Windows 8 and the next-generation Xbox One the opportunity to create, share and enjoy unique games. We previously fired up an article from E3 2013 detailing the project in depth, so that's definitely worth checking out if you're unfamiliar with the name. If you have heard of it before (hopefully through us) and are interested, you'll be pleased to know beta registrations are now open.

It's a major project that will prove invaluable for those who enjoy hopping into video game creation tools and pouring hours (or minutes) into creating a unique experience. It's worth downloading and checking out once released even if you're not that creative, simply because you will be able to enjoy content created by others. Here's a video explaining the project:

Be sure to head on over to Project Spark to sign up for the beta. Major Nelsen only mentions Windows 8 and Xbox One, no word whether or not this beta will be for the Xbox 360 just yet.

via: Major Nelsen


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Project Spark beta registration now open for Xbox One and Windows 8


The registration has been open since the announcment.
Granted every other site is misreporting this too so don't feel too bad :P

Yea, that would be epic if they would send you a Xbox One for testing...but, i would not count on that one..

I'm looking forward to the community creations. Please, add a slice of humor. Games should not be too serious.

Xbox 360, Windows 8, I'll try it, I signed up.. Looks neat, not sure if I would love it or not but, cant tell till I play with it a while..