ProShot for Windows Phone 8 updated, adds zoom feature


Rise Up Games have been busy working on updating their Windows Phone 8 app ProShot. Another update, version 2.4, went live over the weekend bringing a handful of features and fixes to the camera app.

The version 2.4 update adds a 3X Zoom and a Black & White mode. The zoom feature is your typical "pinch to zoom" style. It's a digital zoom, as opposed to optical, and just tinkering with it around the house, it gets decent results.  Zoomed images are resized from the original of 3264x2448 down to 1088x816 pixels but the quality was rather nice.

ProShot Screens

The Black & White mode is found under the Image Tab on the side menu bar. With version 2.4 you have two options, color and black & white.

Additional components of the version 2.4 update include:

  • An overhaul of the viewfinder code
  • A fix for the time lapse bug that shut things down after fifty frames
  • A fix for the focusing bug with secondary modes
  • Other user interface fixes and tweaks.

ProShot Zoom Sample
ProShot 3x Zoom Sample

There is a trial version available for ProShot with the full version running $1.99. It's a nice alternative to the native camera app and you can find it all here at the Windows Phone Store.

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Reader comments

ProShot for Windows Phone 8 updated, adds zoom feature


What's up with the device temperature warnings while using this app?? Is this "overheating" normal, and can this cause real danger to our devices?

v2.4 was really maxing out the system, and it caused the phone to warm up. Version 2.5 (which will hopefully be available by the end of the week) goes a long way to address this.

I put the warning there so people don't make the mistake of running 10-hour timelapse inside a hot room -- it's just not a good idea with any device, phone or camera.

Is this app worth it? I always ask myself this question. It looks great, but I feel like its not much different from the default camera options of the 8x. I did a trial version and tooks pictures with the app and the regular cam, I honestly didn't see much difference. Wondering if others have seen really that much of a difference with the app

I don't beleive that there is any difference between this app and the default camera app if you just use the default automatic settings.  The real value of this app comes when you are dealing with tricky lighting situations or want to control the exposure for a desired effect.  You'll have to learn a little bit about photography to really take advantage of it, but it is a great tool for getting the shot that you want.

If you have an 8x, this app is DEFINITELY worth it.  Auto settings work MUCH better (especially since the defaul app is thoroughly confused on WB).  Once you add the histogram, level, and grid, it is an entirely different beast all together.  You also have full control of iso, focus, shutter speed, and can manually control WB to match your subject exactly.  Pro Shot is THE app to get.  I haven't touched the default camera app since before the previous Pro Shot update.
I don't know about it's worth with a 920, as I own a Verizon 8x.

Hi all,
Just wanted to let you know that there is a bug with this release if your phone is set to the 'light' theme.  ProShot will run just fine under dark theme. Please accept my apologies for this, an update will be submitted to Microsoft by the end of the day, and it should be available for download by the end of the week (along with some new features).

RiseUpGames, thanks for coming on here and letting us know.  You ROCK as a developer! 
Can you figure out a way to have this launch with the camera button?

This update rendered the app completely useless on my L920. It won't open, and gives an error message.. What's up with that?

There is a bug if your phone is set to the 'light' theme. I have fixed the issue and will be submitting the update to Microsoft by the end of the day. Please switch your phone to 'dark' in the meantime and ProShot will run just fine. I am sorry for the inconvenience!

The biggest problem with this app is battery usage. I took about 20 something pictures at a gathering and the battery depleted about 30% and I could boil water on my screen. This app is really good bit painful on your battery.

I am addressing that as well in the next update. ProShot v2.4 pretty much maxes out the CPU, but v2.5 cuts CPU usage in half :)
Plus, I will be adding an automatic power-saving feature for timelapse.

The are no over-heating issues to my knowledge. But yes, the update significantly reduces ProShot's power consumption and heat generation!

As a pro photographer I can definitely recommend this app. It brings some great tools to bear on my already awesome Lumia 920 and the developer support is amazing. A question for the developer...is there anyway you are going to be able to add a feature to sneak RAW files off our devices? That would be simply outstanding.....

I've done a lot of research into this, and it is certainly possible. Unfortunately, I can only do it with direct assistance and approval from Microsoft.
I've tried to get in touch with them regarding this matter, but it's hard when you are still a small developer and are basically asking for the kind of access only HTC and Nokia have.
After I finish v2.5 today, I will be trying again to contact them, for I have many cool ideas that I want to bring to ProShot that can only happen with Microsoft's help.  If anyone has a contact who could possibly help, please let me know!  support@riseupgames.com

Is there an issue with white balance on the Lumia 920. On manual settings when I take the picture it comes out completely washed out. White balance manual seems not to work. Thanks!

Manual White Balance doesn't work on Lumia 920, I'm afraid. It doesn't appear like any of Nokia's devices support it. To my knowledge, it only works on the HTC 8X.

I wish I had a contact to help with. Nokia's sharpening algorithms are a little too aggressive for my taste which is why I would like RAW access among other reasons. Good luck and I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that you work out a way to do it.

Great developer. I had the bug he referred to above. I couldn't use the app. at all. A screen came up to send a report or to cancel. I sent the report never thinking I'd ever get any response. I actually uninstalled the app.Within minutes I got a message about the bug. I reinstalled and set my background to dark and everything is good.
Thanks to Dev.

Thank you Daniel!
Yes, currently zoom functions more like a crop. It was really processor-intensive to take the source 8-megapixel image, crop part of it, then upscale it back to 8 megapixels -- it dramatically slowed down image save times.

This normally wouldn't be an issue since these phones have such fast processors, but there is a bug in Microsoft's Camera API that prevents developers from reliably saving images in the background, instead forcing us to save images on the User-Interface thread, which will lock up the UI while the image is being written to disk.

Microsoft has acknowledged this bug to developers and have noted that internally it has been fixed, but have not given a timeframe on when the fix will be available.

In the meantime I am going to look around to see if there is a more efficient way to do image-crop-resize, or at least find a happy medium with the existing code.

You know what, I have no need what's so ever for this app, BUT.. after reading this thread and seeing the hard work and dedication the dev has put into it and the obvious support he is giving for the app its well worth the $2 to support this dev, we need ALOT more like him/her developing for our beloved platform!!!!

Edit.... BOUGHT!!!

There is a bug, it happens when the phone is set to 'light' theme. Please switch your phone to 'dark' in the meantime if you wish to use ProShot. I have already submitted an update for approval and should be available by the end of the week! A lot of good features are coming, including contrast / saturation adjustment, and a dramatic improvement over power consumption (CPU usage now cut in half).

2$ only for this app. Is it too expensive? Seriously, ad apps are a lame. Let them be on Android but please, not on WP.

The Camera API isn't quite there yet to give users the kind of HDR experience I want to create. Looking at the documentation, however, it looks like it is only a matter of time before Microsoft opens things up.

It is terribly disappointing that I have to rely on a paid application for features that should already be there.
Why the hell did they even remove toe mico/macro mode settings? That is essential as it seems like all phones are awful at keeping focus up close.
This app even gives me -true- manual control over the focus. A must have, disappointing though as these should be on the default camera.
Though I wouldn't have as much of an issue if I could remap the shutter button to launch proshot instead. Alas, this will never happen.