Quick hands on with Chillingo's Contre Jour for Xbox on Windows Phone

This morning we alerted to you this week's Xbox game for Windows Phone, Chillingo's Contre Jour. The popular physics puzzler landed at $2.99 in the Store and we approve, even if these types of games are getting a little played out.

Contre Jour features some great artwork, a nice slow paced feel and a huge assortment of levels, making it a great game for a long time. There's even a bonus level on board exclusive to Windows Phone.

We took it for a quick spin in the video above and we think you'll like it too. So read Paul's more in-depth write up on the game or pick it up here in the Store with a free trial.


Reader comments

Quick hands on with Chillingo's Contre Jour for Xbox on Windows Phone


I played the trial and it's not easy to deal with the controls, it's definitely more suited to tablets. I was ready to buy but I'm a bit hesitant now.

I already asked this so many times before, but I will ask again: Chillingo, where are CUT THE ROPE????
We wanna this ok ours windows phones 7.x and not for wp8. Please, make us happy.

This is such a well made game, put some earphones on and its even better, great multitouch controls, just a brilliantly made game

Congratulations to chillingo about the amazing games that they develop but i cant understand why we must pay 2.99$ and iphone users 0.99$ for the exactly same games? I love the WP OS and everything about it but our marketplace realy s#*ks!!

I understand the argument about the price difference, but you could make up the $2 difference by skipping a morning coffee. Or maybe getting change out of couch cushions? When WP has more marketshare, there will be more price parity...hopefully. Until then, I have no problem supporting developers that support WP. Especially with high quality titles like this.

Ok dude i agree with you.But the problem for me is that the 2$ are going to multinational companies like EA and M$.I prefer to give 2$ to buy a coffee than to spend them to make MS even more richer!!And it's not a problem for the 2$ but if you make a sum of every 2 dollars you spend in the store then you will understand what i mean.Games that cost on any market (WP,android,ios) 2.99$ i will happily buy them.But i will no more buy games for 2.99$ that you can find in other stores for 0.99$
My first games on WP was Angry birds and fruit ninja (2.99$+2.99$) and after paying almost 6$ i was left with two totaly outdated games in contrast to the other stores.

P.S (Sorry for my bad english)

I am stating the cheapest games on XBOX Live Arcade are $5. And those are usually bad for their price. You hardly will find a game cheaper than $10 on there from Microsoft. We should be lucky they don't charge more for these mobile games with achievements.

Im constantly getting an error code when i try do buy the game, atm it is c101a006. Does anybody have a similar problem? I even reseted my phone and installed everything new -.-
PS: I pay via mobile bill from T-mobile