ProShot updated, adds support for Samsung and Huawei Windows Phones


ProShot is a feature rich photography app for our Windows Phone that gives you a healthy amount of control over your camera settings. The Windows Phone 8 app has settings to adjust the shutter speed, ISO levels, white balance, focus, exposure compensation and more. One of the few drawbacks to ProShot was the incompatibility with Samsung and Huawei Windows Phones.

ProShot was updated today to version 3.5.1 which corrects this incompatibility. With the update, ProShot now has support for Samsung and Huawei Windows Phone along with support for the Lumia 1520 and Icon Windows Phones.

ProShot's Viewfinder

In addition to the expanded support for more Windows Phones, the version 3.5.1 update includes:

  • Filter Editor and Filters are now free for all
  • HDR Exposure feature added
  • Added separate hi-res toggle for the Lumia 1020, 1520 and Icon
  • Fixed the export bug with photos saved to the Micro-SD Card
  • Ability to open any .JPEG image in ProShot and view the EXIF file information
  • Fixes bugs related to time-lapse and B&W filter
  • Fixes performance issues with the Lumia 1020 and HTC 8X

The HDR feature allows you to set the exposure compensation bracket, number of shots captured to create the HDR image, and the delay between shots. You also have the option to save all the original images in addition to the final blended image, bracket the images without blending, and set the HDR to a portrait mode.

ProShot's HDR Settings

Overall, the version 3.5.1 update adds to a Windows Phone 8 camera app that was already very appealing. There is a free trial version available for ProShot with the full version running $1.99.

You can find ProShot here in the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks, GR3EN, for the tip!

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Reader comments

ProShot updated, adds support for Samsung and Huawei Windows Phones


ProShot was the very first app which I purchased for my ATIV S, and I was bummed out that I couldn't use it. Excited to try this out again!

Reinstall allowed the camera to work, but clicking on any opinion button results in error message. The EV slider works well.

Aah, I think I see the issue now. I was only able to test ProShot on newer Samsung hardware (the ATIV Neo S) and it worked fine. I'll submit an update in a few hours to fix this!

Love this community where developers interact with you. Thank you. BTW, there's a little issue I found that I will email you about. It's a non issue on paid version but directed towards the free version.

Thank you, George!

My bad though, it looks like the export feature is still broken on some devices. Just submitted an update to fix it, as well as a few other minor bugs. Should be up in the next few days!

If anyone is still experiencing issues on their Samsung / Huawei devices, please email me via the "Send Feedback" link in ProShot. Please note that not all of ProShot's features are compatible with these phones due to firmware issues. I did my best!

Finally, I'm hoping to push out a few more big features towards the end of next week ^_^

Do you plan on creating a video app when windows phone 8.1 comes out? I'd love to have something like filmic pro, like they do on the iphone. There are no good video recording apps.

Thank you. If its not you, someone should do it. I would if I could code. That's a missing app on windows phone.

In the Camera Mode menu. Press the button at the top-middle of the screen to access Auto, P, M, C1, C2, and HDR modes

I wish the HDR / bracketing feature allowed us to set the shutter speed and ISO for each of the individual shots. Simply setting the EV might not be optimal in some use cases. I've had this experience with Nokia Camera app, where I set the bracket to -2 to +2 EV, and for the over-exposed shots, the app simply bumps up the ISO instead of slowing down the shutter speed. This introduces a lot of noise in the over-exposed shots.

I see. So what happens if I set ISO to 100 and select +/-1 EV in the HDR feature? How is the exposure reduced and increased for the under and over-exposed shots? Does the app change the shutter speed automatically to adjust for exposure? Thanks for the reply!

Bought when I had the 1020, now with the 1520 I see a great improvement with the 10mb picture... Will test it more...

Always updating,great developers!

I am in the loop, getting info "Attention required. Tap here".

After a tap the app starts downloading and stops installing half way through then it will show the same info.


You may need to re-install if it doesn't fix itself after a few hours and a few tries. I've seen this happen with other apps, but it usually fixed itself the next day.

Please fix, the description in each mode (Auto, P, M, C1, C2) always shows "High Dynamic Range", instead of a short description of what options each of them provide.

Yep, fixed that in the next update, sorry about that! I'm working with someone right now to finalize the Samsung fixes. Hope to submit the update tonight.

Cool!! I bought the HDR add-on, haven't played around with it, but I will spend some times later in the day to play with it. The options look great.

Update (if I may): it still doesn't work on my Ativ S (keeps crashing) but I sent an email to the dev team and received an answer right after (reaaaal fast), they know what's happening and will release a fix today :-)

While using this app it froze, causing the lens shutter to stay open until uninstalled and soft reset. Lumia 1020

No. I was using two photo apps. Yours and Fotolens. My bad....not really sure which one caused problems.