PSA: Latest version of Nokia Storyteller plagued with issues and instability, pulled from the store

Nokia Storyteller

Nokia Storyteller automatically arranges photos taken with your Lumia Windows Phone, using HERE services for data and categorisation. There's nothing worse than a messy album of galleries and Storyteller helps make this an issue of the past.

We recently covered a seemingly minor update in a previous app update roundup, but it appears as though this latest version also introduced problems for many Windows Phone owners. To top it all off, the app is now currently unavailable to those with high-end Lumia hardware.

We're placing our bets on Nokia pulling the app due to issues caused by the latest release. Looking at some comments in our roundup article and reviews over on the store listing, those who have updated to (or installed) version have been met with not only app instability (crashes and lockups), but also albums not displaying properly and general issues with loading photos and stories. 

Nokia Storyteller

This all said, we'd strongly advise anyone with the update available for Storyteller to steer clear for now until a patch is released. You can download Nokia Storyteller Beta from the Windows Phone Store, should you be using a low-end Windows Phone (requires Lumia Amber software update) – we haven't had any issues on our Lumia 625. Let us know if you're able to download the app or if you've been having problems with the latest update.

We've reached out to Nokia and will let you know when the app is once again available for all Nokia hardware, which we expect to be when Nokia releases a patch to address problems consumers are currently faced with. Remember that this is beta, folks.

Thanks, xhesakh, for the tip!

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Reader comments

PSA: Latest version of Nokia Storyteller plagued with issues and instability, pulled from the store


Storyteller hasn't worked on my 2520 since day 1. App keeps locking up when viewing the picture albums.

I installed it on my 1020 and even pinned it to my start screen but in it's current version I didn't find it as useful so I unpinned it. I stopped using it for several weeks now since the default picture app currently does more for me than storyteller but I was hopeful it be more useful with an update or two.

As far as I know it is or was restricted to 1020 and 1520. I had to use a proxy trick in my 920 to get the app and my wife didn't had a problem in her 1020. You should find information in the forums about the proxy trick procedure.

Aw crap, I updated my Storyteller last day. It was pretty sluggish bit I had no bigger problems. Uninstalled until fixed.

Yeah, as noted in the article we managed to grab it for the Lumia 625 (also see the second image). Glad to hear it's working fine for you :-)

I finally got to download Storyteller for my Lumia 520 after repeated failure in the past. Had been trying ever since I updated to Black yesterday but failed. Until now.

When I first updated it was awful. Mixed up my albums, and was missing some pics. I did an uninstall/reinstall and it was fine.

If you have many photos like I do, a few thousands, then it takes up to 30 seconds for Storyteller to start. When it starts it works OK but start up time is way too long.

Here drive and transit have been crashing on me for months. I wonder if that is causing issues. Nokia had me rma my 920 and went to put an address in here drive and crashing again. Seems like location issues? This app seems cool, but my 920 is just not liking location apps from Nokia anymore :(

i am on version on NL920, i have been trying to get this update to no avail,

thanks guys i didn't know it has some issues.

I have Nokia storyteller have had it from day one. have no issues I also have the lumina black update installed on my 920 Works great

Latest update doesn't display all my photos. Only shows like 10 of them lol. Can't blame them for pulling it, any new people that download it will just give bad reviews.

I thought this app is for 1GB devices. Downloaded the beta version on my 625, aaaaaand splendid.. No problemo. Picture sorted they way it should be. Loading is fast but that maybe due to i have about 50 photos.

Yeah I noticed something was up when I got lumia black update and then tried to install the app...i didnt know that you could install it before having black...oh well guess i will have to wait a little bit longer to try it out. BTW Jay if you read this nice job on the w8 wpc app! Working like a charm so far!

That explains everything... I never had any problems with the storyteller app until yesterday after I hard reset my Lumia 1520 due to storage issue. After reset I kept getting your device needs an update message everytime I try to open the app, so I uninstall the app and now the app is gone... great perfect time to hard reset my phone. 

Even my 1520 is plagued. There's a flickering that occurs. And the touch sensitivity just drive me nuts!!!

Cannot download the app. It says App not available for my device. M using L620 (India). M on developers preview.

Seems fine on my 1020, actually quite like it. Tho it won't register the Isle of Man as a photo location, but that seems to be the same with every app. Wish there was an option to separate saved photos from ones on the camera roll.

If its a beta, then don't release it..
I have been complaining about this from day 1 on my 1520, the app doesn't work, I have been emailing and tweeting @nokiaus about this and all they said was
We will will let the team know.. SMH

Yeah my albums went away after the update. Then magically came back yesterday. Almost made me dismiss this app for good. I put a lot of work into organizing my Christmas albums and subsequent ones. Glad they reorganized themselves

I downloaded it today on my NL520 India running Amber. The app is 'extremely' sluggish. Also, it takes a few seconds to load images on scrolling. Secondly, there should be a feature to disable showing videos, or to stop certain items from showing.

I love Story Teller its just a better photo gallery than the original, tweaks I'd wish for it to have :

* NFC sharing while viewing a pic N9/Symbian style.

* Holding on photo to show options (Stock gallery does this so you would'nt have to go the 3 dots.

* Editing option like the stock gallery.
Other than that its super easy and great to use. :)

925, having updated the latest version location search fail and screen lock up. Uninstall and reinstall, everything work fine.