ProShot developer shares his Windows Phone success story


Making an app that’s successful enough to quit your day job is a dream most mobile devs at one point or another dream of. Eddie Kezeli is living that dream right now with Windows Phone and his ProShot camera app. The Windows Phone Developer Blog recently chatted with Eddie and has some really interesting information and insight on how he went from looking for a job to working solely on his apps and games.

Eddie offers some pretty interesting insights for other developers to learn how he was able to find such great success in the Windows Phone Store. Things that might seem obvious, but are often forgetting more often than you’d suspect. For example, Eddie really recommends developers take time to get the user experience right. For him it’s the most important thing when building apps and games, especially ones as popular as ProShot.

Another way that works hard at making killer apps is by engaging his users directly. He says he frequents forums, like those on Windows Phone Central, and engages directly with fans of his apps and incorporates their feedback. Here’s what he has to say on the tip:

“By responding to users’ questions on the forums and acting quickly on their suggestions, I have earned myself the most effective marketing—word-of-mouth.”

ProShot is one of our favorite photography apps around here. It was one of the first camera apps to give users full control over things like shutter speed, ISO, white balance, exposure compensation, and much more. It’s jam packed with crazy awesome features like a built-in intervalometer for timelapses, a self-timer and more. Be sure to grab it from the Windows Phone Store. (Trial/$1.99)

Want to find success on Windows Phone like Eddie did? Be sure to read his full interview with the Windows Phone Developer blog. 

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ProShot developer shares his Windows Phone success story


It's actually possible with the current release. ProShot supports up to 12MP capture on the 1020 (for images that get saved to the camera roll). At the same time an image is captured, ProShot saves the original 41MP image to its local storage folder. If you scroll to the image within ProShot's camera roll, you can open the menu to find an "export original" option. This will allow you to export the original 41MP image to your Saved Images folder for further processing.

The framework is a bit barebones right now, but it will be utilized for more awesome features coming to ProShot in a future release :)

As far as 20MP image capture on the Lumia 1520, I'm hoping to include that in the next release.

I assume the 41MP image is the jpeg, right?  Is it possible to work with the DNG format too? 

Wait... are you saying that you can move the 41MP images, and then email them from the phone, without having to transfer them with a data cable like with Nokia Camera? Awesome! $2 well spent if so! And are those 12MB images 3:1 interpolated?

I think Microsoft automatically compresses jpegs when they are attached to emails, so for now the only method I can think of to get the images off the phone without using a cable would be by sharing them to SkyDrive.

   If I can transfer them to SkyDrive without a cable, I'll still be a happy camper!  Just bought your app, and can't wait to try it.  :)

This is a pretty good app when it is used properly.  I can take some decent day time shots with it but night time shots forget it.  Not the fault of the app, I just don't know how to set it for night time pictures.  Been playing around with settings but just can't seem to find that right combination.  ISOs, shutter speeds, contrast, its going to take a bit more time.

Yep ^^ using the self timer at 1 or 2 sec helps to reduce camera shake induced by camera button press or tapping the screen. I may squeeze scene modes into the next release (with GDR1 they weren't working and crashed some hardware, so the feature was pushed back on the priority list. GDR2,3 seems to have fixed things, so I will revisit it soon)

I think the fact he can quit his day job proves the a
Popularity of the windows phone app store.

Not really. Here should be a lot such developers to be able to say that it popular. Currently it's just a fun for 99% of sole developers. I'm sole developer for Windows platform for the past 14 years and I know a lot of guys like me on Windows platform, but I know only one or two on WP.

I just wish that he had figured out that it doesnt work properly on a Samsung phone BEFORE I paid for the full version.

I plan on going to a Microsoft store this weekend and grabbing a Samsung phone to see just what can be done about this situation. I was holding out for a fix with GDR2, but that never happened, and it looks like the story is the same with GDR3. I will do my best to port over as many featuers as the firmware will allow. Samsung owners deserve a good camera app!

I wish there was a guide to using this app because i always struggle with getting the right lighting and what not for when i take my pics #Selfie lmfao

Yes, some more documentation on the website would be helpful- at least details and descriptions of all the menu options, buttons and features.

Yes, I feel bad that I haven't been able to flesh out a more detailed user-guide, what's on the website is pretty barebones. Definitely on the to-do list!

If you know me, you'd know I'm not a fan paying for apps. This app however I can say I proudly paid for.

Thank you everyone for all of your feedback and support! And thank you WPCentral team for your dedication to the platform we all love, and for helping apps like ProShot get noticed. I now have my dream job, my dream game in the works, and I can't wait to show it off! Coming to WP8 and Win8 summer 2014 :)

One of the influencial WP user advertise ProShot to Indonesian id-windowsphone members. Couples with the Red Stripe deals, it is a no brainer for many of us to purchase it.

I +920 the positive comments for the app and the developer. Its also cool reading about the support that was given from MS and, i think ProShot's biggest competitor, Nokia!