PSA: Xbox Live currently experiencing issues, impacts Xbox One and Xbox Music

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Update: Everything should be good to go now. Enjoy!

Enjoying that new update to Xbox Video that fixes some bugs? What about the update to Xbox Music that fixes over 70 bugs? Well then you might be a little bummed to learn Xbox Live is experiencing some issues that might impact your ability to sign in to Xbox Music, Xbox Video and Xbox Live on your Xbox One

Nothing major to report, but a few of you have chimed in saying that you're having issues with Xbox Music, Xbox Video and your Xbox One.

The Xbox Live Status site shows a few services as being impacted.

You might have trouble browsing the Xbox Video Store and the Xbox Music Store. You might also be unable to sign in to Xbox Live on your Xbox One. The PBS and Twitch applications are also currently limited.

We'll keep you posted, but try reading a book or going outside during the downtime.

Things seem good on our end, but let us know if you're having any issues with any Xbox service.

Source: Xbox Live

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PSA: Xbox Live currently experiencing issues, impacts Xbox One and Xbox Music


I suppose there was always going to be a downside to a couple of decent updates!! :/ And just like that it's fixed. :)

Yes it did, but if you read the point they put up it said THANKS FOR WAITING, EVERYTHING IS NOW FIXED. I have no idea why they did this and didn't just put everything back as Green.

I played Guacamelee last night for like 90 minutes. Confirmed it saved, then shut her down. Came back later that night and my save file said 10 minutes. It had somehow lost 80 minutes of my progress. I was so furious that I played for 2 more hours straight. Confirmed it saved, then shut her down. Booted back up an hour later and my save was fine, but now I'm super worried about it. Not sure what happened--if it had something to do with this supposed Xbox Live outage or something, but I'm nervous about it. I will not keep replaying the first 2 hours of Guacamelee over and over, as good as it is.

Experienced this right away. Did an internet test connection from the Xbox and it mentioned that there is a problem with Xbox Live Service and to check the status at Xbox.com/status
After a few tries, I fully lucked out and am now connected. I'm sure this will be fixed soon. Good luck everybody.

I have been wondering what's going in. I'm DJing an event using XBox Music and couldn't figure out why it kept failing!

From can't reach the server, to can't download that album right now, to all the other fails that exist with a streaming service.

Ugh.we were doing the national anthem...and it stopped in the middle of the anthem!!! Omgoodness!!!! Fortunately, the people at the event simply picked up and started singing it.

I've said it the last time, and I'll say it again. This is another prime example of how this 'stream first ideology' doesn't work. This exact thing happened two weeks ago. At least make this app work well with local music, relying on cloud connections to play music will never work well on portable devices, especially when they screw it up at source.
Please please please improve the local sync functionality:

The Xbox video app on my L1520 says that I'm currently viewing this content somewhere else. Please log off there so you can view this content here.

Was having issues logging on to my Xbox One that I bought for $500.
I thought it was mine? So how come I cannot not logon to my Xbox One locally???

That's that Sh!te I don't like with all this digital and cloud talk.

Things you buy can just up and become inaccessible at anytime and have the customer looking like wtf just happened.

I didn't have any issues logging into the Xbox One that I bought for $500. When not connected to the internet, instant sign-in doesn't work, but facial recognition and controller-based sign I do (as well as sign in by voice, I imagine.
Only other thing I can think of is that it was connected but trying to maybe sync your profile and couldn't? Maybe? Sounds a bit unlikely, but in that case you could disconnect the Xbox from the internet to get your local to sign in, then reconnect if you want to use any of the working Live services.
Xbox One still allows you to sign in to your profiles locally, cloud or not. If what I wrote above doesn't work for you, I recommend you call Xbox Support.

Not to get into an Internet Scuffle....I have 2 XBox One and neither of them would allow me to login. My Xbox 360 (brother's actually) allowed us to login to the console.

I just unplugged from the internet and restarted my Xbox One. It logged me in. So if it's trying to connect to Xbox Live when down, I feel like it should work if you disconnect the Xbox from the internet and try logging in again. It must be getting stuck trying to connect to a service that isn't working, and maybe the X1 doesn't have a mechanism for it to stop checking while attempting to log in. So disconnect the internet.

I only think this way cause on my 360, if I turn it on and my internet is spotty, or Xbox Live has an issue, it sits and waits and takes forever to realize, "Hey, this isn't going to work" and then signs me in locally and displays the error that it can't connect

I forgot to mention my Xbox One was also giving me an error message each time I tried logging in. Wished I had written it down.
I'm logged in now so next time I'll take notes. Gracias.

Does anyone know if the actual time for a rental is exactly 24 hours as it states, or is there a bit of a buffer? I ask because quite often I start to watch a movie with my wife after the kids are in bed, but it usually takes 2 days to watch the movie because one of us (usually my wife) falls asleep. I need 28 hours. Thx!

I don't know, but I don't understand why it isn't like a 36- to 48-hour rental, at least. As if someone is going to rewatch the same movie over and over in a one- to two-day span. Just give us the buffer! Also, they need to decrease rental prices. They're too expensive.