The purported Windows Phone 8.1.1 feature list is fake

It's Saturday. Go out with friends, call your mother, do some house chores. No need to get wrapped up on supposed "Windows Phone 8.1.1" update nonsense

If it sounds too good to be true (and there's no proof given), it probably is (and trust me, this is bogus). Having said that, let's have a real discussion: What do you want to see in Update 1 for 8.1? Sound off below!


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The purported Windows Phone 8.1.1 feature list is fake



She should address you by your name when you open her up. Be nice if she would say something like, "good morning father." Father is the name I use.

On mine she has my name in text but when she says my name she says chief. I did a factory reset and setup a new profile and she did the same so I reset again and went back to my profile

Same here I concluded that maybe that's how she's suppose to be until she's updated in the final release or the next update for 8.1

Don't get me wrong, I love WP but why would someone take the time to write a fake update for an OS that isn't even at 5% of the market yet?

People need to remember Cortana is in beta and they're making updates on the back end. Be patient these things will come.

I´m sure she is tired and need to sleep after all you guys push her, she will come back in betetr condition after a month holiday, it was a very hard time for her to start up.

My big disappointment - the gallery! I added a few hundred pictures/vids from various Windows Phone devices that I've had over the years....
The gallery has not sorted them by date, and the videos have all been added to April, 2014 (when their time stamps show that they were recorded from as far back as 2011!).
I tried it today with some WP8.1 photos/vids taken on my mum's 1020. When I add them to my own 1020, the videos fail to sort into date order.
What's equally annoying is having Whatsapp photos and saved pictures showing up in the camera roll. What is the point in having dedicated folders for those apps if they still go and mess up the camera roll? It just looks ugly.
The gallery really needs a big overhaul

The date thing is annoying but my albums aren't mixed, when you open Photo it says "All" at the top of you swipe to the right you are all your albums separated (camera roll, saved, WhatsApp, OneDrive, Facebook, etc)

I personally prefer default landing to be on the albums, so it would be nice to have the flexibility to do that. Whatsapp photos dont save in my camera roll but they save in a folder called other photos which seems to be shared with other apps as well... That i found odd. I do however prefer that they have sorted Facebook and OneDrive photos from the main album, that definitely cleaned things up a bit.

All settings should have been pinable and also able to be placed in notification center, not just a few here and there.

though, there is always the option to create a Tile for this setting and datasense has also improved a lot

Its a security feature as far as I have heard so if the phone gets stolen there are still ways if tracking it remotely. Both WI-FI and flight mode operate in a way that switching them on/off needs a password. But it should have been included like the flight mode toggle

Can't believe that we still cannot manage (multiple) email attachments on the phone, e.g. when can't/don't want to forward an email as received but have to attach those files to a new mail, regardless of the file type. Oh well, hopefully WP9 will really make us the best business phone

OMG!!! That I so ridiculous that we can't do that yet... I send a lot of emails and get tired of having to go to Office or One Note to attach a file other than a photo.

Try the save to onedrive feature and share a link? Attaching files is an outdated process but one we all still love to hang onto. Attachments seem more formal and suitable for business

Does anybody know what they're going to do with the empty "space" on the left of the home screen? The right "space" is the app list, so I feel like they're just saving the other side for something else. But whatever it is, I would like it now.

I'd like to have the double sided live tiles to flip over to the other side if I do a swipe right instead of waiting for them to do it on its own. Or maybe just flip the one tile that your finger swipes across. That'd be sweet.

sounds good in theorie, but that would it make impossible to scroll through the startscreen. The system wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a swipe to turn the tile or a scroll gesture unless it isn't able to read your thought.

Mabe one active corner of the tile to to tab and turn the tile would be possible

If you swipe to the right nothing happens, that's why it would work well to flip to the other side. A little tab or something could work well too. I love how it flips but they need to do something about the waiting. Even giving users an option for how quickly they flip could make a difference. Fix that and let me pin the start + theme setting on the home screen or action center would make me a happy camper.

You know what, they should give us a bunch of options for us to choose from. Maybe more settings, recent apps, news headlines, or camera for people without the camera button.

Yes this. Or make swiping right a shortcut to the app switcher as a quicker alternative to holding the back key when at the start screen

Umm I don't know how you don't know this already but that swipe is already assigned for kids corner. yoou can check it in your settings. 


I don't know if mine is just broken, but even with kids corner on, swiping right on my home screen doesn't bring up anything. The only way I can access it is by swiping left on the lock screen.

Last I heard it was for previous apps but that was changed by the app management introduced in 7 so it never got a use. It will likley be implemented when they open up the 3d UI as some sort of a quick menu
... Although it would be a great place for a quick app plugin that loads at start for example a note book app.

Oh yeah. Finally we get shortcuts and they forgot the most important one. Sometimes I really question the competence of Microsoft's employees. 2g/3g toggle would be also nice.

'Cortana no longer in Beta' was perhaps the most ridiculous feature listed, given that the update was said to be a summer release... waaaaaay too soon.

I want Cortana to be better for hands-free use. While on the bike, I ask her what time it is, but she does a web search -_-

Yea she does web searches all the time that's a bit annoying. Hopefully that will get better

This is the supposed 8.1.1 post from the supposed Microsoft employee on reddit? Rule number one, don't trust reddit.

Not to sound like I'm kissing up, but WPCentral rarely misses on anything - and if it's something they're not sure of, they make it known. 


The difference is that WPCentral is professional and is run by real reporters and developers in most senses.  This is Mobile Nations' business and filling up pages with garbage isn't going to help you at all long term.


With MS stuff, I trust WPCentral, Paul Thurrott, and Mary Jo Foley.  There are some others thrown in (Tom Warren at the Verge isn't bad either), but those three follow all the major news and are plugged into legit sources to check the info.  That's why Daniel could tell you the Lumia 1820 or 1830 or whatever it was was a fantasy.  He has sources.  He is a real reporter and editor here.  This is his business and he (and all the others guys at WP Central) do a great job at this.


This is my go-to place for WP news.  For general MS stuff, I trust Thurrott and MJ more because that is more up their alley.  WPCentral does report other MS stuff, but Windows Phone is their specialty.  I trust them more than the others when it comes to WP (and I often see Thurrott and MJ defer to WPCentral on Windows Phone).

WP Central are my go to trusted WP site too. In addition, they have very good MS ecosystem coverage too.

In all this noise ... your comment is actually the best ever one on this new item... You are completely right....How can a wishlist be fake... Its a wishlist!!!.... In a complete weekend mood and ROFL reading your comment(its a complement ok.. no sarcasm here).... Happy weekend to all WPcentral guys.. you rock and to all the WP fans here...

You want a proof? Ill give you proof. The fact that this update would bring much more than 8.1 update.

Theres no chance that such little update as 8.1.1 would bring so many changes.

That's true, but GDR updates by definition are pretty much bug fixes with a few added features, not milestone updates. A list like that would be ideal for 'threshold' next year, but no idea what's in that...well one thing is, unified notifications across Windows 9/WP9.

Agreed. At this point I expect minor user experience tweaks and fixes. We're more likely to get big features through Nokia style releases I think.

Nope. Once Windows phone 9 comes out, Windows phone 8 users are garbage to Microsoft. If you're a fan and want to upgrade, pay up. If you're an Android or iOS user, they might have some deals or maybe give you a free Windows Phone for converting (like in their ads).

What nonsense are you spouting? At least high end windows phone 8 devices (those with snapdragon 800 chips) will almost certainly be upgradeable to wp9. How many times must it me said that they only reason wp7 devices were left behind is because there was a kernel change to wp8? That won't happen again anytime soon.

Didn't they say last year that devices were going to be upgradable for 2yrs. 8.1 marks the first year.... So it should be clear that yes, wp9 or whatever name they call it will be available for all phones.... Well maybe every phone running 1gig of ram or more.

Completely agree with Dare2Blink and lerimer... William when u say such things with no or partial knowledge you only make yourself look bad... Not windows phone or Microsoft as you think... only shows your ignorance....

The notifications are already unified between Windows and Windows Phone 8.1:
they use the same code for tile notifications, toast notifications and raw notifications, they use the same HTTP request, the same XML payload, they use the same server service.
There is nothing more to unify

There are some differences still in how tiles are displayed in terms of number of lines of text per template and layout. That could be what is meant, or perhaps that a unified app installed on both places will have a way to update tiles on all platforms.

Also may be when you have read an individual notification on one device it shows as read on all devices... there is a lot more unifying to do...

Haha, but on the other hand.. I can imagine people being fined for using the phone while driving, while I say "Cortana unlock" ... Cortana should have a hands free option, while phone is charging in cradle while driving, she should be paying attention ;)

It's extremely slow compared to the Android version, for example. I'm an app developer and I know how fast can apps be on WP. This is not even close to the best app experience you can have on Windows Phone 8.1.

Can you edit your profile?or change your profile picture from the app?or can you see or give picture comment from the app?IOS and android fb app is far far better

I'm just waiting for a FB app that performs and looks as good as the one that used to come bundled in the People hub.

I find the fb app on android actually boring. Honestly, fb don't build very good apps. The one on android tablets is so amateurish

This⤴⬆ ⬆⬆ All the music I downloaded on my laptop and tablet from Xbox music will not show up in the music app and that's 90% of my music collection. now I have to search the music store whenever I want to hear a certain song

My whole music collection is Xbox Music and it all shows up in my Xbox Music app before and after my upgrade to 8.1.

I'm glad that's working out for you but it's not the same for me. Only matched albums are showing up and if I try to copy xbox music songs to my phone from my laptop I get the licensing error and it won't let me add the files to my phone

Check the settings in your Xbox Music app, do you have the setting on to show your streaming music? If it is on try disabling then enabling the setting again. Give it some time in between the setting changes.

daily start background just like daily lockscreen background by bing 

and maybe a more smarter cortana 

Woow iAbhi... Thats a nice Idea... If i could add to it... A glance screen background with todays agenda would be awsome.. So the first glance at the phone in the morning has day laid out for me... Kudos iAbhi.. try to bring it on user voice I will vote for you..

Okay, maybe there is a reason why Microsoft didn't allow this toggle on action centre if we think, about it deeply. If they had allowed mobile data toggle, under current settings, as we can pull down the action centre "partially" in the lockscreen, any third person would be able to do that on your phone right? If someone didn't have an active data pack, it would cause data charges on your phone thus reducing your balance. Microsoft had it carefully thought out.

Well one can keep the data toggle, if they don't use it all the time, but for short periods , or who shift between Wi-Fi and cellular frequently.

Hmmm....I guess we are. My only point is that if someone had the cellular data option as toggle in the action centre, it would be really easy for someone else to toggle it on(and maybe off) causing data usage charges to the person concerned,

Wrong logic, see how WiFi toggle works now, you need to put your password and unlock the phone in order to change it. Similar measures can be added to data toggle as well.

You don't need password to turn it on, only for turning it off, as it takes you to the settings page for setting as and when we want to turn Wi-Fi back on (manually,...etc.)

What exactly have you explained? Right, let's just end this conversation right here. I understand that english is not your first language.

Heh.... Look who's talking...i understand that my English went over the top of your head and you're just trying to cover up the embarrassment by saying that. You couldn't be more vivid, could you?

You just proved my point. I am born and bred in the UK, got degree in computer science from one of the top university in the country, I understand English very well. Thank you very much...

Jeez, what a stuck up princess... Fine, I won't win this argument, against you cuz I don't like to see little girls crying. I give up.