PSA: Updates for Windows Phone offline maps now available

Offline Map Updates

Offline maps are a handy Windows Phone feature that can help minimize the amount of data your Windows Phone consumes while plotting a course, navigating your travels or simply finding where you are.

The offline maps receive updates from time to time and we have gotten a few reports that several are receiving updates today. We can confirm that the Southern United States (at least Alabama, Florida and Georgia) are receiving updates as well as various European regions.

Not sure how to check for map updates? Head to your Windows Phone settings, side swipe over to the applications page and tap on the Maps option. Towards the bottom of the Maps settings screen, you will see an option to check for updates.

Tap that option and your Windows Phone will begin searching for updates to any of the offline maps you have installed. Just keep in mind that while updating, your map files will be unavailable.

The update size varies depending on how much ground and roadways a particular map covers. If your Windows Phone supports an expansion card, check out our How-to on installing your maps to a micro-SD card to save space on your in-house memory.

If you are seeing an update for your offline maps, let us know in the comments which maps you are using.

Thanks, Kevin, for the tip!


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PSA: Updates for Windows Phone offline maps now available


greedypnguin, That would actually be Half "Loaf" 3 confirmed, due to the previous bread themed updates to Valve's popular shooter, Team Fortress 2. You see, once the bread updates have finished, Team Fortress 2 will have achieved its final transformation into Half Loaf 3.

WP should notify users when these updates are available in the notification center. The last thing I want is to be notified of map updates when I'm sitting in my car about to use my nav to get somewhere.

There are plenty of non Microsoft apps that give toast messages and access the notification centre so there is no reason that the here maps app cannot do the same when there is an update. Especially when you can access the settings through the operating system

All mine are up to date on my 1520 and 520. Then again, I installed the entire US on Friday evening on both devices, so that's probably why. I doubt the updates were published on a Sunday or weekend. Someone happened to notice today. They could have been updated weeks ago, lol.


My map data is (found in here maps--> about)

I'm getting updates for Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Virginia.  Basically every state that I had loaded on my phone.

California, Florida, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Puerto Rico all updating. I have all US and PR installed so these may be the only updates for US?

I got an update last week when HERE guys on Twitter told us so, my maps are from southeast Brazil. I'll be checking for updates now and will report soon.

Thanks for the info. Time to update... ... ... Only 2.3 Mb, the tinniest update on Maps I've seen so far.

How to download offline maps by using mobile data?? Because every time I tried, it ask for Wi-Fi connection only. I don't have Wi-Fi. What to do?

Don't you find it annoying that you need to watch it download and install the updates. Why can't we put the app to background and continue reading WPCentral?

I live in barriers, Bahia, Brazil. And since I bought my Lumia 925 he doesn't show the right location, even I updating the maps. By the satellite view to see that the GPS shows right. But the streets are in the wrong places, i.e. the maps from my site are outdated. Already communicated to here via Twitter but they stop responding. Please help me WPCentral!!!

I live in Barreiras, Bahia, Brazil. And since I bought my Lumia 925 he doesn't show the right location, even I updating the maps. By the satellite view to see that the GPS shows right. But the streets are in the wrong places, i.e. the maps from my site are outdated. Already communicated to here via Twitter but they stop responding. Please help me WPCentral!!!***

É problema com os mapas. Enfrentava isso aqui na minha cidade com o Google também. Mas agora foi atualizado e a rua passa exatamente no eixo da foto. Espero que com essa atualização, fique ok, como é no gmaps.

im from the philippines and im using WP8 on L620, a couple of weeks ago, i updated my maps but when i opened my HERE maps, i can no longer view my maps

the green dot that shows my location is still there but the map view (pedestrian, public, satellite) is no longer visible

ive installed and uninstalled HERE maps, and the results is still the same

im thinking that the last update is for WP8.1, but since im still on WP8, it probably affected my local phone maps

please help


Could someone please ask Microsoft, Microsoft Mobile oy oy boing boing, and Nokia why Apps on Windows Phone, and Nokia maps are so big. Imagine that, just the map of Germany alone is consuming 808.2 Megabyte (now 781 after the newest update). Why? I've used Tomtom and especially Navigon with a way better 3D depiction on Windows Mobile and Windows CE 6 (PND), it was and is not as big as this. Microsoft has to sort out the inefficient use of memory on Windows Phone. If we will not get SD extension with encryption on the highend devices, then the programmer should be forced to trimline their unneccessarily "fatty" apps to consume less space. I should also be able to clean temporary files on per App basis. Memory is still very much limited on a mobile (phone) device. I digress! Anyway, happy updating... I have 1.2 Gigabytes of update files to download now. Naijiriya, Deutschland, Eire, Schweiz, Belgie, Suomi, UK are updating. Imagine that, over 2 gigabyte for just seven countries!

I can confirm that i've downloaded just now a 205,9MB update to the Norwegian HERE Drive+

Very happy! Thx WPCentral!

I get updates available for all of my maps:
NY; NJ; CA; FL; Switzerland; several France's departments. 1,010Go

Oke.... Let me get this straight. Offline maps is good too limit the use of your data plan, right or is it just for when you don't have internet access at all?

Because, why when your are searching for a street it first queries the internet database instead of local maps?

It would be nice too firstly query local downloaded maps and IF the address can not be found query the internet. Unless their is a settings to restrict this,  let me know.
Only go the internet to get updated information.
Possible that Microsoft / HERE can build a update mechanisme that offline data is alwyas current and check every two or so if their are updates available.

The same goes for the Bing Offline Trranslator packs.

Does anyone else have issues when downloading the maps?  It just stops the download on me every 20 MBs or so.  Nokia 635.

Oh my god me too!!!...for me, its every time the screen goes off, it stops the update!! what the heck...I would think the update should be able to persist when my screen shuts off...:((((

Hi guys, can someone help me on this?  Everytime my screen goes off (I have it set to 2 minutes), I come back after half an hour and see that the maps download stopped when the screen went off. Am I doing something wrong in the battery saver that is preveting maps from downloading when the creen goes off?

Its very annoying.  Maps is going to my SD card, not the phnoe, by the way..