ProShot for Windows Phone 8 updated, bug fixes and more


ProShot for Windows Phone 8 has made the jump to version 2.7.3 that addresses a collection of bugs and adds two new features.

The version 2.7.3 update addresses issues with SD card saving, histogram views, and improves ProShot's startup time. The update also adds the option to modify the duration for time lapse photos and adds the date/time information to your camera roll.

For those not familiar, ProShot is a camera app that gives you DSLR-like control over your Windows Phone camera. You can control the camera's shutter speed, ISO, white balance, exposure compensation, focus, and more. If you're looking for more control over your Windows Phone 8 camera, ProShot is worth considering.

If you haven't tried ProShot, there is a trial version available. The full version will run you $1.99 and you can find ProShot here in the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks, erfanullah, for the tip!

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ProShot for Windows Phone 8 updated, bug fixes and more


Lately my auto settings have been very/too saturated in appearance so haven't used app in a few weeks. Will update and try again. Edit. Using 920

The app is designed to give you easy access to camera parameters. Just change them manually, don't use auto settings

€: language

Just to test things out I took an outdoor photo with plenty of sunlight with the shutter speed set to either 2 or 4, and proshot crashes my whole camera? I will be able to exit the app after that, but when I relaunch my native camera app its just a black screen. Can't take pictures or anything. I have to restart the phone to get it working again. Anyone else have this problem?

This is because the camera sensor is taking in too much light and the hardware crashes.  If you're outdoors with plenty of sunlight and have a Lumia 920 with an f/2 lens, recommended shutter speeds are probably around 1/2000s.

If you want to take long exposure photos outdoors, you're going to need an ND filter.  I hope this helps!

@RiseUpGames, thank you for your hard work, giving us an awesome camera app on WP. Can you share the custom setting that is good for day time photos? I am a very bad amateur photographer :-) I tried many different manual settings but can't seem to get one that's proper. The photos came out not that great. I am using it on my Lumia 920 with the latest updates.
Or better yet, if you could add some presets for day time, night time, etc in the next version, that would definitely help people like me who's a noob :-)

Daytime photos are pretty easy once you understand how the camera sensors work. Shutter speed is how long the shutter stays open to capture light, so if there is a ton of light like during daytime you want a very fast shutter speed of 1/1000 or 1/2000 of a second or so.

ISO is how sensitive the sensor itself is to light, with the higher the number being more sensitive. So for daylight you always want it to be at 100 or so. Higher ISO also causes film grain artifacts.

Exposure then is just for fine tuning.

For day time photos, I usually just shoot in "Auto". I will almost always under-expose photos, and bring the dark levels up in post.

The quick and dirty version on the phone is to shoot daytime photos with the exposure slider set somewhere between -1 and 0, and then use the "auto fix" function built into the Windows Phone camera roll to bring the dark levels up. Since camera sensors built into phones have limited dynamic range, photographers will use this technique to preserve detail in the sky, while ensuring that their subject are lit well enough.

I'm always looking into how to add more information about photography into the app to get beginners up to speed. Look for an improved and more robust tutorial in a coming update!

I had a similar issue a few times but I can't recall the settings that i had.  I will way that it hasn't happened in weeks.

I love ProShot; I use it almost every time I take a pic. 
However, I would like something with a HDR feature; any recommendations?

EXIF viewer in camera roll
Custom modes to save your favorite settings for different shooting situations
Pinnable modes to start screen for quick access
Real-time Contrast / Saturation adjustment
MF Assist
Highlight Clip tool

and much more coming soon :)

I love this app. I am looking forward to use this with Lumia 1020. Currently, when I need to take a picture. I am using this.

Hey, I really like the app. Since the dev is reading the comments, I am gonna ask, please, add the ability to delete a photo. This is so basic I don't know why it was left out. I often take several pictures of the same subject but just wanna keep the best one. 

Dear Microsoft, if anyone from the Windows Phone team is reading this, this is stupid. Please allow apps to delete photos. Thanks.

edit: Dev, if possible, add an icon on the appbar that takes us directly to the camera roll in one click. So we can delete the photos and then just use the back button to go back to the Proshot app (if that is possible). Thanks.

I am not sure if that is possible. But, I do have an idea that might help the whole not-being-able-to-delete-photos thing. Current target for the feature is v3.0, if it's something that feasible.

This update seems to fix the few problems I had with ProShot.

No longer crashes on the first pic (I assume that was the SD card saving issue)
It used to take a very precise finger to access exposure settings without taking an unwanted pic. Not anymore.

It's the best camera app I've used. I have the Lumia 810. When this app stops working with "my version of WP8" I'm leaving Windows and going to Apple.

While I haven't had the chance to use the new Nokia Pro app it does look like it has some nice UI ideas the dev could borrow from :)

The manual focus slider in the next version will be similar to Nokia's implementation (I've actually had this working for a while now, just haven't had the time to polish the experience due to bug fixing). It will also come with its own innovations.

I was holding off on getting ProShot when I heard the rumors of Nokia releasing their Pro Camera app but now that they don't seem to be bringing Pro Camera to the 810 I picked this up.

Developer paid for the app some time back but don't use it much because there is no option to set the physical camera button to default to this app. Most likely an WP8 lockdown. Here is hoping this can be changed at some point in the near future. Love the app otherwise.

Quoting one of the dev's recent comments from the "Loving the ProShot camera app.!" thread in the forums:
"ProShot's compatibility with Samsung hardware rests on Samsung's shoulders. They shipped a phone that isn't compliant with Microsoft's Camera APIs, don't support manual focus, white balance and exposure options are buggy, etc. They can most likely fix this through a firmware update, but it is only they who can improve the situation. I'm sorry :("