PSA: Update your Nokia Lumia 521 today to get Wi-Fi calling

Lumia 521

What’s today? Today is the 20th of May, which means if you’re rocking a Nokia Lumia 521 on T-Mobile you should be getting a killer update. A killer update that adds Wi-Fi calling. Users on Reddit are seeing the update now. Ready to update? Details below.

About a week and a half ago we learned that the Lumia 521 would be supporting Wi-Fi calling on T-Mobile with a future update. Today is the day that the update will begin rolling out to users. If you’re impatient and want to try and manually check for the update just:

  • Go to settings
  • Scroll down to phone update
  • Click on check for updates

If your phone finds the update on the servers it will begin updating. But a word of caution about this particular update to version 1020.6409.1316.0016. It’s going to require a master reset to complete. That means your progress in any games will be lost and you’ll want to make sure you backup everything else.

Have Wi-Fi calling on your Lumia 521? Share what you find below!

Update: Reader of the site JKjeeper posts below on how to get this Wi-Fi calling to work:

"You should contact Tmobile and have your Sim Card provisioned for WiFi calling (you might need a new Sim Card) after this just connect to WiFi and open the WiFi calling tile and your will have 3 options "WiFI Preferred, Cellular Preferred and WiFi only" also when you are connected to WiFi calling MMS wil not work"

Source: T-Mobile, Via: Reddit


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PSA: Update your Nokia Lumia 521 today to get Wi-Fi calling


This should be standard on all T-Mobile USA phones. After all, their network is such crap that this is the most reliable way to make a phone call with them.
Just trolling.

Why master reset? Not fun at all for those guys. I don't have that phone so I don't mind actually but it is kinda weird...

probably to install the app. Reset reinstalls stock apps, and the Wifi calling app is not in the store (funny thing is, you can uninstall it causing you to have to reset to reinstall it again). The update probably adds the WiFi calling app to the stock app list, so it installs whenever you reset.
Its probably not in the store, though, because T-Mobile probably doesnt want idiot users with incompatible Windows Phone devices to download the wifi calling app then complain about it not working and crappy t-mobile service.
Thats the most logical explination i can come up with. Other than that, ditto. :/

Allows you to use Wifi for Phone Calls when out of cellular range
You have to reset the phone to get the wifi-calling app..

i got the update.  how do i use this wifi calling feature??  i tried to contact t-mobile customer service... they have no idea.  they just say wifi calling is NOT supported for this phone

You should contact Tmobile and have your Sim Card provisioned for WiFi calling (you might need a new Sim Card) after this just connect to WiFi and open the WiFi calling tile and your will have 3 options "WiFI Preferred, Cellular Preferred and WiFi only" also when you are connected to WiFi calling MMS wil not work

Go to your apps list and check if there is a WiFi calling app tile if not go to Settings, about and check your Firmware Version (1020.6409.1316.0016) if this is not the Firmware version you have then  run the phone update (settings, phone update, check for updates)

If you installed the update, you have to reset the phone which installs the app. So theres a tradeoff: Keep apps and data but no WiFi calling, or Wifi Calling but having to redo your phone.

You'll regret it. I've never had a problem calling anyone on ATT, also don't remember having an issue on T-Mobile but when it comes to using Data, you'll be lucky to get any usage outside a major city with T-Mobile. Their network for using data is crap.

I did the update, and the device has been stuck at the T-Mobile screen since it rebooted. :/ 
Should I keep waiting or... ? 

Its funny, I tested the WiFi calling for the 810. We went through three periods of testing. Worked fine. I'm not sure why the update hasn't been released.

only if there exists a 620 on a carrier with wifi calling and compatible hardware. Wifi calling requires certain hardware and firmware, and afaik T-mobile is the only carrier with wifi calling, which means only a handfull of t-mobile devices have this.
So unless you find a wifi calling compatible 620 with a carrier with such feature, then i doubt the 620 will ever see an update like this (thats all this update brings anyways.)

its using a newer wifi calling tech called IMS, which is Gen 3 Wifi calling. Gen 1, UMA, supported seamless wifi to tower call transfer and MMS, but lacked MY Account shortcodes and Visual Voicemail support. IMS supports MMS as well, but it seems to be device specific. I think its still fairly new, so not everything works. So far, on a fully IMS compliant device, only thing it cant support is Wifi to Tower call handoff.
here is a document for more info: http://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-5059

I'm quite familiar with the IMS version of WiFi calling. It's on my S3. Just curious that this particular device didn't get MMS over WiFi calling right out of the gate.

Isn't just that device. I think its a WP thing. When I tested it for the 810 mms wasn't supported either.

The 810 doesnt have wifi calling last i checked :0 maybe you mean the 8x?
And i think its still in testing for Windows Phone, in a sense.
Phase 1: Secret launch of feature on 8x. Very few T-Mo employees know about it, requires specific sim and special setup.Also requires reset.
Phase 2: Subtle anounced release of WiFi calling for Lumia 521. Works with sim out of box now, but still requires reset. Limited advertisment of feature by T-Mobile (so far, only a help document and newsroom mention).
Phase 3: ???
That would explain a few things.

WiFi calling is using your actual SIM Card and Mobile Phone Plan. Instead of making calls and standard texts via a cell tower, IMS WiFi calling routes them through your wifi using VoIP. Skype and Viber are services that are separate from your plan, and require separate payment for features such as calling landlines/cell phones.

Anyone else do this update and now the WPCentral app dies as it's loading the list of articles? I even uninstalled WPCentral, rebooted and reinstalled. I have the paid version of the app.
It just stops and goes back to the home screen.

Greetings all. I am in need of some assistance please. I have the Nokia 521 (love, Love LOVE it by the way), have updated to current version to attempt to use the wireless for calls and texts due to my cellular coverage where I live. My tile goes blue and it says Wifi Calling but it will not work. When I try to call it says call dropped and when I send a text, it acts like it was sent, but when asking for confirmation of received from the intended party, they say they never received it.
Please help! I've called Tmo customer service and was told this was not offered?
Thanks in advance for any and all replies, help and assistance. I do need to use this service due to my job needing to be able to make contact with me at any given time day or night.

Didn't include this in my earlier post, I have done the reset also. Still unable to use wifi to send/receive calls or texts.
Thanks again.

It is fixed! Called Tmo and had my sim card revsnd, (it was already a wifi sim card to begin with), then he (George who was very knowledgeable) had me turn off my wireless router, turn it back on, resign in to my secured connection and TaDa! ed Now I am able to use the Wifi calling!
Very happy with my Nokia Lumia 521 x8 phone and Tmobile!
Hope this helps someone else who has had issues with their wifi calling.
Be safe -

BEWARE!  Resetting the phone in order to utilize WIFI calling will also delete any pictures/videos/etc. that you stored on your phone!  I found this out the hard way.