PSA: Microsoft aware of download data issue on the Windows Phone Developer Center dashboard

WP Dev Center

Developers have been complaining about issues with the Windows Phone Developer Center where download reporting has ceased to function normally. The problem being that download data simply isn't displayed with a "zero" in its place, offering no value to developers who may wish to monitor how their work is performing on the store front.

Microsoft's Tamara took to the MSDN forum to announce the team is working on the issue:

"Some of you may have noticed that the download data in “App Download Report” shows zero in your dashboard. We are aware of the issues and working on resolving this as quickly as we can.  Please rest assured that this is just a reporting error and that you will appropriately be paid for all qualifying App sales."

The Windows Phone Developer Center (dev.windowsphone.com/) is the centralised command centre that offers functionality and management to developers. From publishing and managing apps to downloading the latest tools and documentation, it's a handy place to visit should you be looking to build some great apps for the platform.

Hopefully Microsoft will be able to rectify the issue soon.

Source: MSDN; thanks, Phil, for the heads up!


Reader comments

PSA: Microsoft aware of download data issue on the Windows Phone Developer Center dashboard


I was worried that my app got stucked at 142 downloads only (3 weeks available).. Now I will wait for the fix and see what happens. :D

Is there anybody who is in charge for maintaining the WP Dev store? I wonder if that is present...

Developers are complaining about this by months!! It's almost a year that every 2 or 3 weeks this bug appears.
So professional...

It's not just on the dev part that needs a lot of fixing, but also on the consumers' part. Both Windows 8 Store and WP Store needs a lot of improvements.

Damn... I'm so happy that this is a bug on their side. I thought I was a loser and noone liked my apps after the first few days.

Even though about going back to iPhone land after watching the Keynote.

This happens often and is quite annoying. I don't understand why its so hard to provide up to date download figures... Obviously then it must be, but I hope they sort it out once and for all.

To our experience, Microsoft windows phone developer account seems to be having issues with purpose. We are receiving several mails from customers who purchased it but none of the purchases are showing up in the report and worst of all, the purchase we ourselves made did not appear proving the complete unreliable and spurious state of Microsoft windows developer store account!.

So many other developers too must be losing their revenue worth of millions of dollars together. Giant like Microsoft which is leading in several technologies saying that it is unable to even provide a reliable and transparent developer account for the purchases and download even after more than a year is totally unacceptable and unbelievable too and shame on them. Very disappointing!

Either Microsoft is incapable of even having a reliable real-time store or it has ulterior motive to keep it in that shape. In both cases it is unethical and kind of cheating. This must be one big reason why Windows Phone store is not picking up like other popular platforms. We were about to release more than 30 apps but put on hold due to this as we completely lost confidence and trust!